Debauchery of Young House wife Asha

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    Anjali, though missed her fiancé Ajit, but at the same time was
    excited at the thought of spending another day gallivanting with Asha
    and her jija Rajesh. She soon forgot about resting and pleaded with
    Asha and Rajesh to go out and enjoy the day shopping and eating.
    Rajesh too immediately agreed, much to the surprise of his wife
    Asha. The three of them then went out for shopping and had a good
    meal for lunch at a five-star hotel. Asha noticed a change in her
    husband. Rajesh looked very happy and energetic and regaled both the
    women with his anecdotes and witty talk. Anjali was much impressed by
    her jija and smiled and laughed at his jokes, even if some of them
    were not so funny. Asha noticed that these two got along very well
    and were soon on familiar terms, back-slapping and touching each
    other at the slightest pretext. Asha too was enjoying her new look
    hubby and all three were having a good time. Rajesh at times would
    hug her and peck her cheeks or pinch her bums, freely in the presence
    of Anjali. In the afternoon, they decided to see a movie. Rajesh
    chose an adults English movie "Basic Instinct”, and off they drove to
    the theatre. In the cinema hall Rajesh sat next to Asha, while Anjali
    was seated on the other side of Asha. As the movie was adults, there
    was a lot of skin show and kissing. Within 15 minutes of the movie
    starting, Rajesh had his hands on his wife's bosom, massaging them,
    while placing her hand on his lund; erect and straining to come out of
    his pants. Asha felt thrilled by her husbands' actions and responded
    warmly by pressing his lund. Soon the couple was in throes of
    passion, whimpering, smooching, caressing each other softly, totally
    oblivious to Anjali's presence. Anjali on the other hand was seeing
    two movies. She too was excited by the movie on screen, but more by
    seeing Asha and her jija fondling and kissing each other. Anjali
    could hear the gasps coming from Asha and she too felt her choot
    moistening, with all this erotic sounds and movements both on and off
    the screen. Anjali could see Asha's hands resting on her jija's bulge
    and desperately wanted to see the size of her jija's lund. Oooh, how
    much she missed her fiancé Ajit right now. She was really turned on
    and was desperate for a fuck
    Last night, with Asha had been satisfying, but not the real thing,
    she needed a man and right now, the way her choot juices were flowing,
    any man would do. Soon there was the intermission and Rajesh clumsily
    got up trying to hide his obvious erection and went out to get some
    popcorn. Her cousin Asha was all worked up too, her hair was
    dishevelled and Anjali could see a lot of saliva and sweat on her
    face, as Asha tried to rub her face with a hanky and regain her
    composure, now aware of Anjali and the other people around and.
    Anjali nudged Asha on her breasts and said, "Didi, aaj raat kiya
    karoundogi, bahut hi tadap rahi ho".

    Asha blushed with embarrassment , while saying, "Kuch nahi Anjali,
    aaj tau tum bhi tau ho".

    "Na baba na, mai kabab main hadi nahi banne wali, mujhe tum log apni
    mummy ke ghar jod deena", said Anjali, smiling at Asha's predicament.

    "Aaj raat tau jija tumhe soone nahin deega", she continued smirking
    at Asha.

