While Cupid's Away...(English Story)

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    While Cupid's Away...
    Description: While Cupid's away, a frustrated wizard will play. When mortals are caught in the middle of the rivalry between Cupids serving the goddesses of love and lust, anything can happen.

    Codes: MF FF Mult fant cons mc mag les bi het oral mastrb

    Vilmar cursed as the woman paused in the midst of tugging down her skirt. He saw the glaze leave her eyes, and knew that she'd broken his charm spell. He turned on his heel, rapidly tying the robe he wisely chosen to open rather than shed. She covered her breasts — the only thing he'd even seen this time — and let out a shrill scream that he thought was surely going to cause his ears to bleed.

    As he burst out the door of her home, he twisted a ring on his finger to shroud his body in invisibility. His magic took effect just in time, because several of the woman's neighbors had already reacted to her scream. Vilmar slowed to prevent his flapping sandals from giving away his position and crept out of the area.

    Once safely beyond the sound of the ruckus, the wizard ducked into a dark corner and let his invisibility lapse. Though highly adept at most types of magic, he had never gained facility with charming spells. To this day, he had managed to reach his peak only once with a charmed woman before she broke free — and he had tried many, many times. Most often, the encounters ended exactly as this one had, with no more than a peek and a frantic flight. He had achieved better results with magical seeing and invisibility.

    A thunderclap may as well have heralded a crack in the sky, because the clouds opened with a downpour even before the sound of the rumbling died away. Vilmar was soaked to the skin within a minute, water running down his hooked nose, which stuck out a fair distance beyond the hood of his robe. Soon enough, he could feel the weight of the water soaking his thick eyebrows — or eyebrow as he often heard people whisper behind his back — and he still needed to travel a good distance to reach the inn where he lodged.

    The sounds of merriment from the common room of the inn set his teeth on edge as Vilmar finally approached his destination. Few turned to see who had entered when the wind virtually blew him in the door. They kept their attention on their cups and the members of the opposite sex. He turned away from the sight of women sitting on men's laps and bodices that barely covered breasts to stomp up the stairs to his room, leaving a trail of mud behind.

    Once in his room, he shed his sodden robe from his gangly body, letting the garment fall to the floor with a wet plop. Despite his heavy footfalls as he ascended the staircase, a thick layer of mud still encrusted his sandals and created clammy, slimy cushions between each of his toes. He kicked off the sandals with a disgusted hiss and walked over to retrieve a washbasin from the table in the room.

    Vilmar cast a spell upon the bowl, and then sat it down on the floor. He stepped inside, finding just enough room for both of his feet to fit. He then raised his hands over his head and spoke the words of another spell. When he completed the chant, a warm shower of water rained down upon him, washing away the mud and chill. His masterful control of the spell ensured that not one drop escaped the basin, and the magic he had cast upon it previously drained the bowl as fast as it filled. Another spell dried him just as easily.

    Once clean and dressed in a fresh robe, Vilmar settled in and listened for the revelry downstairs to die down a little. He hated this day above all others, dedicated to the goddesses of love and lust, because it reminded him that no woman would ever feel either for him. He planned to slip into the common room under cloak of invisibility, once the room cleared enough, to steal enough money to hire the services of a prostitute for the evening.

    Eventually, the noise quieted. No doubt adjourning to their rooms and homes to rut, Vilmar silently sneered. He twisted his ring and let the magic wrap around him. A peek through the cracked door revealed that the hall was empty, and so he swiftly slipped out.

    The stairs were likewise devoid of traffic, and thankfully well constructed. The soft-soled shoes that now replaced his sandals made no sound as he carefully worked his way down to the common room floor.

    His plan proved a sound and easy one. The drunken patrons provided easy pickings, allowing Vilmar to fill his pockets with coin. The weary bartender was not fully attentive of his duties as he relaxed after the early rush, and coins vanished from his till as well. After less than half an hour, Vilmar had enough to hire his pleasure for the evening with some to spare.

    With a smug smirk decorating his invisible face, Vilmar made his way back toward the stairs. He stopped short and raised his azalea bush eyebrows when he saw a nude man sitting at a corner table. He wondered how the other patrons managed to ignore the man's nudity until a slight shift revealed the naked drinker's true identity. The feathered wings identified him as a cupid, and the red sash of his quiver denoted that he served the goddess of lust, Erotine.

