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    It is really impossible for a person like me to hold himself up to his wife only when he has a Saali like Mukta. My marriage is more than a year old and I am indulged in an extra marital affair with sister of my wife. Mukta is actually my wife’s cousin sister, nearly 3-4 years elder then me, not married and very young and naughty from the heart.
    I must tell you that from the first day I met her I was tempted by Mukta's body. This woman was meant to be fucked, and fucked repeatedly. Warm and fleshy, her body was crying out for a man's attention and initially I could not believed that she did not married as from her body language I could make out that she is experienced and well fucked.
    My wife told me that in past her parents tried a lot but she was looking for some Mr. Perfect and for that she kept on rejecting proposals and finally crossed the age where she could get good matches and ended living alone. Anyway talking about Mukta’s appearance, I will say that she is good looking female, bit dusky and fleshy with superb curves.
    Her breasts are full and generous and ripe, much heavier in proportion of her body, has bit of belly which is not noticeable otherwise, I realized when I saw her stark naked unless while being in cloths she is slender. Her hips are flared to delectably curved buttocks bursting out proudly tempting for every man like me to fuck her from behind and her legs are long and thighs are well fleshed and are specifically meant to curl around man’s pumping hips.
    Her flesh is firm all around body yet soft, like a perfectly made cake but with several sexy dark birth-marks on her neck and face. There was one deep in her cleavage, which I found intensely erotic. Mukta has curly hairs and her face is round with a sparkling, infectious laugh, with large and dark eyes mostly rimmed with Kajal.
    Truly speaking from the very beginning, the day I got engaged with my wife Mukta was trying to get free with me. Initially I took those comments and her trying to get closer to me verbally lightly, assuming that being a Saali she is just trying to get friendlier with me, which usually happens in this relation, but very soon she started taking my attention.
    Couple of times she got herself clicked with me while standing very close to me, once while holding my arm and once while keeping her arm over my shoulder, like friends keep. Moreover throughout the party she was trying to be around me and my wife and purposely walked around me numerous times without much concern.
    That day; on my engagement she preferred wearing very elegant but slightly transparent Kurta and tight leggings that were cut close and clung to every curved contour of her body. I liked the way her breasts jiggled when she walked and the way her hips swayed and her buttocks moved and because of all this by the time party ended and she took leave I was aroused.
    I was recalling Mukta in solitude and realizing that everything about Mukta was voluptuous, her face her body her manner and finally her lovemaking which I experienced after bit more than of one year of my marriage.
    It was not that I had any such intentions for her since then, I never tried to get closer to her that way from my side, I could not even think of that with no other reason except this that she was my Saali and she could easily break my engagement or even marriage. Rather I will say that from her attitude towards me,
    the way Mukta behaved with me on the very first meet she was certainly having something in her mind for me, and that was the reason she tried to find me on FB and sent me request on very next day. We met again, this time it was my marriage day and once again Mukta remained on the stage most of the time,
    she was suppose to be with my wife but opposite to that she was busy in chit chatting with me and cracking tiny naughty jokes couple of times about our first night. I will say it was Ok even then, because Saali’s behave like that especially if they are of the same age group but on later stage we went on going freer through social networking site and SMS and things went on going like this for more than one year.
    We met 4 times in this lap of one year, once in one marriage party, once in some birthday party, once on Pooja of some spiritual occasion at one relatives place and once when she came to the place closer to my work place for an interview and on all such occasions her attitude was same like first day or I will say it was getting more and more intense from her side,
    though she did not tried to touch me among four times I mentioned but through her words she was trying getting closer to me and being a naughty fellow I did not lacked utilizing any single opportunity in replying naughtily using best of my witty nature. Here I will say that it was my wit who actually took me to the victory of reaching Mukta’s body, although Mukta was nevertheless naughty and willing to get on bed with me.
    After detailing bit of Mukta and her nature and my friendly and not much but bit naughty relation with her of around one year, I would like to take readers straight to the incident which bought me and Mukta physically closer and I made all my dreams come true of fucking a female in my style, the way I always desired throughout my bachelorhood bit rough and random in various positions all around the house.