    Asha had never experienced her husband Rajesh to be so adventurous,
    except on their honeymoon. She had noticed a change for the better in
    him. His sexual urge seemed urgent and strong. She so wanted their
    sex-life to improve, but alas, what to do about Anjali tonight she
    thought. Her parents were off to a wedding reception tonight and
    would return very late. She could not leave Anjali alone at home,
    especially with that rogue Raju, who given the opportunity would
    definitely fuck Anjali. And Anjali having experienced sex with her
    fiancé Ajit was quite vulnerable now. All these thoughts crossed
    Asha's mind, as Rajesh returned with three bags of popcorn and some
    drinks, finding it quite difficult to balance. While giving the
    drinks, he accidentally spilled some on Anjali's t-shirt and in a
    reflex action without realising what he was doing, removed her hanky
    and started wiping the spill of Anjali's chest. Before Asha could
    stop him, Rajesh had a good feel of Anjali's small but firm breasts.
    He then acted embarrassed and sheepishly sat down on his seat, while
    Asha brushed the drink of Anjali's t-shirt. Anjali had felt her jija
    purposely feeling her breasts, but she was too horny to stop him and
    even quite liked it. Even now, with Asha brushing her, she felt good
    and gave a naughty wink to her cousin sister. Soon the movie started
    and once Rajesh had polished off his popcorn, he continued fondling,
    petting and kissing his wife with renewed vigour. Soon they were
    breathing heavily and ignorant about Anjali or the movie on screen.
    Anjali was feeling very horny stealing side glances at them, she too
    could feel her breathing becoming heavy, such was the erotic
    atmosphere around and her. While her jija Rajesh was kissing Asha, he saw
    Anjali looking at them, he saw that Anjali seemed horny and flustered
    as she was openly gazing at them with her lips parted. Anjali
    realised that her jija was looking at her and immediately averted his
    gaze in embarrassment. Rajesh was excited by this and he grew bolder.
    He started massaging his wife's breasts and soon Asha was moaning in
    desire. He then proceeded to bare one breast, by pushing the bra up,
    so that Asha's one erect stubby nipple could be clearly seen. Anjali
    was watching all this and was breathing heavily in excitement as her
    jija proceeded to tweak her cousin's nipple, making Asha moan louder
    with passion, while looking directly into Anjali's lust-filled eyes.
    Rajesh was excited by the effect his actions were having on both the
    women. Anjali was now open-mouthedly staring at him, returning his
    lust-filled gaze equally with passion. Rajesh and Asha continued
    their fondling and petting, with Anjali as the silent excited
    observer. When the movie finally got over, she had to literally nudge
    her cousin Asha to get separated and get up. Both Rajesh and Asha
    looked sheepish realising that the movie was over, the theatre lights
    were on and people were leaving. Asha, immediately fumbled to get her
    bra and blouse straightened. While coming down the stairs along with
    so much crowd, Rajesh walked behind the two women, keeping his hands
    on each of their shoulders. But the crowd ,was so much, that soon
    Asha was pushed ahead and Anjali was now directly behind her jija.
    Rajesh saw an opportunity and freely rubbed his semi-erect bulge
    against Anjali's bums while pressing her towards him with his
    shoulders. Anjali too offered no resistance as her jija began
    fondling her in the large crowd. Rajesh felt thrilled on receiving no
    resistance from this girl Anjali, and purposely guided her slowly,
    very slowly through the large crowd. Seeing Asha far ahead, Rajesh
    then brought Anjali by his side and clasped her tightly by putting
    his hands over her back, under her armpits, in a tight clench. His
    fingers were busy kneading and feeling her small breasts. In this
    manner Anjali and her jija walked slowly and slowly. But alas, the
    moment was short, as they soon came out of the theatre and
    immediately separated on seeing Asha, but before she could spot them.
    Asha seemed flustered and irritated, when they both came near her. On
    being asked by Rajesh, what was the matter, she brusquely brushed him
    off and said lets go Rajesh. Once inside the car, Asha explained that
    two college going guys, were busy pinching and feeling her up all the
    way down the crowded stairs of the theatre. Rajesh expressed anger on
    hearing about the harassment of his wife, and said that she should
    have pointed them out to him. Asha replied that she did not want a
    drama out there and therefore had insisted that they leave

    On reaching home late in the evening, all three took turns to have a
    bath before settling for dinner. On the dining table, they sat with
    Rajesh's parents and the atmosphere was formal, reduced to small
    talk. After dinner, Anjali saw that an extra mattress for her was
    provided in Asha's bedroom. Anjali objected to Asha saying, that she
    did not want to disturb their privacy and would be more comfortable
    in the living room. However, Asha did not want the young girl
    sleeping alone. Her father-in-law then suggested that Anjali should
    sleep with Rajesh's mother in her bedroom and he would sleep in the
    hall. He made sure his word was final and so it was settled. Asha
    invited Anjali to her room after dinner for a game of scrabble with
    Rajesh. All three were now jovial and informal as they teased and at
    times mocked anger while playing the game. Anjali could soon sense
    that the two wanted to have a go at each other in bed and so saying
    she was sleepy, left their room. Passing through the hall, she saw
    Mr. Sinha engrossed in TV and saying goodnight retired to Mrs.
    Sinha's room to sleep. As she changed into her short nightie and was
    going to sleep, Mr. Sinha entered the room to give his wife, her
    rugular dosage of a sleeping pill. All the time he was administering
    the medicine, he was lustily eyeing this young girl. He could see her
    firm small breasts, clearly outlined by her skimpy nightie as well as
    her smooth thighs and slender legs. Eyeing Anjali, he told her that
    Mrs. Sinha would now fall asleep till the morning. Anjali was aware
    of his lecherous gaze, she felt scared of him as well as excited,
    remembering the size of his lund and the way he had been fucking the
    maid last night. Inadvertently , Anjali gazed at his pyjamas. This
    was not lost on Mr. Sinha, who very badly wanted to fuck this girl,
    but was afraid of making the first move. Continuing to leech at her,
    he soon left the room. Anjali shut the light as the maid came into
    the room to sleep on the floor. However sleep was the furthest thing
    in Anjali's mind. She recollected the days events and felt herself
    getting aroused thinking about her jija and Asha.

    Her jija and Asha were at this very moment, totally naked and fucking
    in their own bedroom. Asha was feeling thrilled seeing that her
    husband was actually initiating the sex-act tonight. However her
    elation was short-lived, for no sooner had he entered her choot, he
    quickly ejaculated, leaving Asha feeling that familiar sensation of
    frustration. However, this time he did not turn his back to sleep,
    instead started asking all sorts of questions about Anjali. He wanted
    to know if she was a virgin and her sexual experience if any. As Asha
    talked about Anjali, she saw that lo behold! Her husband's lund was
    getting hard and erect again. Asha started describing Anjali's
    deflowerement at the hands of her fiancé Ajit in great detail, as
    Rajesh mounted her and entered again.
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    "Woh Ajit ne tau engagement ke dusre din hi Anjali ko aapne dost ke
    ghar me laye kar, uke dost kay bedroom main hi usse choodha", said
    Asha to Rajesh.

    "Woh bol rahi this ki who bahut embarrass ho gayi this kyonki sara
    khoon chaderoon main lag gaya tha", she continued, feeling excited
    and moaning with pleasure as Rajesh continued fucking her hard with
    renewed vigour.