    Vilmar realized that his command of magic allowed him to see through the disguise such proxies of the goddesses wore when traveling the world of mortals. Relaxing his control over his powers revealed the disguise, explaining why the other patrons paid him no mind.

    The wizard's research into such beings returned to him in a flash, creating a plan in his mind almost as quickly. Only three arrows remained in the cupid's quiver, and that indicated that he had probably met his quota for this evening — likely in this very common room. He surely searched for a woman to satisfy his own lust now, and following the cupid's gaze revealed whom the man had chosen, one of the barmaids. From her frequent glances toward him, Vilmar determined that the cupid had already used an arrow on the woman, or his goddess-given attributes had done the job without the aid of magic.

    Vilmar hurried up the stairs and let the magic of his ring slip away. In order to enact his plan, he would need to use his magic, and he couldn't do that under the influence of the ring without suddenly appearing from thin air. The cupid could also likely see him through the magic, and had only failed to notice him because his attention was fixated on the barmaid.

    The wizard returned to the common room and took a shadowed table near where the barmaid was depositing a tray of drinks for other patrons. His fingers worked beneath the table to form the gestures of his spell while he mouthed the words under his breath. The barmaid walked toward his table as soon as she saw him without a drink, which surprised Vilmar a little. Such women often avoided him until he forced them to acknowledge his presence.

    "Can I get you something, Sir?"

    "Yes, a glass of your finest spirits," Vilmar replied and held out a coin.

    The barmaid reached for the payment and Vilmar placed it in her hand, activating his spell. "I'm sure you're anxious to have this day done and return home," he said conversationally.

    "Mmm hmm," she replied.

    At first, Vilmar thought his plan stopped right there. Her mind turned not to the location of her home, but instead to the cupid. In the next instant, she thought of taking the man back to her home, and Vilmar had what he wanted.

    The barmaid returned with his spirits quickly and said, "Just call if you need anything else."

    Vilmar tossed back the spirits in two swallows, finding that the liquor actually was fine. As with the barmaid's courteous service, he was unused to actually getting what he asked for. For a fraction of a second, he felt guilty about what he planned to do.

    But only for a fraction of a second.

    He left a coin for the barmaid and exited the inn, following the path in the barmaid's mind to her home. His magic made short work of the locks, and he found a chair in the corner to await her return, using his ring to hide him in invisibilty.

    A short time later, the barmaid opened the door and stumbled into the room backwards, locked in a kiss with the cupid. As soon as she shut the door, she tore at the cupid's illusionary clothing, even as he bared her body as well.

    Vilmar waited a short while for the sounds of impassioned sex to build, and then crept toward the bedroom door. He let out a mental sigh when he saw that the cupid had indeed discarded his quiver and bow upon climbing into the bed with the barmaid.

    The barmaid squealed and screamed in bliss as the cupid gave her pleasure unlike any mortal could possibly deliver. His wings flapped with every powerful thrust of his hips, and the bed frame creaked alarmingly. Vilmar made a silent wish that the cupid was completely enthralled by his lust and crept into the room.

    The cacophony continued as Vilmar moved slowly toward the bow and quiver. His small member hardened from the scene, spurring courage driven by his own lusty needs. The cupid didn't pause in his efforts as the wizard picked up the spoils of his stealth and moved at a faster pace back toward the doorway.
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    Excitement and anticipation swelled within him as he exited the home with the bow and quiver in hand. He laughed and danced a jig, causing a couple across the muddy street to stare at him. He cleared his throat and contained his exuberance, instead moving apace toward his chosen target for the arrows.

    Vilmar had all but literally drooled upon seeing the woman hanging her underthings upon a clothesline a few days earlier. Watching the house had confirmed that she had no husband. Only the nearby guardhouse had dissuaded him to choose her for his failed attempt at charm magic earlier in the evening.

    He cursed when he turned a corner where he could see the house. The woman was in the front yard with several guests around a fire. Only a couple leaving, and other indications that the merriment was near an end, kept him from losing his previously high spirits.

    Anticipating that he would need not wait long, Vilmar stepped into the shadows and summoned up the magic of his ring to wait until she was alone.

    Leena cocked her head as the sounds of passion met her ears. Almost instantly, she could feel the presence of another cupid, but not one that served the goddess of love, as she did.

