Debauchery of Young House wife Asha

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    Anjali was an
    eager learner and followed his instructions in right earnest.
    In this
    manner Mr. Sinha taught Anjali to take his lund right up to her
    withdrawing when he felt that she was choking and then stuffing
    it in that
    angelic mouth again and again. Soon Anjali could feel the power
    of her
    mouth and lips over this gigantic lund and had Mr. Sinha
    moaning like a
    baby as she sucked and sucked him and played with his balls.
    Mr. Sinha was
    on the verge of exploding, he loved seeing his lund stuffed in
    her mouth,
    with her lips all around and it. Seeing her so involved in sucking
    his lund,
    looking so very sexy, Mr. Sinha could not control himself and
    exploded in
    her mouth. Anjali tried to swallow as much of the cum possible,
    but soon
    she began choking and removed her lips from his still
    ejaculating lund,
    letting his lund spurt semen all over her hair, face and neck.
    "Abhi main teri choot choosunga", saying this Mr. Sinha buried
    his head
    between her thighs. He expertly found her dana with his tongue
    and began
    gently stroking it with his tongue in circles, while holding
    both her
    gaand in each of his hands.
    Anjali moaned in pleasure as she was feeling horny herself at
    sucking him
    off. Mr. Sinha then withdrew his tongue from flicking her dana
    hardened it and pushed it inside her choot, hitting her choot
    walls as hard
    as he could with his tongue going in and out.
    "uuunn hhh uuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooo
    ggggg ooooooooooooooooooo dddddddddddddddd hhhhhhha
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" wailed Anjali at the
    pleasure she was getting. She began jerking her bums as she
    wanted more
    and more contact with his tongue.
    Now Mr. Sinha reverted back too her dana, playfully taking the
    full dana
    in his mouth and sucking it furiously, making the young woman
    wail in
    Anjali, jerking her gaand vigourously now with her impending
    Mr. Sinha, felt her thighs tremble and realized that she was
    about to
    come. This horny woman was wailing continuously now, delirious
    pleasure. Mr. Sinha then pushed his thumb into her virgin
    arsehole, just
    as Anjali wailed and exploded into a series of orgasms, her
    whole body
    trembling and sweating with pleasure.
    wailed, her pleasure enhanced by his thumb in her arsehole.
    Mr. Sinha, felt his lund twitching and throbbing again, he was
    turned on by the sight of this sexy woman and also by her
    sounds. He then
    flipped her over her stomach and made her kneel, while sitting
    on the
    sofa, holding the back of the sofa with her hands, her choot
    raised. He slapped her gaand playfully as he once again
    assaulted her
    gaping choot from behind this time. Holding her by one hand
    under her
    stomach and waist he expertly guided his lund into her choot.
    she felt him
    push his entire lund into her gaping choot. Her choot muscles
    were tired
    and exhausted, still she felt a shortness of breath as his lund
    filled her
    up yet again. She felt thrilled at being able to take his
    entire lund in
    her choot. Her body, though held by the waist began rocking as
    Mr. Sinha
    fucked her from behind with deep long strokes. Her small
    breasts were
    swaying as he increased the tempo and Anjali had difficulty in
    holding on
    to the edge of the sofa as she was fucked and fucked and
    fucked. Mr. Sinha
    too was sweating profusely now, he was not accustomed to so
    much fucking
    at his age now, but hearing the pleasurable wailing of this hot
    thing, kept him going. Anjali too, had never received such a
    powerful and
    thorough fucking before, her body was responding again as she
    felt her
    orgasm approaching.
    "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooooooooo
    hhhaaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaa
    iiiiiiiiiiii eeeee
    yyyyyyyyyy oooooooooo", she cried as she came and felt Mr.
    Sinha too
    explode and fill her up yet again. Both of them were so
    exhausted , that
    they slumped down on the sofa over each other, their bodies
    mingled with
    sweat and cum, their breathing erratic and heavy. They lay on
    top of each
    other for a long long time, totally unaware that they were
    being observed.
    The person observing them was standing behind the open living-
    room door.
    The person had witnessed almost the whole fuck session. The
    person had
    been mesmerised seeing the gigantic lund of Mr. Sinha,
    ramming Anjali again and again. The person had never seen such
    a lund
    ever before and was totally in awe of it. The person had been
    excited by
    the whole scenario and had stood motionlessly hearing the
    wailing of the
    young Anjali. This person was Rajesh. He had awoken to go to
    the toilet,
    but had been attracted here, on hearing Anjali's wailing. He
    masturbated twice, not being able to control himself on seeing
    the huge
    lund of his father furiously going in and out of the young
    Anjali's choot.
    When Anjali had yelled sasurji, while cumming, Rajesh had
    thought about
    his wife Asha being fucked by such a lund. This thought had
    excited him
    to masturbate again and as he continued to think of his wife
    being fucked
    by another man possessing such a mighty lund, he got hard
    again. This
    young girl who according to him looked like Aishwarya, looked
    even more
    sexier in passion. Seeing the two of them stirring and Anjali
    being held
    by his father and led towards the bedroom, Rajesh too quietly
    went to his
    room. His last thought before sleep was, how his wife Asha
    would scream in
    pleasure being fucked by his father.
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    Rajesh awoke the next morning, early and with a tremendous hard-on.
    the way his father had fucked and fucked Anjali last night was
    playing on his mind. He had never seen such a big thick stout
    invade a young choot in such a merciless manner. Now awake and
    with a
    throbbing hard-on, he kept playing the scene in his mind again
    and again.
    He tried to awaken his wife Asha, since he desperately wanted
    Seeing that she was fast asleep, he decided to lift her flimsy
    night over
    her choot. He saw that her choot-lips were still a bit puffed-up,
    from his
    fucking her last night. He slowly bought his mouth against her
    choot and
    began softly licking her choot-lips and her peeking dana. As he
    moisture from his tongue, he felt her dana stiffening under his
    ministrations and a sigh escape from the lips of his sleeping
    wife. He now
    started licking her budding dana a bit more firmly and with his
    parted her choot-lips and stroked her wettening fuddi.
    "ohhhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh", sighed Asha as she began moving
    gaand to meet his tongue. Rajesh now placed both his hands
    under each
    buttock as he massaged them, while maintaining to flick her
    dana with his
    tongue at will. He was now furiously flicking her dana and also
    his tongue in her choot alternatively. "OOOHHHHHH
    AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", moaned Asha, as her gaand began to
    quiver with
    her anticipated orgasm. She was now fully awake and enjoying
    ministrations of her husband. In the back of her mind, she was
    by his actions and she was feeling horny and pleased by them
    too. "Oohh
    yyes rajjjjeshhhhhhhhhhhhh oh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss",
    she moaned
    , as he continued to lick her dana and tongue her. Her dana
    was now
    fully swollen and red, with all the attention it had received
    Rajesh's tongue. Her bums began to quiver, with her pending
    Sensing this Rajesh tightly clenched both her gaand, thus
    Asha started screaming loudly, desperately wanting to cum.
    Seeing this
    Rajesh began softly nibbling it and grating it with his teeth,
    as he
    relaxed his hold on her gaand. This drove Asha wild as she
    screaming loudly and her bums and thighs began to quiver with
    her orgasm.