    "Hain Rajesh chooddoo uunnnhhh jjoorr ssai jjhhooddoo ooouuiiiii
    mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", she wailed in pleasure.

    She found that all this talk was greatly exciting her husband as he
    was now stroking her with new vigour. Asha was for the very first
    time, achieving orgasm with her husband's fucking, and he came again
    inside her, but after Asha had achieved her own orgasm. Asha felt
    thrilled at this miracle. She then continued to talk about how those
    two college boys had fondled her in the theatre staircase. Seeing
    Rajesh getting hard again, she made up stories about how they both
    had sandwiched her between them, one feeling her bums and the other
    kneading her tits. Hearing this, Rajesh could not control his desire
    and once again started fucking the willing Asha. He stroked and
    stroked her to another orgasm as Asha narrated lies about how
    helpless and excited she felt at the hands of the two college boys,
    how her choot juices were flowing at their bold behaviour in public.

    "Unnnhh Rajesh uunngghh who dono uunnhh chokre bol rahi thai ki
    mera uunnhh mmmaammmeeee bbahhutt mast uunnngghh
    aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn", wailed Asha,
    flinging her head in ecstacy as she came in a shattering climax.

    Rajesh too, came again for a record third time along with the
    wailing and moaning Asha, who held him tightly, wildly scratching his
    back. Finally the couple, tired and sweating from all the exertion,
    fell asleep, nude and hugging each other, their desires being

    Anjali, meanwhile was feeling horny and unable to sleep. Soon she
    heard movement on the floor and saw the maid get up and silently
    leave the room. Anjali immediately guessed that the maid had gone to
    the hall to Mr. Sinha. Feeling excited she too left the room after
    five minutes and peered into the hall. Sure enough, she saw the maid
    and Mr. Sinha fully naked. The maid was kneeling down and sucking Mr.
    Sinha's lund, while he was playing with her huge tits. The sight of
    Mr. Sinha's lund, greatly excited the young girl Anjali. It was so
    big and thick and so proudly standing at attention as the maid tried
    to take as much of it in her mouth. Anjali could not help
    masturbating, as she pushed her panties to the floor and with parted
    legs leaned against the wall and furiously rubbed her dana. The
    sexual tension in her needed to be released. Her sleeping with Asha
    last night had helped relieve some of it, but seeing Rajesh and Asha
    at the movie hall today and also Rajesh's actions with her on the
    staircase, seeing Mr. Sinha's big lund had renewed the desperate
    need in her to have a lund in her choot. As she saw the buxom maid
    suck at the lund, Anjali continued to furiously rub her dana in order
    to achieve an orgasm. Soon Anjali's eyes were glazed and she was
    moaning as she neared an orgasm. Mr. Sinha heard her moaning, as he
    had been alert, expecting the young horny girl to come and witness
    his mating with the maid. In a flash, he withdrew his lund from the
    maid and was beside the moaning Anjali, before she even knew it.
    Anjali was still moaning with her eyes have closed and rubbing her
    dana when she felt a hand on her hand stopping her from rubbing
    herself and another hand clasping her moaning mouth. She still did
    not realise who it was as the person then lifted her in his arms,
    with one hand underneath her thighs, while the other underneath her
    armpit, clasping her firm breasts. Mr. Sinha brought the now
    whimpering girl into the hall and made her sit on his lap on the
    sofa, her naked gaand resting on his throbbing lund. Anjali
    gasped loudly as she realized that she was sitting naked on an
    equally naked Mr. Sinha's lap. On hearing her gasp so loudly, Mr.
    Sinha quickly clasped her mouth with his hand as he spoke to her.

    "Chilao nain Anjali beti, main tumhe kuch nahin karoundonga", he said,
    trying to pacify the wide-eyed Anjali.

    Anjali could feel the throbbing of this man's big lund and as she
    looked around and, she saw the big breasted maid smiling at her.

    "Main abhi apna haath tumhare muuh sai nikal raha hoon, chilana mat",
    he said firmly as he removed his hand covering her mouth.

    Seeing that Anjali did not yell, Mr. Sinha felt happy. He then told
    her, " Tumne mujhe kal raat bhi chodhte dekha hai". Anjali could not
    find her voice, she was afraid of him, but at the same time felt
    excited. She just nodded her head to say no.

    "Arre Anjali beti jhoot kyoon bolti ho, mere pass teri panty hai, jo
    tu kal raat darwaze ke pass nikal ke gayi thi", said Mr. Sinha, now
    lifting her legs together with one hand and massaging her naked
    gaand with the other. His lund was erect and throbbing against
    the underside of her thighs, close to her fuddi.

    On getting no response from the poor girl, he lightly slapped her
    buttock, asking her to respond. "Bolo beti bolo, succhh succhh bolo".

    "Hain mere sai galti hogayi, ji, Asha didi ne bhi mujhe gussa kiya
    tha, please mujhe ab janne do", replied Anjali softly, aware of his
    throbbing lund so very near her choot. Not realising, Anjali had
    blurted out Asha's presence too.

    Mr. Sinha was taken aback on hearing that his daughter-in-law Asha
    too had been a witness to his fucking session last night. He felt
    immensely horny on hearing this. Mr. Sinha then, while massaging
    Anjali's gaand and holding her legs up together, proceeded to
    lightly rub her dana with his coarse thumb, evoking a whimper out of
    Anjali. "Jane doonga beti, pahle ye batau ki tum dono dekh kar kya
    rahin thi".

