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The Japanese recommended "sugar" control diet.
 [Image: broccoli-732x549-thumbnail-732x549.jpg]

The elevated sugar level in the blood causes the body to produce more insulin to convert sugar into fat and store it in the body. If you like to eat sweet food and eat in large quantities often. This will cause the body to produce insulin abnormally and lead to diabetes. In addition, if the blood sugar level increases and decreases rapidly. Will make you feel hungry and eat fussy Until it easily leads to obesity Get to know the food that Japanese experts recommend you often eat. For the purpose of helping to reduce high blood sugar levels and to increase blood sugar slowly. This results in maintaining normal insulin production in the body.
The new onion contains a substance called isoalliin,ambbetwhich helps insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. The amount that should be eaten to control blood sugar levels is about ¼ -1/2 per day, either raw or cooked as you like.
Avocados are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which slow down the flow of sugar to the blood vessels. Therefore, it helps prevent a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. In addition, avocados are rich in soluble dietary fibers. Which helps to slow down the absorption of sugar from food into the body
 Natto (fermented beans)
Natto, or fermented beans, is a fermented soybean product rich in pectin. Which is a soluble fiber Pectin suppresses the rise in blood sugar levels after eating. Also, natto is rich in glucomannan, a mucus-like dietary fiber. Help prevent sugar from entering the bloodstream quickly. Eating natto regularly is a Japanese method of diabetes prevention.

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