    screamed at the
    top of her voce, gurgling and screaming as a series of orgasms
    shook her
    body. Rajesh could hear or rather feel a knocking on the door,
    Asha was blissfully unaware of anybody knocking as she
    continued to scream
    and enjoy her orgasm. As she quietened down, Rajesh heard the
    knocking and
    his father's voice, behind the door. His father was asking for
    the door to
    be opened. Surely his father had heard his wife screaming
    through her
    orgasm. Strangely, this greatly excited Rajesh. He nudged his
    wife to open the door and see what his father wanted, while he
    left for
    the bathroom. Asha was in a daze and did not realise the whole
    she was still gurgling in passion, although softly now as she
    got up and
    without thinking went to the door and opened it.
    There is no better sight in the world, than the face of a woman
    who has
    just been awoken from the throes of sexual passion. The elder
    Mr. Sinha
    saw his daughter-in-law looking sexier than ever. He had come
    to their
    bedroom door and had stood for a while, hearing the sexual
    moans and
    groans of his daughter-in-law. Hearing her had given him an old
    but virile
    man an instant hard-on, which could clearly be seen from the
    way his lund
    was straining thru his pyjamas. He saw the sexy face of his
    daughter-in-law, he saw her ripe and still heaving breasts
    through her
    flimsy nightie, he could smell the sexual aroundma of her fuddi
    juices. Asha
    saw him looking all over her body and now became aware of the
    fact that he
    must have heard her screaming in orgasm. She also became aware
    of the fact
    that she was practically naked under his gaze, due to the
    flimsy and
    see-thru nightie. This made her face redden with embarrassment
    and she
    lowered her eyes, unable to hide her shame. It was then that
    she saw the
    state of his pyjamas as his rock hard massive lund, strained
    to be free
    and welcomed by a hot throbbing and wet choot. Asha felt her
    face flushing
    with excitement as her eyes were riveted on his lund. Both of
    them had
    not spoken a word as yet, totally transfixed with sexual
    excitement and
    tension in their minds. Rajesh was peeking from the bathroom
    and was
    feeling highly aroused himself. There was his wife, practically
    standing in front of his father, the same father who had last
    pounded the fragile Anjali into orgasm after orgasm. Rajesh was
    so excited
    by this that he was afraid to touch his throbbing lund, lest
    he cum
    inside his pyjamas. He could feel his pyjamas getting wet due
    to his
    pre-cum juices.
    Asha was still transfixed, staring at the elder Mr. Sinha's
    lund, when he without speaking, took her hand and placed it on
    his hard
    lund. Asha immediately took her hand away, as if she had
    received an
    electric shock. She too did not say anything, but her eyes were
    locked on his lund. Mr. Sinha again took her hand and placed
    it on his
    lund, and again Asha took her hand immediately away. He then
    took her
    hand again and this time held it as he placed it on his lund.
    Asha tried
    to struggle, but unsuccessfully. Mr. Sinha held her hand firmly
    in place
    and now with his other hand forced her to wrap her fingers over
    throbbing lund. Sensing the hardness and feeling it throb, a
    sigh escaped
    from Asha's lips, as she felt overwhelmed by the elder Mr.
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    Sexual thoughts were entering her mind by the millions. Her hands were
    relaying to her brain the massiveness of the lund and the word "khumba"
    came in her mind, as her face broke out into sweat and her choot juices
    began flowing, involuntarily, Asha moistioned her lips with her
    tongue, she could feel the heat emanating from the huge lund as she
    gripped it even more firmly now. Her own body was heating up, just holding the
    lund . Mr. Sinha had by now let go of Asha's hand and was pleased to see
    that this sexy young woman was holding his lund , now more firmly , all
    by herself. He had been right in his thinking, she was a hot woman,
    desperate in need of a thorough fucking. Rajesh had seen all this, peeking from
    the bathroom. He had seen how his wife was holding on to his
    father's massive lund, all on her own. He could not control himself anymore,
    the sight of his wife holding his father's lund was too much for him and he
    came in his pyjamas, without even touching himself. "ohh sshhhooottttttt", he
    groaned as he himself was surprised by his orgasm. He fumbled
    at the bathroom door, trying to keep his balance as he came. The
    slight noise from the bathroom spoiled the erotic and intimate moment
    between Asha and the elder Mr. Sinha, as both of them were jolted back to
    reality, hearing
    Rajesh. Asha quickly withdrew her hand, and Mr. Sinha almost
    fled the
    room, saying loudly " Rajesh, nashta taiyar hai, main tum dono
    ko bulane
    aaya tha", saying this he left the room. Asha's face was
    flushed as Rajesh
    entered the room, however, she was totally unaware that Rajesh
    witnessed anything at all. Rajesh too acted as if nothing was
    amiss, as
    he wore his nightgown over his pyjama suit and gave Asha's
    nightgown to
    her. Both then proceeded to the dining room. Rajesh's mother
    was gone to a
    satsang prayer meeting with other old ladies and was not going
    to be home
    till lunch time.
    At the dining table, Anjali was sitting with Ajit, ( he had
    come early).
    They both looked up and greeted Rajesh and Asha. Asha's face
    was still
    flushed with sexual excitement and her nightgown buttons were
    open for all
    to see her heavy breasts and naked thighs as she walked and
    took over the
    task of playing the hostess and serving everybody with the
    breakfast. Anjali saw the lecherous looks her fiancé Ajit was
    giving Asha
    as she moved around and the table serving everyone. Anjali felt
    jealous and at
    the same time was in awe of Asha's sexy figure and fair
    complexion. She
    saw how Asha was smiling at Ajit , while serving him, how close
    she was
    standing to him and how deliberately she bend to serve his
    plate, giving
    him more than an eyeful of her ample bosom. Rajesh also had his
    transfixed on his wife. He too noticed, what Anjali had seen
    and strangely
    enough, he felt new stirrings in his soft flaccid lund. His
    body seemed
    to respond seeing other men eye his wife. Mr. Sinha was once
    thinking of another wasted opportunity. So close but yet so
    far. His
    daughter-in-law was so willing to be fucked by him and yet he
    was unable
    to utilise the opportunity. So the breakfast continued among
    thoughts and small talk. Anjali , then excused herself from
    the table
    saying she was going to have a bath and get ready, so did
    Rajesh, leaving
    just Ajit and Mr. Sinha who were still eating alone with Asha.
    Both the
    men openly eyed Asha as they ate. Asha , now became aware of
    their lustful
    gazes and realised that she had not buttoned her night gown and
    proceeded to do so, blushing in embarrassment. Ajit then was
    called by
    Anjali to come and sit in her room, clearly jealous about the
    her fiancé was paying Asha. Ajit reluctantly left after
    finishing the
    meal, but not before he had the opportunity to hug and thank
    Asha for the
    sumptuous breakfast. Mr. Sinha was still eating and asked for
    more. Asha
    got up to serve him. As she was standing next to him, serving
    food on his
    plate she felt his hand on her choot from underneath. Before she
    had time
    to react, Mr. Sinha had cupped her moist choot with his hand and
    deliberately pushed two fingers deep inside her choot. "
    unghhhhhh", a sigh
    escaped from her lips, startled by his actions. Mr. Sinha was
    pleased to
    see that his daughter-in-laws choot was wet and that she made no
    move to
    move away as he was now encircling her dana with his wet
    fingers and then
    again plunging them in her choot to make the fingers wet
    again. "uunngh
    oohhhh ssaassurjjiiiiii" she moaned softly, feeling horny and
    powerless to
    move in his presence. All Asha could think about was the
    massiveness of
    his lund as Mr. Sinha worked his fingers expertly , bringing
    louder moans
    she moaned
    louder, steadying herself against the table for support as her
    legs grew
    weak with the rush of her orgasm. But there was no stopping
    Mr. Sinha,
    he continued to expertly play with her dana and choot, enjoying
    pleasure of hearing this woman wail with passion under his
    control, not
    realising that the cook had heard Asha moan and was now
    standing in the
    door seeing what the old man was doing to his daughter-in-law.
    He also
    felt horny and wanted to have her again. Just then Rajesh
    called for Asha,
    wanting her to find a specific shirt of his. The sexual moment
    disrupted as Mr. Sinha withdrew his dripping fingers from
    Asha's choot.
    However as Asha moved to go, he stopped her and pulled her to
    his lap,
    making her almost naked bums feel the hardness of his throbbing
    lund. He
    then forced his wet fingers into her mouth, making her taste
    her own choot
    juices. Asha was wild in passion and she hungrily licked his
    fingers. She
    felt herself getting wetter and wetter , feeling the heat
    emanating from
    Mr. Sinha's huge lund. She started gurgling, licking his
    fingers dry and
    wiggling her naked bums, rubbing his hardness. Feeling her
    naked bums,
    rubbing his hardness, was too much for the old man, and he came
    in gusto
    within his pyjamas, due to the friction caused by Asha's
    gaand. Just
    then, Rajesh shouted again for Asha, this time much nearer the
    room, Asha immediately got off, leaving the moaning and still
    cumming Mr.
    Sinha to continue ejaculating in frustration, as she went
    towards her
    On entering the bedroom, she called out to Rajesh, "What is it
    she asked. His voice came from within the bathroom, asking her
    to come in.
    Asha was flustered and disappointed on leaving her father-in-
    law's lap. As
    soon as she entered, she was grabbed by her husband, who
    literally tore
    the nightgown off her and made her face the sink, then he
    parted her legs
    and pushed his throbbing lund into her well moistioned and wet
    choot from
    behind, pushing her back down as he began pounding her fuddi.
    Asha was
    startled by this action of her husband. He had never fucked her
    in the
    bathroom and never fucked her from behind. However, his lund
    was not
    stretching her well lubricated choot, as she hardly felt her
    husbands small
    lund moving inside her. Now Rajesh placed his hand on her back
    pressed her down hard against the cool marble slab of the
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    "AIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE DHIRE OHHHHHHH Rajeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dddddddD
    Asha at the
    top of her voice. Asha was feeling pain as her ample breasts
    were crushed
    against the marble, as Rajesh continued pressing her down hard.
    He even
    began to slam his lund hard into her choot, forcing her waist
    to hit the
    edges of the slab as his thighs pushed her against it with each

