My Son's New Friend. (English Story)

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    My Son's New Friend

    Description: A widow mentors her best friend’s son. It's every boy's dream.

    Codes: mF FF cons oral

    I parked in the driveway, but didn't see anyone, so I thought they were probably in the back yard, maybe by the pool. The house belonged to Kate, one of my best friends. Her husband had been killed in a car accident three months earlier.

    As she was on her own, I had told my son to help her out by weeding her gardens, mowing her lawn, and cleaning her pool. I told Kate to go ahead and use him for any other odd jobs that she needed done. I hadn't told her that I was paying him for his time, and made her think it was just a friendly gesture. He was only fifteen and couldn't get a summer job anyway, so this at least gave him pocket money. For me, it was a way of looking out for my friend as she readjusted her life.

    My son, Derrick, is tall for his age, and had started filling out quite well. I could tell that he was going to be a handsome man, like his father. He had also been spending some time in our garage gym lately, lifting weights and working out on the exercise machine. I had seen him with his shirt off, sweaty from a workout, and realized that he had developed quite a set of chest and abdominal muscles.

    As I walked into the backyard, I discovered that he had developed quite well in other areas. He and Kate were by the pool, although more correctly, she was in the pool, and he was sitting on the deck, with his legs in the water. Neither one of them had bathing suits on. His legs were spread, and her head was moving up and down between them.

    I was a little shocked, and stood rooted to the spot. In a 'fight or flight' moment, I didn't know whether to say something, or to turn around and go back to the car. In the end, I kicked off my shoes, and moved onto the grass, quietly working my way to one side. Not really thinking about what I was doing, I got a better view of her working on my son. I was impressed by two things: her ability at sucking cock, and the size of the cock she was sucking.

    Kate was working from the tip all the way to the root on each stroke, her nose ending up in his pubic hair, pausing for a moment each time she bottomed out. I could even see her tongue coming out to lave his balls when she hit bottom. At the other end, her teeth were nibbling gently on his head, and her tongue was whipping back and forth on the sensitive spot under the crown.

    The cock she was sucking was impressive for anyone, and especially for a fifteen year old boy. He was larger than my husband, both in length and girth. I was surprised, and at the same time feeling twinges of both jealousy, and arousal. 'What are you doing, that's your son?' flashed through my mind. I could hear Derrick moaning softly every time that Kate hit bottom.

    Involuntarily, a hand started playing with one of my nipples, which had both grown hard at the sight in front of me. I noticed other things about the two of them, like his left hand in her hair, not pulling her in, but just moving softly over her head. I also noticed the size of her breasts, as they oscillated with her movements, her nipples appearing and reappearing at the waterline.

    After a minute, Derrick's right hand came up to Kate's head, and he went from moaning to calling her name in a low, guttural voice. I judged that he was about to come, and an instant later he pulled her head tightly into his groin. I could see his muscles convulsing as he came, and he bent into a curve over the top of her head, grunting with each blast. Amazingly, she didn't struggle as he held her, and I was impressed by her breath control, in addition to her other talent. Given his size, and the way her face was held to his crotch, I thought that he must be coming straight down her throat.

    After a moment, he relaxed his tight grip on her head, and she pulled back about halfway, sucking in a breath through her nose. I could see her mouth still working, and thought that she must be catching the final drops on her tongue, and washing the head clean. He let out a long moaning sigh, and said, "Damn, I can't believe how good that feels, and how good you are at it."

    As Kate finally pulled her lips back off his cock, and ran her tongue around them to get the final taste, I spoke up, "Yes, it was rather impressive." Two sets of eyes swung to look at me, panic in my son's, but strangely not much emotion in Kate's.

    "Mom!" cried Derrick in a strangled voice; realizing that he was naked in front of his mother, he madly scrambled for his discarded clothes. Kate, on the other hand looked at me coolly and merely said, "Hello Anne."