    "Unngghh aahh oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh", moaned Anjali softly.

    Mr. Sinha now thrust his finger in her moist and wet choot, while
    lightly continuing to massage her dana, making her moan with desire.

    "oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", moaned Anjali softly.

    "Tum doono ne kya dekha", said Mr. Sinha, massaging her gaand,
    fingering her choot and rubbing her dana, alternatively.

    Anjali a little louder as she began to lift her gaand, wanting a
    firmer contact of this thumb with her dana.

    "Bolo bolo Anjali beti, tum doone ne kya dekha", continued the rogue
    Mr. Sinha, still only lightly touching her dana, not wanting her to
    come so soon.

    Anjali's fuddi was on fire, her juices were flowing, she said in
    passion now, "Hum doono nai apko naukrani ko chodhte dekha
    aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii", feeling highly aroused
    by all this.

    "Kya tum doon apni choot malene lageee", continued Mr. Sinha, now
    clearly teasing the poor horny girl.

    OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH", moaned Anjali feeling an impending orgasm,
    jerking her gaand furiously in the air now. The helpless horny
    girl was very aroused and desperately wanted to cum.

    Mr. Sinha, sensing that this girl was about to come, stopped
    fingering her and suddenly made her sit with her legs apart on his
    lap facing him, with his throbbing lund under the crack of her
    gaand. He then lightly slapped the moaning girl and commanded her
    to look at him.
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    Anjali stared at him open-mouthed, with glazed eyes, her face
    contorted with passion. There was no contact with her choot or dana as
    Mr. Sinha told her to look at him.

    desperate for his big lund.

    Mr. Sinha felt pleased and smiled at her saying, "Tumhari tau shadhi
    bhi nahi hui hai beti, kya yah teekh hoga". He was enjoying teasing
    this sexy woman.

    lifted her gaand and clasped his throbbing lund. She then lifted
    herself, by pressing on his shoulders as her firm breasts were
    crushed by his chest, and clasping his lund in her small hands
    guided it to her choot. She then wailing loudly, sank down on it as
    she had an orgasm on the very first contact, his lund head even had
    not fully gone in, as she came to a shattering orgasm and slumped on
    his chest, with his lund slipping out of her pulsating choot.

    Mr. Sinha let her gasp and get her breath back before he said, "Aise
    nahin beti, dekh ab main tujhe choodna sikha hoon. Saying this he
    made her lie on the sofa and spread her legs apart. He then guided
    his lund to her puffed and slippery choot and with a hard push sank
    his bulbous lund head into her
    realised just how thick his lund was, stretching her choot walls
    fully and literally plugging her.It was proving to be too big for her
    as she began flaying her head wildly, feeling utterly stretched and
    plugged to this massive lund. "UUNNNGGHHHHHHHH
    OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", she continued to wail. Mr. Sinha marvelled
    at the tightness of her choot. It had been a long long time, since he
    had fucked such a tight choot. All the whores and the maid were used
    goods so to speak, having been fucked many a times with various
    people. But here was a horny tight choot novice and he surely felt
    young and energetic, knowing he would have the time of his life with
    her. He slowly but surely started putting his lund in. Seeing Anjali
    having sweat beads on her forehead and her face contorted tightly,
    her head flaying wildly, he pulled his lund fully out. Soothing her
    forehead, he again plunged it in, this time a little further.

    The maid who was watching all this, came to Anjali's rescue. She held
    Anjali's swaying head and wiped the sweat on her , soothing her.

    "Daround math, memsaab, bus thoda dard hoyega aur bus uske baad mazza
    hi maaza", she said. Anjali looked at her moaning loudly as the maid
    tried to pacify this young girl.

    "Saab thoda dheera sai gussaoo, lagta hai ki memsabb ko itna bada
    lund leene mai bahut takliif ho rahi hai", the maid said to Mr. Sinha.
    Mr. Sinha then, continued to withdraw his lund fully out and then
    plunge it in a little further each time as he allowed the girl and
    her choot to get used to the massiveness of his lund. Now he started
    stroking her . Anjali felt thoroughly plugged by this big lund. As
    Mr. Sinha started slowly stroking her, she started moaning softly and
    soon was clasping his back tightly with her arms and hand urging him
    to go faster. Seeing this the maid said, "Dekho memsaab, ab mazza aah
    raha hai na".

    Anjali gurgled, "uunnhh uuggllllll gglllhhh haainnn mmaazzaa
    oohhhhhh aauurr jjoorr ssaii bbaahhutt uunngglllll mmaazzaa aaaa
    rrahhaa hhaa uunnggllll".

    Mr. Sinha felt pleased as the young girl was now clasping him tightly
    and urging him to fuck her harder. He got into his regular rhythmn
    and went "pphhuut pphhuut phhuut ppphhuut pphhuut pphhuutttt
    pphhuutt", pounding her willing squelching choot and rocking the whole
    sofa and her body. His balls were banging at her upturned gaand
    with each hard stroke. He concentrated on nibbling her small firm
    breasts as with each strike he pounded her harder.