    UUUNNNNNGHHHHHHHH", she wailed loudly in pain. Her breasts were
    crushed and her waist receiving bruises from. l ejaculated
    deep inside
    her, slumping on the moaning and crying body of his wife.
    After some
    time, he got off her and saw that his wife was crying silently.
    He lifted
    her off the slab and supported her out of the bathroom into the
    Making her lie down on the bed, he went to have his bath. Asha
    softly as she felt her breasts for the bruises they had
    received from
    being pressed against the marble slab. There were red welts on
    her waist.
    She was crying in hurt by the brutal manner in which Rajesh
    had fucked
    Meanwhile, Mr. Sinha, hid the wetness of Asha's choot juices and
    his own
    cum on his pyjamas with a newspaper as he hurriedly went to
    have a bath.
    He saw on his way to the bathroom, that Ajit and Anjali were
    arguing about
    something. While having a bath, Mr. Sinha was very pleased with
    At long last he had succeeded in wearing down his daughter-in-
    law, and she
    was willing and ready to be fucked by him. How she had held on
    to his
    lund, the way she had grinded her bums on his lund, these
    were all signs
    of her wanting to be fucked by him. Yes, now finally, he would
    enjoy her
    body thoroughly and teach this hot woman a thing or two about
    Thoroughly pleased with himself, Mr. Sinha finished his bath
    and got ready
    to go with Rajesh to the office. He said his byes to Anjali,
    who was to
    leave this evening. He hugged her and detected the young girl
    wanting to
    hold on to him. He had thoroughly enjoyed fucking her, too bad
    she was
    going home today, but he would somehow fix a trip to
    Chandigarh in the
    near future, so as to fuck her again and again. Both Rajesh and
    he left
    for work together, leaving Anjali alone with Ajit.
    As Asha walked in the living room after having a bath, she saw
    and heard
    Ajit and Anjali arguing loudly. She smiled at the two lovers
    and asked, "
    Kya chal raha hai idhar?'.
    Ajit looked at Asha and said , " Bhabhi, ye sid kar rahi hai ki
    ajj mere
    saath wapas Chandigarh nahin jana chahati hai".
    Asha looked questioningly at Anjali and asked , "Kyon?".
    "I am not feeling well today, I don't want to go by car, I told
    him that I
    will come by the Shatabdi tomorrow, but this guy is going on
    replied Anjali, looking pleadingly at Asha to take her side.
    The truth of
    the matter was that her body had taken control of this young
    girl and she
    desperately wanted to enjoy one more night at least with the
    elder Mr.
    Sinha. This truth she kept to herself, giving an excuse of not
    well as the reason for not going today.
    Seeing that Asha was not saying anything to Anjali, Ajit looked
    at Asha
    and said, " Dekho Bhabhi, ye sirf sid kar rahi hai, kal ye
    akeli kaise aa
    ye gi".
    "Asha, please tell him I can come alone tomorrow, in fact I
    have already
    told my parents so also", said Anjali, pleading with Asha with
    her eyes.
    "Ajit, tum aaj jaao, usse ek din aur mere pass rahena do na,
    waise bhi
    agar abhi sai tum uski baat nahin manoge tau shaadi ke bad tau
    bilkul hi
    nahin manoge", said Asha.
    Anjali took this opportunity to further say, " Yes Ajit, listen
    to me and
    your bhabhi, and tomorrow I will come and Asha too can come
    with me, it
    will be a change for her to come and spend a few days in
    Asha was taken by surprise on this suggestion. Ajit also agreed
    that it
    would be fun to show Asha around and Chandigarh. He secretly
    desired to have
    an opportunity with her and thought of this as he readily
    agreed to
    Anjali's proposal.
    Seeing Asha looking a bit reluctant, Anjali said, " I will
    convince Rajesh
    bhaiya you don't worry, the issue is settled.
    Asha smiled at her and thought that going to Chandigarh would
    be a good
    idea too. Ajit then said that he needed to do some shopping and
    would Asha
    come with him and help him out, since Anjali was not feeling
    well. Anjali,
    immediately regretted her excuse, but could do nothing about it
    as Asha
    readily agreed to go with Ajit. Asha then went to change into
    more comfortable as it was going to be a very hot day. She was
    soon back
    and was pleased noticing the look Ajit was giving her. She had
    into a pair of white cotton trousers which accentuated her
    gaand and since the material was soft , it clearly showed
    her panties
    worn below. On top she had worn a sleeveless white cotton
    shirt, which
    again gave a very good view of her lacy brassiere in which her
    were staining to be freed. Ajit looked at her in awe:- here was
    a complete
    sexy and sophisticate woman, oooooh how much he wanted to bed
    her. Anjali
    too stared at Asha, also in awe of her and at the same time
    jealous of her
    sexy looks and utter poise. Asha waved a bye to Anjali and
    gestured with
    her finger for Ajit to follow her as they both left the room
    and went
    Sitting in the car with Asha driving, Ajit could feel his lund
    against his pants as he continued to gulp down the sexiness of
    the woman
    sitting next to him. As Asha drove, he watched her clean shaven
    fair arms and drank in the musky body odour. As her buttons of
    her shirt
    were closed, however, now and then as Asha changed gears, he
    could catch a
    glimpse of her lacy white bra , as the buttons were few and far
    Asha knew the effect she was having on this young man, she
    continued to
    enjoy his attention and tease him, by deliberately lifting her
    arms to
    tidy her hair, at the stoplight, thereby giving him a good side
    view of
    her straining bosoms.
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    Asha took him shopping to the big departmental stores in South
    Market, where Ajit bought clothes for himself and Asha visited
    the ladies
    cosmetic counter, not shopping herself, but just browsing. Ajit
    brushing deliberately against Asha, now and then holding her by
    her upper
    arm and guiding her, as they walked. Asha let him get his
    thrills that
    way, kept smiling and teasing him. Ajit, then asked her to take
    him to a
    lingerie store in Khan Market, since he wanted to buy something
    sexy for
    Anjali. Asha agreed as she too wanted to buy some sexy imported
    On reaching the store, they found the store to be empty of any
    customers. Ajit spoke to the sales girl giving Anjali's
    measurements. "My,
    my, not married as yet, already familiar with the sizes, you
    fellow", Asha said, teasing Ajit as he grew red with
    embarrassment. As
    the salesgirl showed the various designs in that size, Ajit
    took the
    opportunity to get closer and flirt with Asha. He kept asking
    her opinion
    for every item and at times brazenly placed the bra in front of
    her to see
    how it would look. Asha too enjoyed the flirtation and kept
    remarks such as, " that is too sexy", "in that Anjali's boobs
    will look
    bigger", "oh that, her breasts will be completely seen". This
    flirtation in front of the salesgirl, continued on as different
    were seen and discussed Ajit was by now freely touching Asha on
    the arm
    and at times holding her shoulders or deliberately letting his
    hands brush
    her bums, time and again. Asha felt and noticed all his so-
    called discreet
    endeavours, but did not stop him, but instead enjoyed his
    company. After picking up three pairs for Anjali, Ajit asked
    the salesgirl
    to show him a set of bra and panty, just like what Asha was
    wearing right
    now, but in a smaller size for Anjali. Asha was taken aback as
    pointed to her breasts, asking the salesgirl for the same type
    of bra. She
    blushed as the salesgirl wanted to see her bra more clearly and
    asked her
    to accompany her to the changing room. Ajit too went along,
    Asha only
    realised his presence when the salesgirl, matter-of-factly
    unbuttoning her shirt in front of Ajit. Asha then shooed Ajit
    away and
    closed the door of the changing room firmly. As the young
    unbuttoned her shirt and removed it, Asha saw a look of awe and
    in the young girls eyes as she took in her bra covered breasts
    with her
    eyes. Asha could feel herself getting wet with desire as the
    young girl
    continued to admire her breasts. The young salesgirl was also
    feeling hot
    and bothered, seeing this voluptuous woman in front of her. She
    the way her breasts were almost spilling out of her bra. She
    could feel
    her throat getting dry and her voice became husky and bold as
    she asked if
    she could remove the bra, in order to find a matching one. Asha
    knew that
    she did not have to remove her bra , instead the salesgirl
    could see the
    manufacturers name and style from the tag attached to the bra
    behind, but
    she too felt like showing this young girl her breasts in full.
    So she
    dumbly nodded for her to remove her bra, afraid of speaking,
    lest her
    sexual desire be betrayed by her voice. The young salesgirl was
    at seeing Asha nod her acceptance and knew that both of them
    were feeling
    horny at this very moment. She boldly took her arms in front of
    Asha and
    looking purposefully in her eyes, she let her hand wander
    touching Asha's
    shoulders, back and purposely fumbled with the bra strap,
    wanting this
    erotic moment to last longer. Asha saw the desire in the young
    girls eyes
    as she touched Asha ever so lightly and fumbled with her bra
    strap looking
    deeply into Asha's eyes. Asha let of a small sigh as her mouth
    parted and
    she licked her dry lips in sensuous pleasure. Finally, the
    young salesgirl
    opened her bra strap and Asha's heaving breasts sprang free.
    Seeing them
    in full glory was too much for the young salesgirl as she let
    out a small
    moan. Asha said huskily, " Do you like them". The young
    salesgirl kept
    looking at her breasts and moaned softly in reply, " Maam,
    uuuhh yyoou
    hhaavvee uunnh suuchh bbeaauutiiffull unnhh... uunnnhh", was
    all she
    could say, and began fondling Asha's heaving breasts. Asha too
    in pleasure as the young girl was deftly manipulating her
    breasts, softly
    at first and harder now. Her nipples were fully erect and
    longing to be
    kissed. However, the young girl kept teasing, massaging,
    kneading her
    breasts with her hands only. This was too much for Asha, she
    grabbed the
    young girls head and brought her mouth down to her nipples
    saying softly,
    " oohh pplleeasee llickk tthemmmmm ooh ppleeassee". This was
    all the
    encouragement that was needed by the young girl as she took
    Asha's nipples
    in her mouth and began sucking, licking, nibbling and biting
    them. "oohhh
    aaaahhhhhhhh oooohhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhh
    Asha moaned in pleasure. Asha's panties were thoroughly soaked
    by her choot
    juices now as this young girl massaged and mauled her breasts.
    there was a loud knocking on the door followed by Ajits's
    voice, " How
    long does it take to check the bra, hurry up now, what's going
    on". The
    young salesgirl froze on hearing Ajit's voice and pulled away
    from the
    moaning Asha. But Asha was too far gone now and needed release.
    Ajit's bantering, she quickly removed her pants and her soaking
    and pulled the younger girl towards her aching and wet choot.
    With all her
    strength she yanked the young girls head straight onto her wet
    whispering, " eat me ooooohh godd eat me
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee". The
    young sales girl was taken aback by Asha's actions and
    strength, and soon
    found herself taking in the musky odour emitted by Asha's choot
    as she
    happily began sucking, fucking, nibbling and licking her choot
    with her
    tongue. The two women were on the floor now, with Asha on her
    back with
    her legs bent and her hand massaging the young girls neck as
    she continued
    licking and eating her choot. The young salesgirl was an
    lesbian and loved working in this lingerie store, since it
    afforded so
    many opportunities. She was expertly sucking and fingering
    Asha's choot and
    brought her to an orgasm very fast. Asha yelled as she came,
    revelling at
    the fingering and sucking at the hands of the young girl. The
    salesgirl quickly put her hand to muffle Asha's orgasmic
    utterances, only
    to be bitten hard by Asha in the heat of the moment. As Asha
    reduced her
    wailings to small whimpers now, she realised that Ajit was
    knocking quite
    loudly and enquiring what was going on in there. Quickly the
    two women
    regained their composure and Asha dressed up and opened the
    door. On being
    asked what was all the yelling about, Asha calmly walked out
    towards the
    door, waving with her finger for Ajit to follow, saying with a
    "Would'nt you want to know!". It was left to the young
    salesgirl to
    explain that madam had slipped in the changing room and hurt
    herself. As
    Ajit, dumfoundedly followed Asha out of the shop, he noticed
    due to the
    bright sun-rays, he could see her bums clearly, no panties.
    Had'nt she
    worn them, had'nt he seen the pantylines thru her pants at
    home. He
    wondered. However, he could never imagine the scene which had
    taken place, even in his wildest of dreams. Yes, Asha had
    forgotten to
    wear her soaking itsy-bitsy panty on and had left them on the
    floor of the
    changing room. As Asha sat in the car, she thought of the
    choot-licker, the young salesgirl, she then excused herself as
    Ajit sat in
    the car and hurried back to the shop. On entering she quickly
    gave her
    name and phone number to the young salesgirl and asked her to
    call her,
    she then kissed her lightly on her lips, leaving the young girl
    full of
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    In the car, Ajit noticed Asha's face glowing. She seemed to be
    in a good
    mood. He decided to take his chances with her now. He
    tentatively got
    closer to her and put his arms around and her shoulders. Sensing no
    resistance, he grew bolder and began massaging her bare
    shoulders. Asha
    allowed him to carry on massaging her shoulders, while she was
    Ajit could not believe his luck. He felt his lund stiffening
    straining against his pants, excited by touching Asha's
    shoulders. Asha
    too noticed the bulge in his pants and looking at him ,
    moistened her lips
    slowly with her tongue, thus turning him on even more. Ajit
    then realised
    that Asha had stopped the car in an open empty area of the
    nearby park and
    was smiling at him. "You want to fuck me Ajit", she said
    softly, running
    her hand in his hair. Ajit could not believe his luck. Here was
    sophisticated sexy but haughty woman, asking if HE WOULD LIKE
    He lost his voice and could only mumble his assent by
    vigourously nodding
    his head open-mouthed. Asha's next action, totally astonished
    him. She had
    quickly unzipped his zipper and expertly brought his stiff
    lund out thru
    his underpants in the open. She then left his lund and smiled
    at him.
    Asha noticed that Ajit too had a small lund like her husband
    Rajesh. She
    then proceeded to open her shirt and give him a good view of
    her breasts.
    As she unhooked her bra and let her breasts spring free, she
    heard Ajit
    moaning. Looking at him, she saw that he had ejaculated on
    seeing her
    breasts. His cum was all over his shirt and pant as he moaned
    and muttered
    in orgasm. Soon his lund shrivelled up right before her eyes
    and he
    sheepishly put it firmly inside his underpants and zipped his
    zipper. Asha
    looked at him disappointed and told him, "Ajit you are a little
    boy still,
    you need to grow up". Hearing this Ajit reddened with
    embarrassment and
    looked towards the floor. Asha let her bra remain on her lap as
    buttoned her shirt and drove the car home. Ajit was silent in
    throughout the ride. He felt very humiliated at the hands of
    sophisticated bitch. One day he would show her, he vowed in his
    Since his clothes were all soiled with his cum, Asha told him
    to take an
    auto and go home and change. He sheepishly got out of the car,
    any eye contact with Asha, he heard her laughing at him as she
    drove off.
    On reaching home, Anjali asked about the whereabouts of Ajit.
    Asha told
    her that he had gone home and would be here in one hours time.
    Anjali then
    kept persisting Asha to come with her to Chandigarh tomorrow.
    On hearing
    her persistent pleadings, Asha relented, saying that she would
    come with
    her for a few days. In the evening as Rajesh and Mr. Sinha
    returned, there
    was still no sign of Ajit. Anjali finally called Ajit at his
    place and Ajit told her that he was leaving by car to
    Chandigarh today and
    he would see her tomorrow. The fact of the matter being that
    Ajit was too
    ashamed of his premature ejaculation, to be able to face Asha
    again. She
    had teased him and he felt very slighted.
    That evening, they all had an early dinner at home, since
    Anjali and Asha
    were to leave early in the morning. It was decided that Rajesh
    too would
    follow Asha to Chandigarh after a few days to visit for a day
    and then
    come back together. Mr. Sinha remained a silent spectator to
    these plans,
    wanting to be the one going to Chandigarh and picking Asha up.
    In his mind
    he decided that he would make his son stay back on some pretext
    or the
    other and go himself.
    The next morning Asha and Anjali left for Chandigarh by Shatabdi
    Express. All through the short journey of approx 3 hours, Anjali
    chose to sleep, leaving Asha bored for company. Little did Asha know
    that Anjali was exhausted, having been up the better part of the
    night, getting thoroughly fucked by Mr. Sinha. Anjali had really
    enjoyed her fuck session with Asha's father-in-law, her fiancé Ajit
    although younger was not even one-tenth as good at fucking as the old
    Mr. Sinha was. Asha let Anjali sleep, waking her up only when the
    train was nearing Chandigarh. Anjali awoke with a start and on seeing
    Asha gave her a sheepish smile as she began tidying her hair and
    gathering her things inorder to leave the train. At the station, they
    were met by Anjali's parents and soon they were brought to Anjali's
    spacious bungalow in Chandigarh.