    She pursed her lips and clucked her tongue, knowing that Aldaron claimed this area as his own. No other cupid of Erotine would dare invade his territory, and so she knew it must be him. No doubt, he had fulfilled his obligation for the evening and now sated his own needs. Leena sighed, knowing that some beautiful woman would awaken late tomorrow. She would also be quite sore, but very sexually satisfied.

    Leena unfortunately still had two souls to intertwine. Aldaron had used his magical arrows to tempt one of her charges to stray from his loving wife, forcing Leena to intervene with an arrow of her own. Though she had averted a tragedy, she still had a stubborn couple to bring together this night because of the delay.

    A tingle alerted her that she'd finally located one of her charges. She hurried off to bring him to the woman who would bring him lifelong joy, the stern words she had for Aldaron forgotten for the moment.


    Vilmar moved next to a window under the cover of his magic, nervously looking in every direction for signs of anyone watching. While none could see him now, he would wink into visibility the moment he fired the magical bow. Movement in his peripheral vision encouraged the wizard to look through the window at the object of his desire. The raven-haired woman moved back and forth through the house, putting away various things brought back inside by the last of her guests as the gathering ended.

    She closed a cabinet directly in his line of vision and turned in profile to the window, raising her hands above her head and stretching. The pose served to accentuate her already stupendous figure, thrusting out her ample breasts and perfectly shaped bottom to good effect. Vilmar's manhood throbbed, and he swiftly glanced around one final time.

    With no one in sight, he fitted an arrow and took aim, hoping that his research was correct. If what he had read was true, the window would prove no barrier to the magical missile, and the arrow would fly true despite his complete lack of knowledge in the use of the weapon beyond seeing others do it. The wizard clumsily released the arrow, negating his magical cloak of invisibility. His face split into a wide, hungry smile when the arrow sailed through the window as if it didn't exist and struck his attractive target.

    Vilmar licked his lips as he hid the bow and quiver in his robe. As soon as the arrow hit her to work its magic, the woman threw back her head and cradled her breasts in her hands. The wizard wasted no time in moving toward the front door, doing his best to appear as though he belonged there. He still held his breath as he opened the door, half expecting to hear a terrified scream as soon as he did so.

    She didn't scream. Instead, she let out a passionate gasp and crossed the floor toward him with need in her eyes. She had already shed her blouse, baring her magnificent breasts, and pushed down her skirt as she walked. Vilmar kicked the door closed behind him, and by the time she reached him, she was completely nude.

    She kissed him hard, maneuvering around his protruding proboscis to do so, and pressed her naked body against him for a second. She then moved back enough to grasp the belt of his robe, frantically working to remove the garment as her tongue explored his mouth.

    Vilmar reevaluated his disdain for this holiday as she undressed him.


    Aldaron's wings snapped out wide as he vocalized his release, the sound drowned out in the ecstatic scream of his partner, in the throes of her own climax. The cupid of Erotine groaned in satisfaction, glad to have found a woman that could endure his immortal lovemaking more than once.

    She struggled to catch her breath as her scream trailed off, but still emitted a warbling moan and caressed her mound where his throbbing member and pool of seed spread warm bliss throughout her body.

    He held still as she settled down from her orgasm and stopped gasping, only to trigger another bout of her choking for air as he pulled his still stiff member from her slippery canal. With great delight, he watched her smoothing his cream that seeped from her into her labia and bringing the sticky fingers to her lips to taste their mingled juices.

    She finally let her head fall heavily to the pillow and moaned in content languor, causing Aldaron to sigh. It seemed she was spent, and so it was time to return to Erotine's domain to restock his arrows.

    As he swung his legs off the bed to retrieve his bow and quiver, he felt her shift on the bed. She grasped his arm and he turned toward her with a smile. She stared down at his stiff organ and breathed, "More," into his ear.

    A sensual growl rumbled from the cupid's throat as he pushed her back to the bed to mount her again.


    Leena sighed and hugged both her arms and wings around her as the couple tenderly kissed for the first time. With her work here now complete, she had earned freedom for a time. She could seek out one who had given up on love to reawaken it with her charms, or she could have words with Aldaron for trying to ruin the life of one of her charges.