    Anjali screamed with pleasure as she had an
    she, that, Anjali had caught hold of the maid's pendulous breast and
    mauled it tightly as she had a shuddering orgasm.

    Hearing this little horny bitch scream, Mr. Sinha clasped her mouth
    to muffle the sound as he too lost control and filled her almost
    virgin choot with his semen. He had wanted to use a condom, but in his
    excitement had forgotten about it. He then withdrew his lund, seeing
    his cum flowing out of her choot and trickling down her thighs. To his
    surprise , after a few minutes, the maid was all over the moaning
    girl. The maid was kissing her face with loud wet kisses and offering
    her big bosoms to Anjali for sucking. Anjali , in the heat of the
    moment, started suckling and nibbling those big breasts of the maid,
    while the maid caught hold of Anjali's hand and guided it to her wet
    and puffed choot, urging the young girl to put three of her fingers in
    her wet and dripping and gaping hole. Soon the maid was gasping as
    Anjali furiously was biting her breasts and rapidly moving her
    fingers in and out of the maid's gaping choot. Mr. Sinha had never
    felt so horny in a long long time, and seeing what was happening,
    could feel his lund becoming hard again. This had never happened to
    him for a very long time. He usually could get it up only once and
    that too if he was sucked first. But now a little miracle had taken
    place and he felt young again. Wanting to pound the tight choot of
    Anjali again, he pushed the moaning maid aside and picked up Anjali
    from the sofa. He himself then sat on the sofa and pulled Anjali on
    top of him, licking her face, her sexy thin shoulders, her neck and
    her two small tits. Mr. Sinha was like a man possessed. He continued
    biting and nibbling and sucking deeply at all the flesh of this young
    girl. "Oh how sweet she tasted", he thought to himself as he went
    about ravaging her. Anjali was amazed and deliriously excited by all
    his actions, she moaned in pleasure. "oohh hhaainn oooohh hhaaiinn
    ooohhhh hhaaiinn
    oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", she
    moaned. Anjali could feel his hot lund throbbing under her gaand
    as Mr. Sinha continued his revellery of her young flesh. He then
    bought his lund up and let the throbbing lund reat against her
    stomach as he went on and on kissing and biting her. No man had ever
    tasted her so much and Anjali could not help wailing in pleasure.
    Soon he roughly lifted her and guided his huge lund near her choot
    and put his lund head into her tight choot opening.
    "UUNNGHH ggggggggllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    gurgled Anjali, feeling deliciously stretched. Hearing her gurgling
    in pleasure and seeing her lovely contorted face, Mr. Sinha's passion
    rose and he began bouncing her on his lund, sinking it further and
    further into the tight but willing choot. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH
    plugged young girl. As he bounced her on his lap, she came and came
    and came in sheer pleasure and ecstasy. Mr. Sinha too forgot all
    about the dangers and soon filled the young girl's choot with his
    semen yet again and bit hard into her shoulder as he came inside
    yelled Anjali as she feltb him biting hard into her as they both
    slumped onto each other, Mr. Sinha crushing her tightly. For a long
    time, he held her and finally released her, when he realised that she
    was sobbing softly. Now Mr. Sinha gently caressed her face, as he
    made her get up. Anjali was not in a position to stand by herself,
    she felt her knees trembling as she clung on to Mr. Sinha for
    support. He then still caressing her and calling her "beti, beti",
    guided her to the bedroom and literally tucked her in the bed. He
    then kissed her forehead as he left the room. On returning to the
    living room, he paid Rs. 100/- to the maid and told her to go and
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    Both the women Asha and Anjali woke up next morning with a glow on their
    youthful faces. Both had their sexual appetites well satiated the
    night before and therefore were glowing and in a very good
    mood. Asha had experienced multiple orgasms with her husband
    Rajesh, the very first time since being married for almost a
    year now. Asha realised that her husband's libido had been re-
    charged due to the presence of Anjali in their midst, as well
    as to the sexy talk she had indulged in narrating how the two
    young college going boys had molested her in the cinema
    theatre. Anjali on the other hand had experienced a very
    thorough fucking by Mr. Sinha. Although Anjali was no virgin,
    having been fucked 6 -7 times so far by her fiancé Ajit, since
    a week after their engagement, yet had never felt so joyous as
    she had last night with Mr. Sinha. Anjali was lying in bed
    thinking about the wonderful experience with Mr. Sinha. She
    thought, that although he must surely be in his mid-fifties, he
    was a real man. Just thinking about the way he had handled her,
    making her accommodate his big lund, the slow hard strokes he
    had given her and the way he had pounded her choot, made her
    horny with desire again. Her choot was aching, but it was a
    sweet ache, her fuddi was creaming again, thinking about Mr.
    Sinha. Involuntarily, Anjali slid her hand between the sheets
    and started massaging her erect dana, thinking about him. Her
    fiancé Ajit was so inexperienced, she now felt, comparing him to the
    much older Mr. Sinha. As she was lost in thoughts of last
    night, now furiously rubbing her dana, the bedroom door opened
    and in walked Mr. Sinha. "aahh oohhhhhhhh", she moaned softly
    as she rubbed herself to am impending orgasm. Anjali was
    jolted out of her orgasm at the sight of him and she quickly
