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Brrip Classic Adult Softcore Full Movies of Various Countries
Balls of Thunder (1997) | USA | Dvdrip (Untrated)

[Image: 7h8mux7t0bfz.jpg]

Directed by: Rolfe Kanefsky

Stars:  Robert Donavan, Renee Thompson, Gabriella Hall, Jacqueline Lovell, De’Ann Power

Language: English

Country: Usa |  Imdb Info  | Unrated Dvdrip

Also known as: Rod Steele 0014: You Only Live Until You Die

Description: Rod Steele is a international spy, in the James Bond vein. Armed with a remote control device that causes people to become extremely horny, he must battle super-villain Tangerina, who wants to capture the sperm of the world’s most powerful men and create an army of sex slaves.

File Size: 1.45 GB | Format: MP4 | Duration: 93:23 MINS | Resolution: 640x480

[Image: f3qkr45h7afh.jpg] [Image: 3921r024cf7b.jpg] [Image: s045w4esyrga.jpg]
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Italian Sex (1974) | Italy | Dvdrip

[Image: pp3nkg5lmnhv.jpg]

Directed by:  Sergio Ammirata

Stars:  Pilar Velázquez, Didi Perego and Mario Carotenuto

Language: Italian | Subtitles: English (srt)

Country:  Italy |  Imdb Info | dvdrip

Also known as:  Sesso in testa , 69 tropoi na kanete erota, Doctora en sexo, Sex in the Head

Description:  A sexy graduate student (Velazques) is giving her thesis presentation, which creates quite a stir since she has just posed as a prostitute for several months to do sociological research for her thesis. She relates various stories of her experiences to her salivating thesis committee and a large audience of curious on-lookers.

File Size: 691 MB | Format: AVI | Duration: 86:00 MINS | Resolution: 720x368

[Image: zwjrl5u5ufca.jpg] [Image: zyhtjfbwuu79.jpg]
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Personals II (2001) | USA | Dvdrip

[Image: 5kbl0m7cwxk4.jpg]

Directed by: Kelley Cauthen

Stars: Beverly Lynne, Christopher John Kapanke, Daniel S. D’Ottavio

Language: English

Ty ripper:thehobo | Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Description: A writer for a pop culture magazine needs to come up with a “killer” story about online dating to save her job. After catching her shackup partner in bed with a bimbo from the marina she is a candidate for a new relationship. Her office buddies convince her to post her own .jpg and get into the cyberdating game. So, will she find a fulfilling relationship via email or could her true love be right under her nose?

File Size: 1.25 GB | Format: MP4 | Duration: 92:23 MINS | Resolution: 640x480

[Image: h8cmvza1vplp.jpg] [Image: vo62fp08hhv3.jpg] [Image: ojgcisjdngwu.jpg]
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Two Girls Teach Sex : Ultimate Fantasy Pack | 9 DVD Pack (Sex Education)

[Image: 7bxmop39mpfy.jpg]

Pack Includes:
Oral Sex Magic – 2 DVDs
Rear Entry Made Easy – 2 DVDs
The Threesome Code – 3 DVDs
Orgasm Of The Month – 2 DVDs

Course #1: Oral Sex Magic – 2 DVDs

* 7 oral sex secrets – unknown to 99% of all men – that TRIPLE the intensity for her (She’ll choose your tongue over any toy when you use these)
* What to do BEFORE you go down on her that makes your girl so excited she’ll cum almost as soon as your tongue touches her!
* The 4 different kinds of oral orgasms you can give her, and how to give them one after another in an escalating session of orgasmic pleasure!
* The Triple flick?- a 3-step tongue flicking pattern that makes your girl cum and cum and cum… she won’t stop having orgasms until YOU decide she’s had enough!
* A secret place to position your hands during oral that increases the “pressure” so she orgasms harder and faster
* The 2 places to kiss BEFORE you go down on her that will make her soaking wet with anticipation
* 2 toys to use during oral that make many women orgasm IMMEDIATELY
* How long to go down on her (time doesn’t REALLY matter, this 1 other thing does) The psychological trick that gets your girl to LOVE going down on you! (This secret turns even the most “prude” girl into a sex-crazed nympho who wants you in her mouth all of the time!)
* How to get her to do exactly what YOU want every time she goes down on you… so you have the best orgasm possible!
* How to get her excited about doing naughty new things like swallowing, deep-throating, and going down on you while you drive!
* How to get her to give you oral sex EVERY morning (yes its possible)
* A variation of 69ing that feels way better for you and positions her for much stronger orgasms
* How to go down on her AFTER you are done that drives her crazy and will make her crave sex CONSTANTLY.
* An unusual position for oral sex that you will either LOVE or HATE (this one is a bit controversial!)
* Clear demonstrations of her entire anatomy and EXACTLY where her pleasure zones are
* How to alternate oral and fingering techniques for a more intense foreplay orgasm
* How to get her to “finish” you off in her mouth (with no begging or “surprise attack” that leaves her pissed)