    Anyway as I mentioned earlier from my marriage day more than a year was passed when I met Mukta for the specific purpose, she was here to help me. Actually my wife was pregnant and because of some complication she was suppose to go through caesarean. As till now everything was normal so my mother-in-law was suppose to reach couple of days before the fixed date,
    but because of that unpredictable complication that fixed date suddenly moved 12-13 days before and I was all alone to tackle everything as my parents also reside far from me at our native place. My mother-in-law spoke to Mukta about this and she agreed to stay with us to help me for few days,
    till my mother-in-law will reach to us and whatever happened between me and Mukta was result of those 4-5 days in which she stayed at my house, when my wife was back from hospital with a new born. Certainly I did not fucked her in that lap; but we both were gone too far in chit chatting that we could clearly see each other’s intentions regarding sex.
    Starting from the day one when Mukta came to us, my wife was in hospital and she stayed with her in the hospital room. Being a horny guy I stared at Mukta’s body a lot, and enjoyed her fleshy assets, her big melons, ample thighs and nevertheless delectable hips which are actually my weakness among all other female body parts.
    Otherwise next 4 days were almost uneventful as my wife was still in hospital and she was taking care of more or less her all concerns. Although we use to chit chat in the night and as per her nature she use to get bit naughty with her words but for few days everything was casual. Things started between me and Mukta on the last day of the hospital.
    I remember last night’s tiny chit chat when next day morning my wife was suppose to get relieved, while sitting in the cafeteria in the night she spoke “abhi aap Deepa(my wife) sawwa(1.25) mahine tak aur haath nahi lagga sakte”(you cannot touch Deepa(my wife) for next one and quarter of a month).
    I smiled back on her words as I was waiting for her to speak something like this since long, and my reply to her statement was “more than that….. Because Deepa is going with Mummy for one month after that.” Mukta smiled back and somewhat teased me “Jiju aapke saath bahut bura ho raha hai…” (Jiju bad things are happening with you)
    “kuch bura nahi ho raha…girl-friends kiss din kaam aayengi” (nothing bad is happening with me, when will girl friends will come in use) I replied back with a naughty gesture to keep myself up over her words though it was a pure lie and she was not at all expecting that, she broke into a killing laughter and replied “aapki girl-friends hain kya?”
    (Do you have girl friends?) “nahi hain to banna lunga…ab ek mahina kisi na kisi tarah to pass karna hai na?” (I will make…somehow I have to pass one month) once again I replied well and it was total my wit which played important role. Mukta was speechless and she stared into my eyes and then spoke “I am impressed”.
    After that more or less our chit-chat ended on this context but in a way it was starting of our nuisance chit chats which lead us to bed. After that Mukta moved to the room and I came back home to stay in the night. As expected next day my wife and new born got relieved from hospital and Mukta stated residing with us in the other bedroom and in night once again we both chit chatted very late.
    In the first night itself we both were like going bit too far with words. I still remember everything word to word we spoke that night and here I am trying to write that as much as possible. Once again chit chat was initiated by Mukta. Time was bit more then 10 and from last half an hour Mukta was in my bedroom with my wife, they were trying to feed the child and I was sitting in the living room in front of television.
    Mukta came out and somewhat informed me that my wife and child has slept and sat beside me and then got up and asked me if I would like to have tea. By now from westerns she was into her night wear and it was casual Pajama with a lose fitting and a t-shirt which she was already wearing since morning and it was nicely fitted to her body and revealing exact size of her milky juggs.
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    Anyway I accepted the proposal of tea and Mukta moved to kitchen, asked me few things about location of few essentials as she was new to the house and started preparing tea and came out with two cups and started while saying, “Jiju aapka kya hoga….ek mahina aap kya karoge….you hardly know anything except boiling eggs”
    (Jiju what will you do in one month….. you hardly know anything except boiling eggs” “No… I make excellent Omelet…then have I option of Maggi and all…nahi to restaurants to hain hi” I replied back casually with giving not much attention to her actual purpose of saying that and Mukta instantly replied, as if she was waiting to get a chance speak with bit of naughty giggle
    “Girl friend se bol dena…she will cook” “yes…certainly…wo khana bhi banna degi….” I replied back that she will cook too and my reply went good and Mukta laughed nicely and repeated my words and asked me further in the end in continuation “Khana bhi banna degi…what else she will do?” “You know that….Samajhdar ko ishara kaafi hota hai” I replied casually while looking at her smiling expressions and picked up my cup of tea from central table.