    removed her hand from under the sheets. Her face was flushed as
    she murmured a greeting of Good Morning to Mr. Sinha. Mr. Sinha saw,
    how flushed this young girl was looking and he also noticed her
    bringing her hand out from beneath the sheet. His experienced
    eye correctly surmised that the young girl had been feeling her
    choot, the glow and the flushed face showed that this young girl
    had enjoyed the fuck-session with him last night. Mr. Sinha
    went up to her and gently caressing her forehead and face,
    enquired how she was feeling. Anjali was thoroughly flustered
    and excited and she mumbled that she was feeling fine. On
    coming to know that his wife was in the bathroom having her
    bath, Mr. Sinha sat on the bed beside the prone and excited
    Anjali and in a flash had his hand under the sheet, moving
    towards the excited girl's choot. Anjali gasped at the touch of
    his hand on her wet and dripping choot. On feeling the wetness he
    said, " Anjali beti, lagta hai ki tum kal raat ki chodaiee ko
    yaad kar rahi ho", said Mr. Sinha, pleased with himself on
    correctly guessing the state of this horny girl. "Oohhhhhhhhhh",
    Anjali moaned a little louder, on Mr. Sinha expertly fingering
    her moist choot. Mr. Sinha had dipped his fingers into her moist
    choot and was fingering her. He then dipped his thumb, making it wet
    with her juices and used the thumb to gently, very gently
    circle her erect dana, while his two fingers were moving in and
    out of her fuddi. " Hai tere choot kitni pyassi hai, dil karta
    hai ki apne lund to teri choot mein pura din ghussa ke
    rakhoon", said Mr. Sinha, while expertly and deftly playing
    with this young girls fuddi. "OOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    moaned Anjali as her eyes glazed while looking at Mr. Sinha and
    she had an orgasm. She desperately moved her hand reaching for
    his lund through his pyjamas. Mr. Sinha, noted how
    willingly, this horny girl, on her own accord had reached for
    his lund, and he felt immensely happy, seeing the keenness of
    the girl to have another fuck-session with him. He allowed her small
    hands grasp his thick lund, which was throbbing and erect,
    like that of a 17 year boy. He felt young again in the company
    of such a young, willing and sexy girl. Oh how much he would
    love to be with her alone, so that he could give and receive
    sexual satisfaction to the hilt. But, alas, he could only have
    her to himself in the night, as there were too many persons in
    the house. He removed his wet hand from her choot and made her
    lick her own fuddi juices, as he pushed his fingers in her open
    mouth. Just then, he heard the bathroom door opening and
    quickly got up, pulling Anjali's reluctant hand from her hold
    on his throbbing lund. Mr. Sinha got up to greet his wife,
    bending down and trying to hide his obvious erection with his
    hands. He quickly went into the bathroom. Anjali was regaining
    her own composure as Asha walked in to greet her Good Morning.
    Anjali then got up to go with Asha to the living room, to have
    her morning tea with Asha and her jija. Rajesh aroundse to greet
    her and hugged her tightly. Asha noticed this, feeling a tinge
    of jealousy, at the way her husband had hugged Anjali, who was
    in her nightie. Anjali too felt that her jija was taking
    liberties with her, but said nothing and remained casual about
    it. Her in-laws too joined them for the morning cup of tea. On
    seeing Mr. Sinha again, Anjali blushed. Mr. Sinha eyed her and
    then his daughter-in-law Asha. Definitely his daughter-in-law
    Asha was the sexier looking woman of the two. Oh how he wanted
    to fuck her, not only just fuck her, but teach her about sex
    and love, make her a real woman. During the conversation,
    Asha asked Anjali to stay for a few more days, she was taken by
    surprise when both her husband and her father-in-law too echoed
    her sentiments in chorus. Anjali was reluctant at first, though
    she was dying to spend a few more nights in the arms of Mr.
    Sinha, but was careful not to show her eagerness to accept the
    extended invitation. She then after a little more persuasion,
    decided to stay for two more days and called-up her parents to
    inform them so. Both Rajesh and Mr. Sinha were delighted at her
    staying on. Rajesh even went to the extent of saying that he
    would be back early from the factory so that they could all spend
    time together. Mr. Sinha kept thinking of the youthful and
    lustful nights he would have fucking this young girl. Asha was
    happy that her husband's libido would be high, and she would
    experience sexual pleasure with him again. All of them had
    these happy sexual thoughts as they finished their tea and went
    about getting ready for the day. After getting ready, both
    Asha and Anjali were about to leave the house to go shopping,
    when the telephone rang. It was for Anjali. It was her fiancé
    Ajit on the line. On hearing that Anjali was going to be there for
    two more days, he was missing her immensely. He called to say
    that he would be driving down from Chandigarh to spend a couple
    of days with her and then bring her back to Chandigarh. Anjali
    though happy with this news, was not so very excited. In
    reality, she was infatuated with Mr. Sinha and had stayed on
    mainly to spend her nights being fucked by him. However, she
    was happy to note that Ajit would be staying with his relatives
    and as such her secret laison with Mr. Sinha could carry
    on. On returning by lunch time after spending the morning
    shopping, both the women were surprised to find Ajit sitting at
    Asha's house waiting for them. On seeing Anjali, Ajit turned around
    from the sofa and hugged his fiancé tightly. Oblivious to