    After lunch, Anjali and Asha kept talking with her parents. They all
    discussed Anjali's wedding plans and all the work that was done so
    far and what all needed to be done before the wedding date, still
    three months away. All through the talk, Asha noticed that Anjali did
    not look too excited by all this talk. Soon it was evening and both
    the girls had a bath and got dressed as Ajit was to come and take
    them out for the evening. Seeing Asha wearing a tight t-shirt,
    making her breasts thrust out proudly, Anjali felt a twinge of
    jealousy. "Oh God, why are my breasts so small", she thought to
    herself. Even Ajit took a good look at the proud breasts of Asha
    straining to get out of her t-shirt, as he greeted her. Together the
    three of them went in Ajit's car to show the sights of Chandigarh to
    Asha. Ajit drove all over the small town, constantly eyeing Asha thru
    the rear view mirror, to see her breasts jiggle as he drove over
    bumpy roads or braked suddenly, in the pretext of describing the
    various city sights to her. Finally they reached the local club,
    where Asha was introduced to a number of Anjali's friends. They sat
    by the pool side, sipping iced-tea, watching other people swim. Both
    Anjali and Asha were aware of the drooling looks Ajit was paying
    Asha's breasts. Ajit was now asking the girls to swim with him, Asha
    said no as she had not brought a costume, while Anjali agreed as her
    costume was in the club locker. Ajit looked disappointed at Asha's
    negative reply and reluctantly went with Anjali to change for a swim.
    Asha continued to sit alone and watch other people in the pool. As
    Ajit and Anjali walked to the pool hand in hand after having changed
    into their costumes, Asha could not help but admire Ajit's physic. He
    was a tall broad shouldered and muscular guy, however he did not seem
    to fill his swimming trunk that well. Asha having observed his
    smallish lund, much like her husbands, could not understand that how
    such a well-built, tall and muscular guy could have such a small and
    wimpish lund. Although Asha was attracted to Ajit's physic, the
    sight of his small lund had put her off.
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    As the evening grew on, Asha was getting bored sitting all by
    herself, watching Anjali, Ajit and other people having fun in the
    pool, and regretted not getting her costume from Delhi. She watched
    as Anjali and Ajit frolicked in the pool, with Ajit openly fondling
    his fiancé , making Asha feel the need of a man herself. Soon they
    came out of the pool and having got dressed, they accompanied Asha
    out of the club to head for a friend's house where there was a party.
    Here at the party, Asha was introduced to a few friends of Ajit and
    Anjali. Booze was flowing freely and a lot of couples were dancing to
    the upbeat music. At first Ajit and Anjali sat down with Asha and
    Ajit brought some beer for all of them. Asha although reluctant at
    first, gladly accepted the beer, feeling thirsty and not wanting to
    look a prude amongst this hep young crowd. Soon Ajit had dragged
    Anjali to the dance floor and Asha was left alone sipping and gulping
    her beer, watching these young hot bodies gyrate on the dance floor.
    Asha soon finished her beer and then sauntered across to the bar to
    get a refill, which too, she consumed fast and got up unsteadily for
    another. Her mind was buzzing as she was on her third glass of beer,
    all alone, feeling lonely and very very horny. She desperately needed
    to pee and walked unsteadily in the house seeking a bathroom. She
    entered one empty bedroom and found the bathroom. As she opened the
    door, she gasped and became wide-eyed. She saw a big bearded guying
    peeing profusely. What shocked her was the size of his limp lund. It
    was so so thick and big, that she gasped at its sheer size as her
    eyes locked on to the monster and she felt unable to look away.
    Moments passed as she was mesmerized by the size of the lund and
    stood there looking unabashedly as the guy continued to pee and pee.
    It was only when he shook his lund to remove the last few droplets
    of piss, did Asha realize her standing and looking that she
    immediately said I'm sorry and closed the bathroom door. The guy soon
    walked out of the bathroom, giving her a broad smile as Asha all red
    and flustered went into the bathroom, locking it behind her to
    relieve herself. As she sat and pissed, her mind buzzed with the
    image of that monster of a lund. She felt her choot juices flowing and
    her breath coming in short gasps, sweat breaking on her brow as she
    thought of that lund. She got up and poured cold water on her face
    to steady and calm her hormones which were moving wildly , churning
    her fuddi juices with desire. After steadying herself, she walked
    back to the party.