    As Derrick struggled into his clothes, trying to tuck his still rampant erection into his shorts, I glared at him and said, "Wait in the car. I'll deal with you later. I want to have words with Kate." He ran from the yard, carrying his shirt and sneakers, not waiting to finish dressing, simply wanting to escape the wrath of his mother.

    I walked over to the edge of the pool, and stared down at Kate, "So, how long have you been fucking my son?"

    She looked up from the water, and asked, "Can you at least sit down so we can talk? The sun is in my eyes at this angle when I look up."

    Still fuming, I realized that she had a point, so I sat down to one side of her, and let my feet dangle in the water. I glared at her again. "So, how long?"

    "Well, technically I haven't been fucking your son. I've blown him a few times, and oh yeah, I did give him what amounted to be a handjob once." She chuckled a bit and went on, "He didn't have much control the first time I put my hands on his dick."

    "You don't seem to be very worried about this. He's fifteen! You could go to jail."

    "Anne, have you looked at your son lately? He's gorgeous. When school starts up again, he's going to have girls drooling on him, and throwing their panties at him. The first time he took his shirt off, I dropped the glass of iced tea I was bringing him. I couldn't help myself. Having ... that ... so close was just too much to take. And the first time I saw his cock..."

    "Enough. I don't need you to talk about his cock. I'm his mother for God's sake!"

    "And as his mother, you should be thankful that someone more experienced is guiding him through the first sexual experiences, instead of some ditzy blonde with big tits, who'll end up getting knocked up, or who'll give him a dose like the other three guys she fucked that day."

    "Guiding him through ... what a load of crap! Where did you come up with that one? Some women's magazine?"

    Kate burst out laughing, and shrugged her shoulders, which did interesting things with her breasts as they floated in the pool. "Well, it was worth a shot." She moved closer to me, and put a hand on my knee. "Look Anne, I'm sorry if I hurt you. I told Derrick not to say anything, because I was afraid you'd feel this way. Since Ken died, I've had no one other than my vibrator, and I've been going through a lot of batteries. When I saw Derrick with his shirt off, I just kind of snapped, and my pussy got so wet I couldn't help it. If I were a guy, you would have said that I was thinking with the little head, and not the big one. I guess I was just thinking with my clit."

    Sympathy for my friend softened my expression as I said to her, "Well, if you haven't fucked him yet, then you must still be going through batteries."

    "Actually, today was going to be the day. What you saw was a warm up so he'd last longer. You know, 'get the first one out of the way, and the next one will last a lot longer'. Since he's a teenager, I wasn't worried about the recovery time, just the staying power. Then you got here early, and ruined it all. You should apologize to both of us."

    I stared at her, goggle-eyed. Then she started to giggle, and said, "Got you."

    I laughed a little, and calmed down, the tension leaving my body. I knew that she wouldn't do anything to hurt Derrick, since we had been friends for so long, and she had seen him quite a bit as he grew. "How long is this going to go on?"

    "I don't honestly know. It still has places to go. I kind of feel like a mentor, guiding him along, and teaching him all the things I know, and that Ken taught me. Ken was a very good lover, which is one of the reasons I miss him so much."

    Shocking myself, I blurted out, "Well, it certainly seems that he taught you how to suck a cock quite well."

    Lifting her eyebrows, and with a glint in her eye, she said, "Oh, I learned how to suck a cock long before I met Ken. I was fairly well known for it in college. Ken helped me to refine my technique. For example, he taught me how to control my breathing so I could hold him in my throat while he came. I can also use my throat muscles to massage the head of the cock while it's squirting—helps to increase the sensation. I thought Derrick was going to go crazy the first time I did it to him. I think I may have ruined him for any blowjob he might get in the future."

    I stared at my friend while she was saying this, realizing that I was seeing a side of her that I had never known existed. As she spoke, she moved between my legs, keeping her hand on my knee. "You know," she continued, "I also licked a lot of pussies while I was in college."

    Her other hand moved up, and she started pressing on the inside of my knees, spreading my legs. "Come closer," she said.