Course #2: Rear Entry Made Easy – 2 DVDs

You’ll discover +more:

* The exact words to say to bring up backdoor entry, get her curious about it, then get her EXCITED to give it a try! (This proven method is sure to get her interested, even if she’s never done it before.and even if she’s said no to you in the past!)
* How to use the taboo and “naughtyness” of anal sex to your ADVANTAGE and get her into the “bad girl” mindset
* How to take away her fear of it hurting… plus the exact sequence of foreplay that makes it feel GOOD to her the very first time you put it in
* The 100% foolproof way to ensure NO MESS (She will be concerned about this so it’s very important!)
* The secret of anal orgasms… once you give your girl one of these she’ll not only be addicted to anal… but try ANYTHING you want in bed!
* The best positions for anal sex orgasms (Watch 2 of our hot female coaches demonstrate with full penetration)
* Explicit demos of anal sex toys, the best lubes to use, and much much more!
* How to use anal toys to not only bring her to anal orgasms but to MULTIPLE anal orgasms (this is only possible when Tori shows you exactly HOW to use them)
* Why this common lubricant (sold in every pharmacy) actually causes a SEVERE burning sensation and the 1 lube you should use instead
* How long she wants anal sex for (its VERY different amount of time than vaginal intercourse and will COMPLETELY surprise you)
* The best way to “finish” anal sex
* 1 small trick to add to anal sex that takes the MENTAL stimulation to the next level (remember women thrive on MENTAL stimulation in ADDITION to physical…this can lead to some SCREAMING orgasms)
* 5 best anal toys reviewed (and the winner is only $10!)
* The 3 best positions for anal (2 of these positions are to make her orgasm and 1 that drives guys wild)

Course #3: The Threesome Code – 3 DVDs

In addition, you’ll discover these other little-known secrets:
* How to bring up the topic with a current lover and get her EXCITED about bringing someone new into the bedroom for you to play with
* Threesome Pick-Up Secrets – How to get your girl to go out and pick up other girls with you… and the exact lines to say to get girls back to your place for some fun!
* A smooth, rejection-free way to initiate the threesome once all 3 of you are in the same place
* Threesome Sex Tactics – How to get the girls to serve your every naughty need… while making sure they have a blast too so they want to do it again!
* A “test” that tells you if a girl is into other girls within minutes of meeting her
* How to get 2 girls you are currently dating to hook up with each other – and you – at the same time!
* How to get your girl to PICK a girl that YOU want for a threesome (and how to make it ok for you to actually have sex with her)
* 5 mistakes guys make in their 1st threesome that piss off their girl and cause them to never get a threesome again (if you make any of these mistakes say goodbye to another threesome)
* The 3 things that guys who get a lot of threesomes do in their relationship
* Toys to bring into a threesome
* The one girl you should NEVER bring into your relationship…even for a night!
* How to “pick up” the girl for a threesome
* The best place to meet girls for threesomes (it is not bars!)
* How to get the girls to hook up during the threesome (even if they have never been with another girl before)
* The best positions to do during threesomes to not only give YOU the most pleasure but to pleasure both girls
* The proper amount of foreplay during a threesome (it’s very different than when it is only you and your girl!)

File Size: 4.84 GB | Format: AVI | Duration: 410:00 MINS | Resolution: 720x400

2GTS - Ultimate Fantasy RIPs.rar.001

2GTS - Ultimate Fantasy RIPs.rar.002

2GTS - Ultimate Fantasy RIPs.rar.003

[Image: 13a5104by3rh.jpg] [Image: f6podsbufmxo.jpg] [Image: sa6t0bhorh1r.jpg] [Image: gakvoqjvny2z.jpg] [Image: jkfr551o42f7.jpg] [Image: 0ahfutl67geo.jpg] [Image: 3xnqahhukl57.jpg]
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Velvet Dreams (1988) | Italy | Dvdrip

[Image: 2w61nb1b6waw.jpg]

Directed by:  Vincenzo Salviani

Stars:  Kathy Shower, Brett Halsey and Ezio Prosperi

Language:  English

Country:  Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as:  Aksamitne sny, Bársonyos álmok, El vuelo de Venus, Kadife rüyalar, Sogno proibito

Description:  Straight to video erotic thriller starring the Playboy Playmate of the Month for May 1985 and Playboy Playmate of the Year in 1986, Kathy Shower.

