New Feature: Spam/Spam Cleaner option(Available only for Moderators)

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    New Feature: Spam/Spam Cleaner option(Available only for Moderators)

    This Spam option is available only with newly registered users(upto 30 days after registration), Because, I trust after 30 days, the user will be genuine
    You can view the video to get the complete information about Spam Cleaner or how to use it.

    Here are the Text messages about Spam Cleaner.
    The Spam Cleaner itself can be run from several locations:
    • On a thread or profile post by clicking the Spam link to the right of the time and date.
    • On a member card by clicking the Spam link which overlays the avatar.
    • On a profile page by clicking the Spam Cleaner link below the member name.
    Clicking any of those links will result in a Spam Cleaner overlay from where you can select the actions to be taken. This can range from a simple IP check, to a permanent ban and removal of all content.

    Note that banned users do not automatically show as being banned nor do they have any specific markup applied to their user name or title.

    Any questions, shout in shout box or send me a pm or mail.

    Thank you,
    RareDesi Admin
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    Thank you Admin ,seldom have i seen such a conscientious Administrator ! Who takes care of his Mods and Site so much!

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