    Asha saw that Ajit and Anjali were now sitting down sipping theie
    beer. She joined them. Ajit had his hands all over Anjali, openly
    fondling Anjali's body in front of Asha. Asha felt flustered and
    embarrassed at this open display of emotion, still she continued to
    sit there along with them. Ajit was openly smooching Anjali in Asha's
    presence. Asha was sitting next to Anjali, whose back was turned
    towards her as she was being tongue-kissed by her fiancé Ajit. Asha
    was feeling embarrassed and at the same time horny sitting beside
    them. At times she stole glances towards them and saw Ajit looking
    directly into her eyes as he continued smooching Anjali. His hands
    were all over Anjali's hair, neck and back, fondling and petting her.
    As Asha looked away towards the dance floor, she saw other couples
    indulging in heavy petting. Now Anjali was beginning to moan loudly
    as Ajit was turning her on with his hot wet kisses. His hands were
    feeling up her breasts from outside her t-shirt and soon he had
    managed to put his hands inside Anjali's t-shirt and was freely
    feeling her braless breasts to the hilt. Asha cou;d feel her own
    choot juices flowing and soaking her panties as Anjali continued to
    wriggle and moan next to her. Asha was now unabashedly looking at
    them and stared with lusty glazed eyes, directly back at Ajit as he
    looked at her. Ajit saw the glazed look in Asha's eyes, he also saw
    her lips parted as she continued to stare right back at him. "So this
    sophisticated woman is now feeling horny", he thought to himself,
    feeling elated at seeing this, especially after she had made him
    appear foolish and like a small boy just a few days ago in her car in
    Delhi. He now had the opportunity to take her into one of the
    bedrooms in this house and fuck her to his hearts content, if only he
    could get rid of Anjali for a few hours in this party. Just then he
    saw Asha look way from him and gasp. He too stopped kissing Anjali
    and turned back to look at Asha's distraction. He saw his friend
    Kishore approaching them along with his girl Anju. Asha was taken
    aback by seeing the same guy with that thick baton like lund coming
    towards her. This was the same guy she had seen peeing in the toilet.
    She noticed him coming towards her with a smirk on his face, and as
    he neared, Asha felt her choot-lips throb and strain against her
    thoroughly soaked panties. Her lips were parted and her mouth dry as
    she took in her breath in short gasps, looking at the guy and imaging
    that huge lund in her mind. But instead of approaching her, this
    fellow was soon shaking hands with Ajit and talking to him and
    Anjali. In fact, it was now that Asha noticed the girl alongwith him,
    as she too was busy in smiling and greeting both Ajit and Anjali.
    Soon all their gazes feel on her as Ajit introduced Asha as his
    bhabhi to Kishore and Anju. He introduced Kishore and Anju to Asha as
    his friends and the host of this party. As Kishore firmly took Asha's
    hand into his own to shake it and saying hello, welcome to my house,
    Asha felt a hot current in her already throbbing choot-lips. She could
    feel the strength of this big man from his firm grip, and her mind
    kept flashing the images of his thick lund, taking her to the verge
    of an orgasm, just thinking about his lund, while he continued to
    hold her hand firmly and talk to her, introducing his girl-friend
    Anju to her. Asha was hardly aware of Anju, or for that matter ,
    hardly aware of Ajit and Anjali too, her hormones were reacting
    wildly just thinking of this man's lund. She was unable to speak and
    just nodded dumbly, her body burning with desire and her mind just
    not able to take control. It was only later that her mind began to
    function and she quickly withdrew the hand he was still holding. She
    was introduced to Anju and she now noticed her to be quite a sexy
    woman. Big busted, just like herself, tall and slender. A pang of
    jealousy ran through Asha as she took notice of Anju, smiling at her
    and holding on to her boyfriend Kishore. Soon all of them were
    engrossed in discussing a mutual friend and Asha felt very left out.
    Ajit noticed this and sensing an opportunity here, asked Asha for a
    dance, as Anjali was busy gossiping earnestly with Kishore and Anju.
    Before Asha could react, Ajit had pulled her up and was leading her
    to the floor, were other couples were gyrating frenzily to the
    latest Punjabi Pop songs.

    Ajit, making most of the opportunity, had taken Asha to the other end
    of the dance floor, so that they could not be seen by Anjali and
    began to dance. He then motioned to the DJ to play some slow numbers
    and immediately hugged Asha, boldy, as the slow number started. He
    had his hands roaming all over her body, her hips, her bums and her
    back as he had her in a clench swaying slowly to the music. Asha's
    face was buried on his open-shirted chest and her nostrils were
    taking in the masculine odor that emanated from him. Asha was very
    much aware of Ajit fondling her, she too was feeling horny, thus
    allowing him to feel her up to his hearts content. She could feel the
    hardness of his small lund against her stomach, as he continued
    fondling her. Ajit's face was now buried in her hair as he continued
    to sway with the music.

    "Oh bhabhi, I really want you, you are so very sexy", he whispered to
    her, holding her tightly and reveling in the feeling of her big
    breasts mashed against his body. Asha felt stunned hearing this, not
    because it came as a surprise, but the very fact that this fellow had
    got the courage to openly state his desire to her.

    Asha kept quiet as Ajit continued on, "Oh bhabi, please give me a
    chance to be alone with you, I want to show you my love for you".