    She reached out with her senses for one who needed to know the wonder of love again, but Aldaron's presence intruded upon her seeking. His lust was charged so that it spread a miasma for some distance in all directions, far stronger than she had ever detected before.

    Decision made for lack of an alternative, Leena used her powers to completely mask her presence from the mortals around her and spread her wings to seek out her rival.


    The dark-haired beauty stroked Vilmar's small member with a moan as soon as she revealed it. If she felt any disappointment about his less than average size, she gave no hint of it. The magic of the cupid's arrow overwhelmed her, awakening a need inside her that superseded all else.

    Vilmar grasped the perky teardrop of her left breast, squeezing it almost too hard in his eagerness. She didn't protest, but instead thrust her chest toward him as she stroked his cock even faster with one hand and teased between her own legs with the other.

    He looked down to watch her stroke her fingers over her sex, delighted to discover the curls surrounding it neatly manicured. Such was a rarity amongst the prostitutes that constituted almost the entirety of his sexual experience. The scent of her arousal tickled his nostrils, also far different from what he was used to. She smelled clean and intoxicating.

    "Take me," she gasped, and turned to place her hands on a table behind her.

    Vilmar stepped toward her taut, heart-shaped ass, so well presented to him in her current pose. He grasped a handful of each cheek and squeezed, then brought his hand down in a smack on impulse.

    She moaned in response and bent lower, wiggling her bottom and giving him a better view of her nether lips. With a growl of desire, he stepped forward and grasped her hips.

    After a few failed attempt to penetrate her that nevertheless coated the tip of his erection in her juices, she reached back to guide him inside her. Vilmar groaned as he thrust into the warm embrace of a beautiful, willing woman for free, for the first time in his life.

    The wizard stroked his cock enthusiastically in her moist canal, and soon slipped free. She let out a little whimper and reached back to guide him inside her again, leaving her hand between her legs to tease the swollen bud at the apex of her nether lips. This built her own pleasure to compensate for his small size, and allowed her to push him back inside her almost immediately when he inevitably slipped free again.

    Vilmar felt the itch of his impending release shortly after he found a rhythm and managed to keep his cock inside her for more than a few strokes. The power of cupid's arrow and her fingers pushed her to her heights as well, far more quickly than she would have reached her peak otherwise. Despite this, the wizard cried out and slammed his hips forward before she climaxed, spurting pent-up jets of semen into her.
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    As the wizard twitched and groaned, his raven-haired partner increased the speed of her flashing fingers, pushing her toward the edge. A long moan escaped her, steadily increasing in pitch, and then she sucked in a sharp breath before squealing in orgasm.

    Vilmar cried out as her intimate muscles clenched tight around his over-sensitive organ. He jerked free with a gasp, prompting a whimper from her that changed into a moan as another wave of pleasure rippled through her body. His knees wobbling, the wizard turned a chair enough to sit down in it with a gasp.

    She continued to caress her folds before his half-closed eyes, drawing out her pleasure as long as possible. After a few moments of recovery, lust swelled within her once again. Seeing he was flaccid, she stood up and turned around to sit on the table. She then lay back and parted her legs wide.

    That sight awakened him from his near doze. He watched with rapt attention as she rubbed and probed, seeking a second peak. Having never seen such a thing before, he pulled his robe toward him with one foot and raised it to his waiting hand. From within, he retrieved a memory crystal that would save the vision for him to watch over and over again — and copy to sell to others for a hefty profit.

    Two fingers rapidly thrust into her saturated canal, almost matching the length and girth of his cock a few minutes earlier. His cream and her wetness dripped from her knuckles and spattered over the floor as she masturbated. The fingers of her other hand rubbed her clit in circles at a feverish pace. She lashed her head back and forth, panting as she drew ever closer to climax.

    She squealed and lurched as her second orgasm overcame her, the fingers of one hand buried deep inside her and the other pressed tightly over her throbbing bud. As her climax ebbed, she let her hands fall to her side and moaned languidly in the afterglow.

    Vilmar smiled at his memory crystal, knowing that it would surely bring him much pleasure and coin with such a vision stored within it. A second later, a knock on the door caused him to snap his head toward the sound in a panic. Not a single spell of his vast collection would coalesce in his mind, and the sight of the doorknob turning did absolutely nothing to calm him.

    His mind raced as the door started to swing open.


