How to skip pain in the A** Linkbucks and go directly to image!

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    How to skip pain inthe A** Linkbucks and go directly to image!

    i have seen here almost everybody is into redirectts to linkbucks and it is not permitted! until then just follow the simple instructions to skip redirecte ,directly to the image !

    Mozilla Firefox Users:​

    1.Mozilla Firefox users first need to install GreaseMonkey Addon.
    2.After installing GreaseMonkey Addon you can install Redirection Helper script to firefox browser.
    Watch below video to see the Extension in Action:​

    Sites Which Are Automatically Redirected:​

    This script redirects the following sites automatically:​
    Sites In Which Ad Masks are Automatically Removed:​​
    Update:Yet Another Way to Bypass Ads: ​

    • You can also use a script called Redir to bypass ads on Google Chrome,Safari and Mozilla Firefox if Greasemonkey script is already installed on your browser.

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