    Asha thought, " Show me his love, what, his small lund, he must be

    Ajit carried on regardless, "Please will you meet me alone tomorrow
    afternoon, please Asha bhabi, will you,bhabi please".

    Asha laughed in her mind at this wimp's predicament and as an answer
    to his pleadings, began to massage and rake his back, pressing his
    body closer to her.

    Ajit was in seventh heaven, seeing this response from her. "Oh thank
    you bhabhi, I always knew that you wanted me too, we shall meet for
    lunch tomorrow alone, I will call you on the phone and fix up, my
    darling bhabhi, I will shower you with my love", said Ajit feeling
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    By now Asha was feeling his bums and enjoying the tightness of his
    gaand. Asha decided to tease him some more and soon had her hand
    opening his pant zipper.

    "Bhabbiiiiiiiiiii oh my ggawdd, idhar naghhiiiiiiiiiii", moaned Ajit,
    totally taken aback by her aggressive actions. Asha by now had her
    hands inside his pants and fervently finding an opening in his
    underpants to reach his hard bursting lund. No sooner had she
    managed to grip his small lund in her hands, Ajit ejaculated,
    moaning and holding and jumping up and down with her.

    Asha wiped his cum from her hands onto his pants and zipped his pants
    up before speaking to him, "Ajit darling, you must be patient, or
    else how will you be able to show me your love", smiling she withdrew
    away from him and proceeded on her own towards her cousin Anjali,
    leaving Ajit still whimpering and bewildered.

    There she found Anjali and Anju in an animated discussion, but that
    dishy guy Kishore was not with them. Disappointed, Asha sat down and
    smiled vacantly at the two women. Anjali turned around and, aware of
    Asha's presence and asked her where was Ajit. Asha answered that he
    had to go to the toilet and giggled. Anjali looked perplexed, not
    knowing what Asha was giggling about. Just then Ajit came towards
    them looking sheepish and told Anjali lets go. Anju intervened by
    saying that they must have dinner before going and that she would not
    let them leave without dinner. Saying this she caught hold of
    Anjali's hand and they all followed her to the garden, where dinner
    was laid and some people were already eating. As they were having
    their meal, Kishore joined them. He started talking about going up
    to Timber trail for two nights, the day after tomorrow and asked Ajit
    and Anjali to join him and Anju. Anjali hesitated and said that her
    cousin Asha was here for the first time and she could not possibly
    leave her alone. Ajit then interjected by saying that bhabi too can
    come with us. Asha said that she would ask her husband Rajesh to come
    a day earlier so that they could all go together. So that settles it,
    I will book 3 rooms, said Kishore. After dinner, Ajit drove Asha and
    Anjali back to Anjali's house.

    Asha was sharing the bedroom with Anjali, and both the women soon had
    changed into their nighties and were busy brushing their hair and
    discussing the nights' party. Asha was very inquisitive to know more
    about Kishore and was asking Anjali about him and Anju. Anjali told
    her that Kishore was the local politician's son and was recently
    engaged to Anju, who was the richest businessman in Chandigarh's
    daughter. She knew very little about him, but knew Anju well, since
    she had been her classmate in college. In fact they had got engaged
    yesterday itself said Anjali.

    Hearing this Asha giggled and said, "So they haven't fucked as yet".

    Anjali was a bit startled by Asha's question and replied, "You horny
    female, you, why I was just asking Anju that very thing, when you
    came and sat down".

    "What did she say tell me", said Asha.

    "You are right, they haven't gone to bed as yet, although Kishore is
    very much after her, she has told him to wait till the wedding
    night", said Anjali.

    Now she looked at Asha and said, "You are feeling horny, missing your
    hubby already", saying this she cupped Asha's face and kissed her on
    the lips.

    Soon the two women were busy tongue kissing each other and had each
    others saliva all over their faces. Anjali was right, Asha was very
    horny. She was horny for a lund, no a big lund, after all it had
    been days since she had been properly fucked. Her husbands fucking
    was too wimpish and she longed for a powerful lund, thrusting deeeep
    inside her and stretching her choot. And tonight after seeing
    Kishore's lund, her need had changed to a desperate want. Oh God,
    she was desperate in need of a thorough fucking. Last she remembered
    having a good fuck was with Riaz, and that was a long time ago, too
    too long ago. All these thoughts were making her choot juices flow as
    she was being kissed and licked all over her face and cheeks by
    Anjali. Asha then began to tug at Anjali's nightie, wanting to take
    control and taste her choot. As she removed Anjali's nightie, Asha
    noticed slightly reddish marks all over Anjali's breasts and her
    stomach. Also these marks were more noticeable around and her armpits and
    Anjali's inner thighs. Asha immediately recognized them as love
    marks, hickies, caused by too much sucking and nibbling.

    She could'nt help remarking, " Anjali, I did'nt know that Ajit was
    such a passionate lover".

    Anjali hesitated at first then replied, " No , not Ajit".

    "Then WHO", said Asha.

    Anjali again hesitated and then mumbled softly, "Your sasur".

    Asha became totally wide-eyed on hearing Anjali's remarks. "WHAT my
    SASURJI", she said in astonishment.

    "You remember didi, how we saw him fucking the maid that night, didi,
    he was fucking her so powerfully.. I just wanted to feel that big
    lund inside me..unnnhhh.. so.. Uunnnhhh.. I let him fuck me the next
    night..uunnnnhh. didi.uummm. I'm sorry if I am upsetting you.", said
    Anjali softly, feeling her choot juices begin to flow and wet her
    panty as she vividly recollected their fucking.

    "Youu. uummmm.. lleyt himm unnnhh ffuuckkk yyoouuu", replied Asha
    huskily, her own voice trembling with desire.

    "oh didi, he was so strong.. Ummm. his lund was a khamba. didi.oh
    didi.. was so wonderful being fucked and fucked by him.
    uuummmm.uunnhhhh", replied Anjali, now opening up without any fear,
    sensing that Asha was getting turned on by her talking about her

    She now deftly removed Asha's nightie and took control, by sucking
    and nibbling those gorgeously heavy and perfect breasts of Asha. As
    Anjali put her hand to remove Asha's panties, she realized that they
    were soaking wet.

    She now began to recount the details of her fucking for three whole
    nights with Asha's sasur as she continued to lick, nibble and bite
    Asha all over into orgasm after orgasm as she continued telling Asha
    what a powerful fucker Asha's sasur was. She told her how she loved
    her sasur's big lund and how he had stretched her young choot, giving
    her pleasure that she had never experienced before. Asha was like a
    putty in her hands. Asha moaned and moaned as Anjali continued to
    talk and play with her body. Finally, Anjali herself wanted to be
    eaten by Asha and lay on her back, pulling Asha's face to her swollen
    and dripping choot. As Asha ate her choot, she kept on and on talking
    about Asha's sasur's lund. This excited Asha no end and she
    enthusiasictly attacked Anjali's choot, bringing her to orgasm after
    orgasm. Finally, both the women were too weak with exhaustion, having
    cum so many times, they curled against each others naked and sweaty
    bodies and slept soundly, naked but content.

    In the morning, Anjali remarked that she was surprised at how such a
    virile man as Asha's sasur had not fucked Asha as yet. This remark
    set off the two women into another frenzied bout of eating each
    others choots and helping each other to another series of orgasms.

    While fingering Asha's choot, Anjali asked, "Kya tere sasur ne tujhe
    ab tak apne mote lund se chooda nahin hai". Asha wailed her reply as
    she was nearing an orgasm, "..uummmm.nnaahhiinnnnnn .uuuufffffff

    Anjali had three fingers furiously pumping Asha's choot now.

    She asked, " Kya tu chati hai ki who apne khambe jaise lund se tijhe

    Hearing this and thinking about her sasur Asha lost her inhibition
    and told Anjali that she loved big lunds and would definitely seduce
    her sasur on getting back to
    Delhi. "Hainnnnn ..uuuuuffffff .hhhaaiinn mmujjhhe uunkkkaa
    kkhhammbaa cchaihhiiyee ..ooooooooooooooooooooooooo", she wailed as
    she orgasmed, and both the women writhed in each others arms in sheer

    As the two women finally got dressed and were having a hearty
    breakfast, the phone rang. It was Ajit on the line. He knew that
    Anjali was busy that day in getting all her wedding clothes from the
    tailors and asked Anjali, if he could take Asha bhabi out for lunch,
    so that she would not be bored all by herself. Not suspecting
    anything, Anjali readily agreed and handed the phone to Asha. Hearing
    Asha's voice on the other end, Ajit said, "Oh my darling, I want you,
    I want to kiss you, I want to love you, my darling, you promised, I
    will pick you up at 1.30 pm, I can't wait to love you..". Asha
    smiled into the receiver at all this and just said I'll be ready and
    clicked the phone.
  9. Commodore

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    Sep 22, 2014
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    Asha was still smiling to herself as she put the receiver down after
    talking with Ajit. She desperately wanted to have a man to fuck. Even
    though she knew that Ajit was not well endowed and had a small lund,
    the thought of a naked frolic in the afternoon with him sent a
    tingling sensation all along her fuddi. It had been a really long
    time since she had enjoyed herself with a man. Her thoughts of her
    last enjoyable encounter with Riaz were broken as Anjali asked her. "
    Are'nt you calling Rajesh, asking him to come, so that we can all go
    to the hills tomorrow". Asha nodded and began to dial her husband in
    Delhi. Just as she got the connection, Anjali took the phone from her
    saying that she wanted to speak first.