    Aldaron pulled free of the barmaid, knowing that she was completely spent this time. Her breathing shallow and her eyes half closed, she twitched on occasion, but otherwise had no strength to move.

    Leena stood in the doorway with her arms crossed, shaking her head. The poor barmaid's sex glowed angry red from enduring the power of Aldaron's immortal phallus — multiple times if Leena had to guess. Shimmering sweat coated the woman's body from head to toe despite the chill in the air. Seeing a wince that she knew resulted from pain and not pleasure, Leena stepped forward.

    "She is only mortal," Leena chided as she summoned up her powers to put the woman to sleep.

    "Are you offering your immortal body to me in exchange?" Aldaron responded, turning to give her a good look at his still stiff cock while he lecherously stared at her nude body.

    "No," Leena snapped, and then held her hand over the barmaid's abused sex, palm down. Golden light twinkled from around Leena's hand, and when she pulled it away, the barmaid's nether lips were once again a healthy pink.

    "I would have done so. I may wish to return to this one," Aldaron chuckled.

    Leena turned toward him with a scowl and put her hands on her hips. He ignored her posture and stared at her bare sex, licking his lips suggestively. Leena scoffed and said, "I would have words with you."

    Aldaron swung his legs over the edge of the bed and said, "Unless those words are fuck me, I'm not interested."

    "You tried to make one of my charges stray. You know full well that is a breach of etiquette."

    "I'll feed Erotine grapes for a few hours and she'll forget all about it," Aldaron countered as he looked around for the bow and quiver he'd absently discarded upon entering the bedroom with the barmaid.

    Leena loosed and exasperated growl and stomped her foot, as angry as a servant of the goddess of love could possibly become.

    Aldaron suddenly stood and swept his eyes across the floor, his gaze darting chaotically this way and that. He then turned toward Leena and clenched his fists, baring his teeth and snarling between them, "You talk about a breech of etiquette, and then you hide my bow and quiver."

    Leena shook her head and said, "I did no such thing. If you hadn't expended so much of your power on this poor woman, you would be able to sense where it is."

    Reaching out with his power, Aldaron desperately searched for his magical weapon. While he didn't feel it, he did detect something else. Walking to the spot where he'd discarded his bow and quiver, he felt the lingering evidence of another in the room.

    His actions made Leena curious, and so she reached out with her senses as well. She too felt the intrusion of someone in the room, and the tingle of magic.

    "A mortal has my bow. You have to help me find the fool," Aldaron snapped flailing his arms in his anger and worry.

    "Why should I?" Leena asked with a sarcastic smile that looked altogether unnatural on her beautiful, serene face.

    "Didn't you hear me? A mortal has my bow. An immortal weapon is in the hands of one of these short-lived lessers."

    Leena certainly understood the danger, but she had Aldaron in an unusual position of weakness, and she meant to take advantage of it for the common good. "I'll help you, but only if you promise to never again interfere with our charges. Not just mine, any of them."

    "Fine, I promise. Now, let's go."

    "Not so fast. I'm not accepting your word alone. My joy in the love of others and your virility are the bond." She held out her hand, fingertips extended.

    Aldaron clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles turned white. He growled in defeated frustration and snapped his hand out. Though their fingers never touched, tiny motes of magical energy arched between their hands to seal the bargain. He jerked his hand away from hers almost immediately and snarled, "Now find my bow."

    Leena smiled, closed her eyes, and reached out with her mystic senses.


    Vilmar rifled through his robe for some magical device that could prevent the door from opening, forgetting the ring on his finger in his panic. When he felt the wooden body of the bow, he snatched it up and fitted an arrow without conscious thought. His brain didn't even register who was entering before the bow twanged and the arrow found its mark.

    "Well," the wizard chuckled as the blonde emitted a gasp, kicking the door closed behind her at the same time as she tore open the buttons of her blouse. Her breasts were far larger than the dark-haired woman who owned the home, causing Vilmar's eyes to open wide in delight. Only seconds later, he received a second welcome surprise when she dropped her skirt to the floor, revealing a mound shaved completely bare of hair and hidden by only a translucent pair of panties.

    On the table next to him, the brunette sat up and purred. "Emily, you have such gorgeous breasts. I've always wondered what they'd look like bare."