    Asha's presence, he proceeded to kiss Anjali on her face,
    cheeks and mouth, while hugging her tightly. It was Anjali who
    pulled apart and then introduced Asha to her fiancé Ajit. Asha noted
    the tall, muscular built of this man and found him quite good-
    looking. Ajit too, noted the voluptuousness of Anjali's cousin
    with appreciation. Soon they sat down for lunch. Ajit was
    totally consumed talking to Anjali, though at times he did eye
    Asha too. Asha felt a bit envious of the obvious passionate
    display of Ajit towards Anjali. Her husband Rajesh, was not
    prone to display his affections towards her so publicly. After
    lunch, while they were all seated in the living room, Anjali
    stepped out asking Asha to come for a minute. She excitedly
    whispered to Asha, if they could use her bedroom for an hour or
    so, since they needed some privacy. Asha flushed on hearing
    such a bold demand from her cousin Anjali, however could not
    help but nod her head in agreement. Thus Ajit and Anjali,
    stepped into her bedroom, discreetly locking it from the inside. Asha
    was left alone in the living room, just with her imagination as
    to what activity was taking place on her bed. After having
    sat for almost 30 min, getting thoroughly curious and aroused
    by imagining the goings on in her bedroom, Asha could not
    resist herself.
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    She quietly tip-toed to her bedroom door and
    put an ear on it. She could hear muffled sounds and make out
    her cousin moaning. Asha felt excited on hearing these sounds,
    her choot was getting moist and her hormones over active.
    Luckily it was 3 in the afternoon and her mum-in-law was fast
    asleep. Rajesh had called saying that he and his father were
    stuck-up in work and hence would reach home late in the
    evening. Asha was feeling very horny and this made her take a
    bold step. She got a small table from the living room, stepping on
    the table, she could see into the room, thru the glass
    ventilation over the door. As she peered in, Asha gasped at the
    sight that greeted her. Both Ajit and Anjali were fully naked.
    Ajit had Anjali by the wall, standing, with her one leg in his
    grip, and he was pumping his lund in and out of her choot
    rapidly. He was fucking his fiancé roughly but firmly standing
    up. Asha was excited by this sight and quickly started rubbing her
    own fuddi over her pants itself. Asha saw the movement of
    Ajit's glistening lund going in and out of Anjali's choot. Ajit
    was really very muscular and had a lot of hair on his chest,
    back and legs. He was effortlessly and very gracefully fucking
    Anjali. Asha could not help, but, remove her pants and started
    massaging her wet choot, by inserting her hand in her panties.
    Asha began moaning softly, seeing the erotic action and fingering her
    choot simultaneously. Asha was so very engrossed in
    pleasuring herself, she did not notice her old cook come into
    the living room. This fellow heard some moaning and went
    towards Asha's bedroom to check the noise. Lo Behold, he saw
    his madam, ass-naked fingering herself and moaning. Not having
    the opportunity of having a young woman to fuck at his age, he
    felt very horny on seeing the big gaand of his sexy madam. He
    had eyed her, ever since he had entered this household since a
    few days ago. He had even tried grabbing the young maid, but
    she had managed to rebuff his advances. Now seeing an
    opportunity of a life-time in front of him, moaning loudly, he
    pressed his advantage and moved towards his partially naked
    madam. Asha was totally unaware of his presence. She had a
    glazed look over her eyes as she began moaning a little
    louder, rubbing her choot and approaching an orgasm. "uunnh uunh
    uunnh oooh uunnnh ooohh", she moaned softly as she began to
    come, trying to steady herself against the ventilation window. Just
    at that moment, Asha felt herself being lifted off the table
    from behind. Before she could realise what had happened, the
    old servant had grabbed her from behind and used his other hand
    to muffle her mouth as he began to pull her along with
    himself. Asha tried to struggle free, but this fellow held her
    in a strong grip and also since her pants were all wrapped up
    near her ankle, Asha had no balance. Also she was moaning in orgasm
    as he dragged her thru the kitchen and into the servants
    quarter. "oohh uunnggh uunnnh uuunnhh uunnnhh uuunnhhh
    uuunnnh uutrrgghh uuunngghh ooooohhhhh uuunnnhhgg
    uuuuunnngghhhhhh oohhhhhhhh uunnghhh uuunnngghhhhhhhhh", she
    continued moaning as he dragged her along with himself.
    Here he roughly let her fall on the jute cot and quickly let his
    pants fall down, thus freeing his throbbing lund. On seeing
    him, Asha realised who he was, but it was too late. She could
    see his big blackish throbbing lund. It was big and had a
    purplish crown, which was moist with his pre-cum. Asha felt her
    choot juices flowing freely at the sight of his ugly fat lund.
    The servant ripped her wet panties. Her choot was totally
    exposed now, and he roughly pulled her legs apart and positioned his
    lund near her dripping choot. "Nahin nahin ye math karound
    naahhhiiiiiiiiiiiiinn oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", was
    all Asha could manage to say, as the servant plunged his lund
    into her choot. His lund sank in fully the very first thrust as
    Asha's choot was well lubricated by her own juices. The servant
    had not even bothered to uncover the rest of her clothes or his
    and started pumping his lund in and out of her excited and engorged
    choot. "Oooh ooohh oooooooooooooooohh oohhhhhhhhh", Asha moaned
    loudly, as she felt her choot being stretched and pumped by his
    lund. The jute cot was rocking with the weight of each thrust