    "Kate, what are you doing?"

    "I'm going to demonstrate some of my other talents, so slide your butt over here."

    "Kate, I'm not sure about this." However, my rear was sliding closer to her on the pool deck, and my denim skirt was sliding back under me.

    "Don't give me that. I can smell you from here, and your panties are wet. I bet they've been wet since you saw Derrick's cock slide out of my mouth." As she said that, her hands came up under my skirt, and my panties went over her head into the pool. She pushed my knees further apart, and her head came into my crotch. She gave one long lick from my anus to my clit, pressing firmly with the flat of her tongue, and I moaned out loud, throwing my head back.

    In the next instant, I felt her tongue stiffen and start to penetrate my vagina. It felt like a little cock, and went deeper into me than any tongue I had ever felt. I started to understand her popularity in college. Unbelievably, she started to run the tip of her tongue over my G-spot, and I shuddered with the sensation. "Oh, Kate... ," I moaned. Between watching the two of them earlier, and what she was doing to me now, I was getting very close, very fast.

    Perhaps sensing this, she switched tactics, and started battering my clitoris with the tip of her tongue, pushing it in different directions, then fluttering her tongue over its tip. My hips started to jerk, and my moans grew continuous and louder. I grabbed fistfuls of her hair with both hands, and clamped her head to my crotch, making sure that she couldn't pull back.

    She actually pushed in harder, wrapping her lips around my clit, still hammering it with her tongue. I felt her lips tighten, and a strong sensation as she sucked my clit between her lips, and then between her teeth. She started pulsing her sucking motion, scraping my clit between her teeth in both directions as it moved in and out.

    The rasping of my clit tipped me over the edge. My hips thrust at her face, my hands clenched and pulled her in so tight that I swear I bruised my pussy and her lips, and every muscle in my body clenched. She bit my clit lightly, and I came for a second time, my breath rasping in and out of my lungs, my eyes squeezed shut, and tears rolling down my face. I still had a death grip on her hair, and I probably pulled a few strands out by the roots.

    As I held her mouth to my pussy, she sucked my clit strongly again, and ran her tongue over it from top to bottom and side to side. That sent me into another orgasm, smaller than the first two, but still powerful. My muscles finally started to go slack, and I loosened my grip on Kate's head. She licked the entire length of my slit one more time, sending tremors through my body, then pulled back, and looked up at me.

    After a minute, my vision finally cleared, and I looked down at her. "I can see why you were so popular in college." Then I smiled, and after a moment she smiled back tenderly.

    She gave a shrug, then looked into my eyes, and asked, "Anne, are we okay? Are we still friends?"

    I looked at her for a moment, and said, "How can I not be friends with someone who just did what you did? And why haven't we done this before? You know, I licked a few pussies in college, too, but your 'teeth on the clit' trick is a new one. I never bit anyone's clit before."

    She looked at me with a shocked expression, I guess not being able to picture her friend with her face in someone's pussy. I pushed back from the pool deck, and stood up. "Well, I guess I have to go and deal with Derrick now."

    "Don't be hard on him. It was my entire fault. After all, what fifteen year old is going to turn down a blowjob? What are you going to say to him?"

    "I'm not sure yet. I'll probably make it up as I go along. I'll call you."

    With that, I spun around, and started heading out of the yard. I stopped to slip my shoes back on, and remembered that my panties were floating in Kate's pool. I wasn't going back for them at this point.

    When I reached the car, I got in, and sat staring at Derrick in silence for a moment. The look of dread on his face was overwhelming. He probably thought that he would be grounded for the rest of his life, and that Kate would be going to jail. He looked like he had shrunk three inches in the past half-hour.

    "Get out of the car. Tell Kate to drive you home. If you're spending the night, tell her to call me to let me know."

    As he ran for the backyard, I pulled out of the driveway, thinking that it was the least I could do for my friend. And thinking that she and I were going to have to have our own little pool party sometime soon, because I had a technique or two I could show her.

    The End
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