    (Samajhdar ko ishara kaafi hota hai is a proverb in Hindi which means, intelligent needs just a hint and I used that casually.) “I am impressed again….” Mukta replied while getting down on couch, “impressed with what…?” I asked her back “with your wit” I accepted the bow silently and thought about going further in conversation but felt bit hesitant in asking her
    and postponed the thought of continuing the conversation but Mukta was well in mood to explore my mind and I realized that she wants to talk about sex, first thing she asked me next was “waise ye girl friend waali baat mazaak hai na?” (By the way, this girlfriend and all is all just a joke, isn’t it?) I laughed on her question and intentionally took the conversation deeper by saying
    “nahi….certainly not….I am going to look for a girl friend for the time being” “seriously….?” though I could see that she was well aware of this fact that I am joking Mukta reflected bit of shocking gesture while saying that with a smile while looking into my eyes. “You don’t look that naughty…..” once again Mukta spoke and continued the conversation.
    “Don’t underestimate me, Men are born naughty….koi koi hi shareef hota hai…. And I am not one of them” I replied back and somehow managed to maintain her interest and then spoke again “aapki nazar mein koi girl friend banane layak ho to batana….” “You mean one night stand…?” she asked me back “no….if girl is good then it could be one month stand….jab tak Deepa wapis nahi aati”
    I replied back instantly and once again Mukta busted into laughter on my witty reply. I will say that here it was Mukta who initially fueled the fire, because of her I was aroused, she was around me from last 5 days mostly with tight outfits because of that I had eyes full of her physical assets, above that I was going through abstinence period since third month of pregnancy of my wife,
    and above that I could see that Mukta was also in mood of chit chatting, don’t know what all she had in her mind but at my end at that time I was just interested in chit chatting on personal subjects so I decided to ask her what I was thinking to ask few minutes back and I started by saying “I hope you don’t mind if I will ask you something….”
    She looked at me with a smile and waited for me to speak, “Aapne shaadi kyun nahi ki…?” (Why you didn’t marry?) I asked her while looking into her eyes, I was little hesitant in asking that and it was significant from my voice and for a fraction I felt that she is embarrassed but finally she came up with a good reply by saying “You know mujhe meri takkar ka koi mila hi nahi…”
    (I never found anybody of my comparison) she paused for a second and then added a spice to her statement and spoke again “…aur jo mila usne meri sister se shaadi kar li” (and the one I found, my sister married him) I took her second statement casually and did not paid much attention to it and could not make out what she meant with that and asked her back casually
    “Achha kaunsi sister….?” And she replied instantly as if she was waiting for this “Deepa…who else…?” this time I was speechless and I casually replied “Wah…what a joke…” “No I am serious” once again Mukta replied back instantly as if she knew what I am going to say and once again I felt bit speechless but then replied giving my best “Please don’t be serious with me… problem ho jaayegi”
    this time Mukta did not replied instantly she smiled a bit and gave a though over what she is about to say and spoke again and it was really too much for me, what she spoke word to word was “Arre yaar aap kaise Jija ho….Saali flirt kar rahi hai aur aap Saadhu ban rahe ho” (what Kind of Jija you are…Saali is flirting with you and you are behaving like a saint)
    I laughed on her wit and saved myself and spoke something which was bit more than her expectation “Main Saadhu nahi ban raha hun…. I am just trying to control myself, Deepa will tell you jab main out of control ho jaata hun to main Rakshas ban jaata hun” (I am not trying to be Saint, I am just trying to control myself…. Deepa will tell you I turn into a beast when I get out of control)
    From my end it was too much but this time Mukta was competing with words skillfully and she replied back saying “Tell you frankly Mujhe bhi koi Rakshas hi chahiye tha…jo mila nahi” ( I was looking for a Beast too, but I never found) “To abb dhundh low…bolo to main dhoondh deta hun” from my side it was a casual statement initially that I can find her match but I added something with a pause to maintain the flair of sex in the conversation by saying
    “aap mere liye one month stand wali girl friend dhoodho…main aapke liye apne jaisa rakshas dhoondhta hun” Mukta smiled on my words and this time found herself short of appropriate reply and casually said “abb Nahi chahiye…pahle mil jaata to mil jaata” with that she got up to put the cups back in the kitchen and from her gesture I could see that she was thinking over whatever we spoke just now.