    Emily ran her fingers through her blonde tresses and crossed the room toward the table where the dark-haired woman reclined. "Yours are wonderful too, Serena. They're so perky. But I've seen them before." She then licked her lips, her eyes dropping to the curls between Serena's legs, "I've been curious about something else."

    "Me too," Serena seductively agreed as she stood up from the table.

    Vilmar's mouth dropped wide open as the two women kissed, their hands roaming over each other's backs and bottoms. Somewhere beneath his stunned amazement, a tiny part of his brain managed to activate his memory crystal to hold the incredible sight he beheld forever.

    When their lips parted, Serena took Emily's hand and pulled the blonde toward the bedroom. Vilmar pushed his robe, the bow, and arrow out of his lap as he hurried to follow, feeling just the slightest twitches of life returning between his legs.

    He arrived just in time to see Serena pull her blonde friend down to the bed on her lap. Both women laughed, and then Emily moaned deep in her throat when Serena's hand crept around to slip beneath the panties that the blonde still wore. "Mmm, you're so wet," Serena moaned into Emily's ear. She then brought her dampened fingers to her lips and licked them clean.
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    Emily stood and pulled down her panties, revealing her pink folds to her friend, Vilmar, and posterity in the form of the memory crystal. She crawled onto the bed and lay back, parting her legs wide in invitation — one that Serena accepted without hesitation.

    Vilmar sat down on the bed to attain a close vantage point as the brunette lowered her head to her friend's bare sex. Serena's tongue flickered like that of a snake, dancing over Emily's folds. The blonde beauty teased her nipples and watched, her hips twitching upward toward Serena's tongue.

    A broad stroke of the brunette's tongue then parted Emily's labia, and both women moaned. A warbling sigh slowly escaped Vilmar as he watched, his manhood now straightening just a little.

    Serena suckled Emily's folds between her lips for a few moments, and then darted upward to worm her tongue beneath the blonde's hood. Emily's upper body shot up from the bed, she yelped, and pinched her nipples hard.

    Moaning into her friend's pussy, Serena devoured Emily. Vilmar watched as if in a trance, unable to take his eyes off the vision of one beautiful woman licking another. "Oh, yes," the blonde exclaimed repeatedly in a wide range of tones and volume, from low moans to high-pitched squeals.

    Serena shook her head back and forth as she nodded it up and down, her tongue between the blonde's labia stimulating every inch of Emily's quivering sex. She then locked her lips over the blonde's hood and continued to shake her head, tonguing the bud beneath as well.

    "Oh — oh — oh," Emily gasped out, the time between the words growing shorter with each utterance until words degraded into a series of sharp, ridiculously short breaths that Vilmar absently thought couldn't have drawn much air into the woman's lungs. The blonde confirmed that thought a moment later as she noisily drew in a great breath, and then let it out as a loud scream.

    Serena moaned as Emily's juices washed over her tongue and the blonde's thighs clamped tight around her head. She had little choice but to ride her bucking friend's hips as Emily thrashed in the throes of orgasm.

    When Emily's muscles finally relaxed, Serena sat up and licked her lips, gathering up the bittersweet nectar that coated her mouth and chin. She nudged the blonde until Emily moved over on the bed, forcing Vilmar to shift as well. As soon as her back came to rest on the bed and her legs parted, Emily sat up to return the favor her friend had just done for her.

    Now hard and throbbing once again, Vilmar took advantage of Emily kneeling between Serena's legs. As soon as the blonde took her first taste of Serena's juices, Vilmar pulled up on Emily's hips and aimed the swollen tip of his manhood at the woman's glistening pink lips.

    Emily groaned into Serena's folds as the wizard's cock slid into her already saturated canal, and then immediately returned to enthusiastically lapping the brunette's wet heat.

    Vilmar grunted as he thrust into the blonde's hairless pussy with every ounce of strength and speed he could muster, pushing Emily's face into her friend's folds. His eyes roved from Serena's jiggling breasts to the back of the blonde's head moving over the brunette's pussy. Having spurted his seed only a short time earlier, the wizard found stamina beyond anything he had previously known.

    Serena cried out in orgasm as Emily's flickering tongue pushed her over the edge. A few thrusts later, Vilmar's resistance wavered from the excitement of hearing the brunette come on Emily's tongue. When the blonde reached her peak as well, her walls clamping down around him and her muffled scream emerging from between Serena's thighs, Vilmar succumbed to the inevitable.

