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    Prostitution is not a new concept of the modern world. Before turning into a professional market business, prostitution was a kind of tradition. Mumbai Escorts Service roots take us to a very profound history that dictates its origin, worth and social stance. The current world frowns upon it yet none can sway away from the fact that Mumbai Russian escort is widespread and popular.The barter of sensual gratification in exchange of valuables has existed for the same amount of time as religion has.

    It was established that Mesopotamia Sumerians initiated this trend. The story claims that the goddess ‘Ishtar’ of 3rd Millennium (long before christ) took birth as a ‘virgin’ each day and by the evening became a ‘whore’.

    The followers of this goddess romanced with the priestesses of Ishtar to sync at a closer and spiritual level to the goddess. In return they furnished offerings, valuables and money to the women.

    Class difference had it's influence on this sphere as well. Those with monetary prowess had an access to Juhu escort women of greater stature in the field, in comparison to those who did not.

    The general classification from the ancient Greece expounds that “prone” were those Andheri escorts women who could be bought easily and furnished temporary services.

    While ‘hetaria’( hetaerae) were Thane escorts women who entertained their patrons with dancing, singing, poetry and other appealing services.

    Goregaon escorts women who could entertain his army men and elevate their verve. These women were known as ‘Ying-Chi’ and were the maiden prostitutes in the area back then.

    Leading closer to the Renaissance the Venice based Malad escort Veronica Franco had her most reckoned and prosperous client, the king of france, Henry III.

    A popular Vashi escort of the 18th century was Sally Salisbury who was charged for slaying one of the patrons for pithy opera tickets.

    Napoleon Bonaparte was a client to Elizabeth Crouch, who back then was the top english Chembur escort.

    Harriet Wilson counted many prestigious names in her client list. For instance Prince of Wales, the lord Chancellor and four future Prime Ministers.

    One recognised name in today's time is Natalie McLennan from US who reached the top of this business and later also published a book.

    There are many hardships that also persist in this glitzy business from lack of safety, fear of diseases, human trafficking to exploitation etc. Yet it is also true that it is ceaselessly growing. Many revolutionaries are promoting its decriminalisation.
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