    Anjali wanted the phone to be picked up by the elder Mr. Sinha, and
    indeed he answered the phone.

    "hello, kaun", he said into the receiver.

    "Hello, .... Uncle... main anjali bol rahin hoon".

    "uh... Anjali beti, bolo kaisi ho... main tumhe yaad aah raha hoon".

    "...hain mujhe app bahut yaad aah raho ho".

    Asha was surprised at Anjali's behaviour as she understood that she
    was speaking to her father-in-law.

    "Mujhe bhi tu bahut yaad aah rahi hai, kab aaye gi tu delhi phir sai,
    mera lund tujhe chodne ko tadap raha hai".

    "...uummm ... mujhe bhi bahut tadpan ho rahoi hai... aur asha didi ko bhi...,
    maime usko sab bata diya hai, kaise aapke khambe jaise lund ne mujhe
    chod chodkar mazza diya..".

    On hearing this Asha felt scared as well as excited, this young girl
    was talking so freely and dirtily with her father-in-law.

    "Aree Anjali beti, usse samjhao, main tau usse choodne ke liye bahut
    tadap raha hoon".

    lo usse baat karound", Anjali giggled and handed the receiver to Asha
    saying, " le apne sasur se baat kar".

    Asha felt humiliated, but at the same time excited as she took the
    receiver from Anjali and said "Hello" in a trembling voice to her

    "Asha beti, bus ab mere lund ko aur mat tadapa, main tujhe bahut
    mazza deoonga, bus ab nahe raha jata, mujhe tuhje ragad ragad ke
    chodna hai".

    "uunnhh hhain sasurji", was all Asha could reply, scared and excited
    talking to her father-in-law.

    "Areee kucchh to bolo, Sharma ti kyon hai, kya tujhme tadap nahin

    "umm sasurji....ummm..mujhe bhi apke khambe jaise lund apni tadapti
    choot main gussana hai..ummmm..par sasurji koi mauka hi nahin milta",
    replied Asha, now fully loosing her inhibitions and talking dirtily
    with her father-in-law. Anjali was pressing her lips on Asha's cheeks
    as she giggled and kissed her, also excited by all this.

    "Asha beti, bus ab tu jaldi wapas aaja, main tujhe kisse hotel main
    lekar, itvinaan se choodunga".

    Hearing this, Asha let out a moan of excitement, Anjali too had heard
    Mr. Sinha, she quickly grabbed the receiver and said, " Aur mujhe
    sasurjiii, mujhe bhi choodna, asha didi ke saath saath".

    "Arre hain beti hain, tum dono ko main mazza duunga".

    Both the women felt flushed and excited and closed the call, not
    realizing that they had not spoken to Rajesh. On realizing this, they
    both laughed in embarrassment and Anjali dialed Delhi again. Again
    the phone was picked up by her father-in-law.

    "Hello, Sasurji, jara phone Rajesh ko dena please".

    "Hain beti Asha , mujhe batao kya baat hai, Rajesh ghar pe nahi hai
    abhi". Asha tols him that she wanted Rajesh to come either tonight or
    early morning tomorrow, since they had made a program to go to Timber-
    Trail for two nights.

    "Arre Asha beti, yahi tau mauka hai, main aa jataa hoon, tum dono ke
    saath pahadoon main masti karne mai bahut mazza aayega".

    "Nahin Sasurji, wahain tau hamare saath aur bhi log aa rahe hain,
    please Rajesh hi ko bahej dijiye, main upne pyass aapke saath Delhi
    he mein aa kar bujaoongi".

    Anjali grabbed the phone from Asha and said, " Hain aap hi aayeye,
    bahut mazza aayega, please aap kal aajayiye, main Ajit ko koi bahana
    de dungi, please aap aaiye, main idhar aapke liye tadap rahin hoon".

    The old man Mr. Sinha felt thrilled at the manner in which this young
    girl wanted to be fucked by him. However, reality prevailed and he
    knew that such an arrangement would be too dangerous. He hung up the
    phone after talking to his daughter-in-law Asha, saying that he would
    send Rajesh and he would teach her a few things about sexual pleasure
    on her return to Delhi.

    After the phone conversation, Asha admonished Anjali saying, "How can
    you act in such a wanton manner with my father-in-law".

    Anjali replied, "Who tujhe apne mote lund se choodhe ga tau tu bhi
    uske lund ki diwani ho jayegi". Saying this Anjali was about to say
    more, but stopped on being called by her parents to hurry as they
    were getting late. So Asha was all alone now, feeling quite horny
    after talking to her father-in-law and on hearing about his sexual
    prowess from Anjali. She went in for a bath, getting ready to go for
    lunch with Ajit. Although she was excited to go out with Ajit,
    however picturing his smallish thin lund, she knew that Ajit was not
    man enough to satisfy her. On the other hand she thought, I have not
    been fucked for a long long time, and he does have a muscular body.
    With these thoughts she got dressed and awaited Ajit's arrival with
    sexual anticipation. Asha took a lot of care in her appearance. She
    wanted to tease Ajit to the hilt. She had washed and blow dried her
    hair, and while still naked, sprayed perfume all over her naked body.
    Next she chose to wear a lacy white bra, her lightish brown stubby
    nipples and aereolas could clearly be seen. Next she wore a white
    thin-cotton sleeveless shirt, leaving the top two buttons undone
    purposely, so as to show her ample cleavage and a hint of her bra.
    She then wore a pair of again thin cotton trousers, without wearing
    any panties. She let her shirt fall over the trousers, at times her
    naked waist could be seen, when she raised her arms, as the shirt was
    short. The trousers were well fitting and accentuated her firm and
    large bums. When Asha looked at herself in the mirror, she felt
    pleased with her looks. She then sat in the living room, awaiting

    As the front doorbell rang, Asha got up and went to open the door,
    expecting Ajit. But Lo Behold!, it was not Ajit, but the girl she had
    met last night Anju. Anju too was surprised seeing Asha, for she had
    expected Anjali or somebody from her family to open the door. Asha
    invited Anju in, looking a bit perplexed. As the two women sat down,
    Anju explained that she had come to give mithai and her wedding card
    to Anjali and her parents. Her wedding was fixed for next month and
    being Anjali's close friend and living close by, she had thought it
    appropriate to begin by handing Anjali the first card. Asha called
    out to the servant to get some cold drinks as the two women appraised
    each other and continued talking. Asha saw that Anju was indeed a
    beauty, big bust, small waist and ripe gaand, wide hips, on the
    whole a very voluptuous and sexy woman. Anju too was in awe of Asha's
    looks, as she too took in her appearance. The two women chatted about
    Anjali for some time and then Asha told her that Anjali was out with
    her parents and would be back in the evening only. Hearing this, Anju
    asked that would Asha like to join her for lunch, she was sure that
    her fiancé Kishore would not mind. Asha hesitated and told her that
    Ajit was taking her out for lunch. However, Anju, would not take no
    for an answer and insisted that they all four dine together, after
    all Anjali"s cousin was like her cousin too. Asha agreed, intrigued
    by the idea of seeing Kishore again. Asha noted down Kishore's cell
    number and told Anju that when Ajit came to pick her up, she would
    ask him to call Kishore and then meet up with them for lunch. Anju
    then left, leaving Asha waiting for Ajit, but thinking about Kishore
    and his big lund.

    Just thinking about his huge lund, huge by any standards even while
    pissing, made Asha's choot juices flow as she daydreamed. When Ajit
    finally came , he saw Asha looking very sexy. Her cheeks too were
    flushed thinking amorous thoughts about Kishore. Ajit complimented
    Asha on her looks as he took in her body with his eyes. He could
    clearly see her bra thru the thin material of her shirt and was
    really turned on by their fullness. He was so happy in getting an
    opportunity of fucking this sophisticated and sexy woman today.
    However, his happiness was short-lived, when Asha informed him to
    call Kishore on his mobile and ask him where to meet for lunch. He
    looked extremely crestfallen as he tried his best to dissuade Asha
    from joining Kishore and Anju for lunch. Seeing that Asha was too
    eager to join up with them, he tried for the last time saying that he
    wanted to talk with her and talk alone with her. Asha brushed aside
    this excuse by saying talk, I'm listening and then we'll go. Ajit
    mumbled saying we'll talk in the car and so off they went. As Ajit
    drove, he kept quiet, prompting Asha to ask, "You wanted to talk
  10. Commodore

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    Ajit looked at her and then at the road ahead and kept driving
    silently. He was feeling miserable at seeing another wasted

    Asha too began feeling uncomfortable with Ajit's silence. Finally
    unable to take this behaviour from him anymore, she asked Ajit to
    park the car in a shady by lane so that he could talk. Ajit looked
    around and and soon found a deserted by lane and parked the car under the
    shade of a tree.