    An inarticulate, half-choked sound burst forth from him as he pulsed and flooded Emily's canal with a warm pool of semen. His weight fell heavily upon the blonde as his every ounce of energy spurted out of him with his cum.


    Aldaron disentangled his bow and quiver from the wizard's robes, and picked them up with a sigh of relief. He donned the quiver and holstered the bow a second later.

    "My part of the bargain is complete," Leena declared with a smile.

    "You know I'll keep my word," Aldaron grumbled as he stomped toward a bedroom door, where the sound of panting and the scent of sex hung heavily in the air.

    Leena followed, both cupids now masked with their strongest glamours because they knew a skilled wizard was involved in the theft of the bow. She made a face when she saw the hook-nosed, gangly man lying spent on the bed with two gorgeous women.

    Aldaron snorted and said, "I don't think there's much question which one is the thieving wizard, and I know exactly how to teach him a lesson."

    His anger was so strong that he didn't even shield his thoughts from Leena. She covered her mouth and gasped in amused surprise. Though she knew she shouldn't enjoy Aldaron's vengeance, the wizard surely deserved it for taking advantage of the two women. "I'll have no part of that," she said, but just the slightest hint of a chuckle betrayed her feelings.

    Aldaron pulled his last arrow and said, "I don't need your help — just this."

    Leena nodded and turned on her heels. A few seconds later, she sailed heavenward on silent wings to replenish her arrows for another day of bringing love to the world.


    She usually didn't return to the world so early in the morning, but Leena could not help herself this day. First, she checked in on her charges. All was well with them, love blossoming in every situation.

    Next, she looked in upon the barmaid whose bed Aldaron had shared. Thanks to Leena's healing, all she remembered was a night of perfect, unbelievable bliss with a man who was unnaturally handsome and well endowed. The silly smile on her face let Leena know that nothing ill had come to the woman.

    Serena's house was Leena's next stop. Here too, she discovered that the strange events of the evening had done no harm. Neither Serena nor Emily really remembered the wizard clearly. Both knew that they had shared a bed with a man, but it was sharing each other that dominated their thoughts. Though both women had denied it, the feelings they expressed to each other under the influence of Aldaron's arrows were genuine. Now that magic had broken the ice between them, they discovered that their friendship had additional benefits.

    The two friends and lovers were taking advantage of those benefits when Leena arrived to peek in on them.

    Leena could not resist peeking in on the wizard who had unwittingly set all of the previous night's events in motion. She arrived just in time as the wizard awakened.

    Vilmar's sleepy eyes suddenly shot wide open when he beheld the woman in the bed with him. The memory of taking her emerged vividly in his mind, and he tasted bile as his gorge threatened to rise.

    The woman had eyes crossed so badly that she probably knew every pore in her nose, which itself was so pointed as to almost resemble a wedge of pie. She was short, stocky, had no breasts to speak of, and a bottom twice as wide as her thick waist. She slept with the smile of contentment and wonder that only a woman having sex for the first time could muster, displaying buckteeth large enough to do a rabbit proud.

    Leena couldn't help but chuckle as the wizard fearfully extradited his arm from beneath her body, silently mouthing prayers that she didn't wake up and seriously considering gnawing his own arm off rather than risk her awakening.

    Once he was free, he frantically searched the single-room dwelling for his robe. Leena knew he wouldn't find it — or the magical device that had stored the images of Serena and Emily together. Aldaron had planned to take those as trophies of his revenge. He then intended to restore the wizard's stamina, drop him in the woman's house, and plunk his last arrow in the ill-fated wizard's butt.

    When the woman on the bed laughed in her sleep, sounding for all the world like the braying of a mule, Vilmar panicked.

    He grabbed the first piece of cloth he could find, a garish floral printed sheet, and burst through the door as fast as his bony legs could carry him. Leena watched with amusement as townsfolk did double takes to stare at the gangly wizard fleeing for his life, wrapped in a sheet covered in obscenely bright tulips.

    Leena grinned so wide that her face ached and let out a musical little laugh. She then silently chided herself, though she knew even her goddess found the whole thing amusing and just.

    With all right in the world, Leena pulled an arrow from her quiver and went in search of someone who needed love in his or her life.
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