File Size: 1 GB | Format: MP4 | Duration: 80:41 MINS | Resolution: 720x452

[Image: 5tw2krc8wdea.jpg] [Image: obyv143doox2.jpg] [Image: 3xp5fj72884o.jpg]
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Hidden Beauties (1999) | USA | Dvdrip

[Image: v5uhenwtirhi.jpg]

Directed by: Dan Golden

Stars:  Michelle von Flotow, Jon-Damon Charles, Catalina Martone, Stacey DeSimone, Janet Tracy Keijser

Language: English

Country: Usa |  Imdb Info  | dvdrip

Also known as: Hidden Beauties: The Awakening, Verhexte Luder

Description: Three beautiful young women are tricked and seduced by Lord Isherwood. When their plan for revenge accidentally kills him, the Lord’s Gypsy protector Natasha places a curse on the three, putting them into a hundred-year sleep. 100 years later, the three are awakened when the American descendants of Lord Isherwood come to visit the family estate. The young ladies want nothing more than to get on with their lives and make up for lost time, but Natasha is not yet ready to let them leave.

File Size: 1.45 GB | Format: MP4 | Duration: 77:55 MINS | Resolution: 640x480

[Image: vli2l9lm2bqg.jpg] [Image: emt27jmjd31a.jpg] [Image: kx1ccucg3x4s.jpg]
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Private House of the SS (1977) | Italy | Dvdrip

[Image: mgb8qk5b5p8j.jpg]

Directed by:  Bruno Mattei

Stars:  Gabriele Carrara, Marina Daunia and Macha Magall

Language:  English (dubbed)

Country:  Italy |  Imdb Info | dvdrip

Also known as:  Casa privata per le SS , Hôtel du plaisir pour SS, Casa Privada para la SS, Casa privata per le SSchultztaffeln, Erotikes nyhtes tis Gestapo, Garotas da SS, La maison privée des SS, SS Girls

Description:  Top Nazi officials, intent on rooting out traitors and those in the military who may be plotting to overthrow Adolf Hitler, recruit and train a group of beautiful prostitutes whose mission is to use any means necessary to uncover plots against the Fuhrer.

Review:  Interested in Nazi Sexploitation films? You’re not? Well, if you were I’d say this Italian film from Bruno Mattei is one of the “better” of this kinky cult genre. The order of the day is depraved sex, sex, sex – and more sex. The story revolves around an SS officer who seeks to discover who the traitors are in the Third Reich. So he finds 10 whores who become fiercely trained to indulge in all sorts of wild sexcapades with every kind of freak of nature imagineable, so they may be able to then seduce the suspected turn-coats, and then get them to confess vital information. There is no point here really other than to indulge in a wide array of nudity and sexual insanity – ranging from S&M to lesbianism to plain old sex done with freaks .

File Size: 1.43 GB | Format: MP4 | Duration: 93:19 MINS | Resolution: 848x480

[Image: oyw08kuqf0uq.jpg] [Image: xv42w74fk3fj.jpg]
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The Diary 4 (2000) | France | Dvdrip

[Image: n3suk5bd2owg.jpg]

Directed by: Nicolas Weber

Stars:  Lila Baumann, Gianluigi de Angeles, Christopher O’Loughlin

Language: English | Subtitles: English

Country: France |  Imdb Info  | dvdrip

Also known as: Les cahiers intimes IV, Tagebuch der Lust, Teil 4

Description: Final part of Diary Series.

File Size: 686 MB | Format: MP4 | Duration: 87:08 MINS | Resolution: 688x432

[Image: uvxxsqrwtcq9.jpg] [Image: 1gm4qtnqu7fi.jpg] [Image: 96g4l1sf923g.jpg]
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Hell Behind the Bars (1984) | Italy | Dvdrip

[Image: susdrwodlpbv.jpg]

Directed by:  Gianni Siragusa

Stars:  Ajita Wilson, Rita Silva and Linda Jones

Language:  English

Country:  Italy |  Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as:  Perverse oltre le sbarre, Gynaikes stin apomonosi, Hell Penitentiary, Infierno entre rejas, O Inferno Atrás das Grades

Description:  A woman murders her boyfriends and steals some diamonds he has smuggled. She gets found out though, and locked in a prison with an evil sadistic lesbian warden. She immediately sets about planning her escape with some of her fellow inmates, but the plans are even more difficult than they seemed when set in motion.

File Size: 1.40 GB | Format: MP4 | Duration: 87:35 MINS | Resolution: 704x512

[Image: kuwf90eg2wdh.jpg] [Image: tycrc5d0g0m6.jpg]
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