    For a fraction I thought that I have gone too far in saying that “I am just trying to control myself, because I turn into a Beast when I go out of control” and as she came out of the kitchen I apologized her by saying “please don’t mind….it was just too much from my side” Mukta smiled on my apology and spoke “aap kya girl friend banaoge….aap to Saali se hi darr rahe ho”
    (how will you make a girl friend..if you are afraid of your Saali) “Darr nahi raha…I am just trying to be safe…Kahin aap ye sabb Deepa ko na batta do… mera to divorce hi ho jaayega na?” I replied back casually with a giggle and once again Mukta busted out in slight laugh and spoke “Don’t worry…these things will always remain just between you and me...”
    she paused for a fraction and then spoke again “waise Jija Saali mein thodi bahut naughtiness to har koi expect karta hai…ye relation hi aisa hai” “hmmm… that’s true… but ye thodi thodi karke jayada hoti jaa rahi hai…” I replied and spoke exactly what I was thinking about my relation with her, that slowly we are getting naughtier.
    And response I got from Mukta was “I don’t care…tell me if you have any problem with this….I will limit myself” I smiled on her reply and instantly spoke “nahi nahi Please don’t limit yourself… I am enjoying all this….” And with a small pause I spoke again “I am really lucky that I have a Saali like you” Mukta smiled nicely when I praised her and said “thanks for the compliment”
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    and with that she started looking down to her mobile, actually few minutes back massage alert tone was ranged on her mobile and she was reading out that and smiled a bit on the joke she read. I asked her about the joke and she said that she is forwarding it to me and she did that. I read the massage, it was an ordinary joke,
    making fun of marriage and very old massage and I said that it’s a very old joke and I have already heard that. In response she said “Ok…I can show you one massage…I am sure wo aapne nahi suna hoga…but I will not forward it to you….” With that she started searching massage in her mobile, “just forward it…I will send it to my friends….” I replied casually,
    “Nahi….agar Deepa ne inbox mein dekh liye to Problem ho jaayegi….Joke bahut hi jayada wild hai” Mukta replied back, “you said you don’t care….” I tried to recall her own words and she smiled on that and gave me her mobile to read the joke while saying “yes…I don’t care….but at certain places ye I don’t care nahi chalta…” I took the mobile and read the joke.
    Mukta was right, it was wild and very vulgar, must mention that Hindi word LUND was used in that massage and I laughed out loud on that joke and told her to forward it to me and assured her that I will removed it from my inbox and save it in the drafts and Mukta did that. I read that joke again on my mobile and gave her a compliment which she gave me twice
    “I am impressed…I was not expecting such a hardcore joke from a female…” Mukta smiled on my words and spoke back confidently “It’s a suggestion, you also don’t underestimate me…these days even women are naughty and I am naughtiest of them…..” “I know…that’s why I said I am lucky that I have a Saali like you”
    I replied back instantly and acknowledged her statement of saying herself naughty and Mukta felt good as I said that. Clock was ticking and was about to reach 11 in few minutes when Mukta decided to go to her bedroom to get a proper sleep after 5 days and after that I too switched off the TV and came to my bedroom.
    I was sleepless, could not forget whatever we spoke with each other in this short span of time and went on recalling whatever Mukta spoke. From Mukta’s gesture I could not make out that all she had in her mind, even at that time I could not think of approaching her to have sex with me, but certainly I was aroused and any day ready to fuck her and in any case wanted to enjoying talking about sex for next few day till she is here.
    I will say that next day was totally uneventful, we did not chatted much specifically on any personal matters as from next day onwards I joined back my office, met Mukta in the morning. She prepared breakfast and somehow managed to pack my lunch in hurry, as such there was nothing interesting happened between us at that time but surely I stared at her ass mounds
    and he way her big melons jiggled when she was moving in and out of kitchen quickly for the specific reasons. In evening I came back little early with few interesting things to eat and we had good evening snacks together. For whole evening I was busy with my new born but could not take eyes from Mukta’s body.
    She was wearing Indian outfit of Kurta on the upper half and tight leggings as lower and because they were well fitted to her body all of her fleshy assets, thighs, milks and jutting out ass mounds were feast to my eyes which finally made me shag my load on her name in the toilet later in the night.
    That night we did not had even a single word of such conversation as my wife was well awake and interested in watching TV, and we all sat in the living room with casual conversation, though we saw each other fewer times and smiled while looking into each other’s eyes and ultimately ended up in sleeping restless.
    I cannot say anything about Mukta’s mind set but at my end I was restless and my lustful feelings for Mukta’s body were getting intense. I wanted to feel her luscious body and fuck her naughtily which I never succeeded in doing with my wife but at the same time I could not dare to give her hint about my lustful feelings for her.
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