    Ajit then looked at this sexy woman sitting next to him and with a
    deep breath began to speak falteringly and nervously. "
    you.. are.. vvery beautiful...".

    Asha smiled at him. This encouraged him to go on.

    "Bhabhi, I wanted for us to be alone today to speak to you"

    Asha smiled and replied, " Ajit, can't you see we ARE all alone here,
    tell me what you want to say".

    Ajit grew a bit bolder and said, " You are so beautiful, you look
    like that new heroine Bipasha Basu".

    "Kya main kalli billi lagti hoon tumhein", said Asha in mock anger.

    "No, no absolutely not, you are very fair, I meant you are sexy
    looking from the face like Bipasha Basu", said Ajit hurriedly.

    "Just sexy looking from the face only", said Asha, again in mock

    "No, no, not just the face, bhabhi, you have a sexy body", blurted
    Ajit, excited and embarrassed at the same time.

    Asha smiled at him and said, "Ajit, thank you, but don't you think
    that I am too old and fat".

    "no bhabhi, you are very beautiful, your face is soo sexy and your
    figure is very sexy too".
    Ajit continued, " Seeing you makes me very uncomfortable". He said
    this now looking directly and openly at Asha's breasts.

    "Why Ajit", said Asha, aware of how intently he was staring at her

    Ajit grew bolder and blurted out, " Looking at you gives me a hard-

    Now it was Asha's turn to blush and feel nervous as her gaze settled
    on Ajit's bulging crotch.
    She said, "Ajit you really find me so sexy".

    Seeing Asha gazing at his crotch, Ajit grew bolder and to seize the
    opportunity said, " Yes bhabhi, you are damn sexy", now he opened his
    zipper swiftly and brought out his throbbing lund in the open, "
    See, how much I get uncomfortable".

    Asha gazed at his small and thinnishly throbbing lund. She was
    reminded of her husband's small lund.

    Seeing her looking at his lund, Ajit blurted , " Please suck it, I
    want to see your sexy mouth sucking my lund", saying this the
    attempted to bring Asha closer to him, by pulling her shoulder.

    Asha resisted, but Ajit persisted. Seeing the hopelessness of the
    situation, Asha gave a tight slap on Ajit's face, finally forcing him
    to stop pulling her.

    She saw the hurt expression on his face as realization of his ardour
    not being reciprocated hit him. His throbbing lund, now grew even

    Seeing the hurt expression on his face and his dwindling hard-on,
    Asha said in anger, " Ajit behave yourself, you call me bhabhi, yet
    you expose your lund in front of me, you are engaged to my cousin
    and you are forgetting that I am a married woman. Just because I did
    not slap you earlier, you are getting out of control, behave

    Ajit was stunned hearing this. All his desires for this woman were
    washed down the tube. He felt tears welling in his eyes as he felt
    her anger at his behaviour. He now pleaded with her, " please bhabhi...
    I am very sorry.... Please bhabhi....".

    Hearing his apologies, Asha's anger dissipated and she felt sorry
    seeing this big man cry. She came closer to him and wiped his tears
    from his cheeks and said, "Forget it Ajit, I am sorry too, some of my
    actions last night were also not proper, lets forget it , ok,

    Ajit saw her hand out to shake his, but could not control his
    crying. He wept openly and said, " I am really sorry bhabhi, I just
    could'nt help it, you are so sexy, your breasts are so full and look
    so ripe and fair, your mouth is so sexy, your big arse is so firm and
    protruding, I just can't control myself, looking at you, being near
    to you......".

    Asha was now caressing Ajit's face as she comforted the man as she
    would comfort a child. Ajit was sobbing and going on and on
    describing her beauty, he now brought his head down to her neck and
    began to rub his face on her blouse, feeling the fullness and
    firmness of her breasts. Asha tried to push his head away, but Ajit
    kept nuzzling her.

    "Pleeease bhabhi, pleasee can I see your breasts, please just once, I
    promise I will only look, plleassee I am desperate to see your big
    breasts plleeasee....." he carried on and on.

    Asha noticed that one lad was cycling around and their car, observing
    what was happening inside. She again slapped Ajit, this time much
    much harder, and he finally let go of her and sat rubbing his cheek.

    "Ajit, you leech, stop it, I will tell Anjali", said Asha angrily now.

    Seeing and sensing that this sophisticated bitch would not allow him
    any liberties, Ajit felt hurt and impotent. He quietly started the
    car and drove to their luncheon meet with Kishore and Anju, in total
    silence and without looking in Asha's direction. He was feeling very
    humiliated and angry. Angry at Asha for having spurned him. He was so
    very turned on by her beauty and she had spurned him, "such a bitch",
    he thought to himself. Asha too was feeling angry and humiliated.
    This fellow Ajit had no class, "imagine exposing his lund to her in
    such a crude manner", she thought to herself. She had agreed to go
    out with him knowing fully well how much he wanted to fuck her, in
    her mind she was willing to try him out in bed, but his crude
    behaviour had totally put her off. Both of them continued the short
    journey to the restaurant in silence, feeling angry at each other.
    When Ajit parked the car and got out, he did not offer to open the
    door for Asha, but just stood silently, making her get out of the car
    herself. Asha looked at him on getting out of the car, but Ajit,
    quickly averted his eyes and looked towards the ground and started
    walking into the restaurant, leaving Asha to walk alone behind him.

    On entering the restaurant, Asha saw Kishore and Anju waving
    animatedly at them, signaling them to join up. Kishore got up from
    his seat and greeted Asha with a light peck on her cheek. Seeing him
    again, made Asha blush , as she remembered yesterday's bathroom
    incident. She sat next to Ajit opposite Kishore and Anju. Kishore
    quickly signaled the waiter to get more beer and brushed aside
    Asha's protests as he handed her a glass of beer and said "Cheers".

    Kishore then asked Asha if her husband was going to be accompanying
    her to visit Timber-Trail tomorrow. Asha replied, " I don't know, I
    don't think so".

    Kishore then told them that the program had to be cancelled as he was
    unable to secure a booking and that Anju too was busy distributing
    cards, "maybe when you come next bhabhi", he said to Asha. Asha
    looked disappointed, but smiled at Kishore and said, "No problem, on
    my next trip then".

    As they continued chatting about Kishore and Anju's impending
    marriage, Ajit and Asha did not speak directly to each other, but
    continued to sip their beer. Anju was very excited about the marriage
    and continued talking and drinking beer quite animatedly. All four
    were drinking and ordering lunch was almost forgotten. Asha having
    drunk so much beer had an urgent need to pee. As she got up to go to
    the toilet, Anju accompanied her and the two men were alone at the

    Kishore nudged Ajit and with a knowing smile said, " tere tau maze
    hain Ajit, apni bhabhi ko ghumaa raha hai, kuch kiya ke nahi, who tau
    bahut he sexy cheez hai, kal raat tau tu uspe bahut haath pher raha
    tha, dance karte karte, bataa naa".

    Ajit looked at Kishore and replied, " You are totally wrong my
    friend, she is not that type, she is a faithful woman, she does not
    fool around and with other guys".
    Kishore looked at him amazed, " You are bullshitting me, you just
    don't want to tell".

    "Aree no yaar, I tried, but she slapped me, saying she does not fool
    around and and telling me to behave myself", said Ajit sheepishly.

    Kishore on hearing this began to laugh loudly. Ajit felt very small
    and also felt angry at Kishore. He told Kishore, " All women are not
    just wanting sex, some are faithful to their husbands and Asha
    happens to be one of them, understood", he said quite angrily.

    Kishore still laughing said, " Just because you could not score with
    her does not mean she is a sati-savitri".

    Ajit could not take this from Kishore and blurted out, "I bet you a
    lakh of rupees, you could not fuck her".

    Kishore sobered down and looked seriously at Ajit. "Are you sure you
    want to bet a lakh of rupees?".

    Equally serious and angry, Ajit replied, "Yes a lakh of rupees, if
    you can get to fuck her willingly, not rape, either by today or
    latest tomorrow, since she is leaving day after, if you succeed, I'll
    pay you hard cash or else you pay me".

    Kishore was quiet.
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