    and Asha could feel the rough edges of the jute grazing her
    soft big gaand with each thrust. Neverthless, Asha could feel
    her orgasm coming as the old man grunted and grunted and
    continued fucking her. Soon Asha was frantically raising her gaand to
    each of his thrusts. "OOIIIIiiii oooooooii aaaaahhhhh
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh hhhhhhaaiinnnnnnnnnnn ooouuii
    ooooooooohhhhh uuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhhh", she
    began wailing loudly, welcoming his lunds powerful thrusts by
    raising her gaand to meet each one of them . The cot was
    shaking and making creaking dry noises as wet noises were made
    by Asha's choot as the lund continued to move rapidly in and
    she had a series of shattering orgasms. Hearing his madam
    wailing, the servant to climaxed with a loud grunt and
    collapsed on top of her, slobbering and biting her fair face
    and mouth. He continued to remain inside her as he went on
    licking and biting her face. Asha , being pinned down by his weight
    and also due the shattering orgasm, had no strength left in
    her to push him away and thus allowed herself to be licked and
    bitten on her face, cheeks, lips, till her entire face was red
    and covered by the servants saliva. Then the servant got off
    her and put on his pants and walked out of the quarter without
    uttering a single word to her. Asha was still gasping from the
    onslaught as he walked away, leaving her alone in the servants
    quarter. Asha wiped her wet face with her t-shirt and managed
    to pull up and zip her pants. She then picked up her moist torn
    panties, stuffing them in her pocket and walked into the house
    again thru the kitchen. On seeing her, the servant calmly
    said, "Chai banau aapke liye madam", as though nothing untoward
    had transpired. Asha was in a daze and could only manage to nod
    her head in agreement as she went into her mum-in-laws bedroom,
    to use the bathroom. Luckily for her, her mother-in-law was
    fast asleep, thus did not see the obvious dishevelled state of
    her daughter-in-law. However the young maid, who was sleeping
    on the floor, saw the well-fucked look of her madam, before
    Asha could close the door of the bathroom. The maid immediately
    got up and went into the living room to see who the man was,
    who had fucked her madam. On seeing nobody there, she went
    towards Asha's bedroom to find a table from the living room
    placed next to the door. Not understanding what had happened,
    she picked up the table just as Anjali opened the bedroom door and
    looked at the maid questioningly. Ajit too stepped out of the
    bedroom behind Anjali. On seeing Ajit, the maid gave a knowing
    smile to Anjali. Anjali blushed at the maid, remembering the
    fuck-session with her and Mr. Sinha, last night. She
    hesitatingly asked her, where Asha was, and the maid said that
    she is in the bathroom. Asha meanwhile was trembling with fear
    and excitement in the bathroom. Her legs were trembling and she
    was holding the basin for support as she washed her face over
    and over again from the cold tap water. She then stripped of
    her pants and turned around and trying to see the red marks on her
    gaand. The old servant fellow had really fucked her hard and she
    had red bruises on her gaand, where the rough jute of the
    cot had grazed her badly. Feeling her bums with her hand, Asha
    began to experience pain. Oh God, she thought, who would have
    thought that this old cook could fuck so very hard. "Look at
    the cheek of the fellow, she thought, taking advantage of me,
    fucking me soundly and then acting so non-chalantly, asking me
    if I wanted tea". All these thoughts entered her mind as she
    opened the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and applied some
    teramycin on her sore gaand. Then she once again began
    washing her face, removing all traces of the old fellows saliva
    on her. Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw her face
    reddened by all the biting and licking it had received. She
    then began applying cream to hide the hickies formed on her
    face and neck. Finally, satisfied with her looks, she stepped out of
    the bathroom and went towards the living room. As Asha
    entered, she saw Anjali and Ajit sitting and waiting for her.
    She sat next to Anjali on the sofa . Anjali winked shamelessly
    at her, conveying her joy at being left alone with her fiancé.
    Just then the old cook entered with the tea tray. Asha looked
    up at him hesitatingly and she saw him looking and smiling at
    her. Asha blushed in embarrassment and quickly lowered her
    gaze. "Son of a bitch", she thought, in her mind, as she bit
    her lower lip in embarrassment. After having their tea, Ajit
    said he would be back by, as he was to visit a
    friend of his. Asha noticed the satisfied look on his face,
    having had a good time with his fiancé Anjali. Ajit before
    leaving, looked at Asha and said that he would be taking them
    all out for dinner, so please be ready and yes Rajesh too.
    After Ajit left, both Anjali and Asha went into Asha's bedroom.
    Seeing the bedcover and sheets all crumpled, Anjali blushed and
    quickly began preparing the bed, with Asha's help. "So you
    had your fill today, you horny woman", said Asha laughingly to
    Anjali. "No Asha dear, we were just talking", replied Anjali
    softly. "TALKING WERE YOU, Look at this mess, see the sheets are
    wet with his cum and your dripping fuddi", said Asha
    loudly. Anjali blushed at this and said, "Oh Asha, stop teasing
    me, you being married are lucky to get fucked every
    night". Asha now advanced towards Anjali in mock anger. She
    started tickling her and said, "Not even married as yet and you
    talk of fucking, you horny bitch". Now both the women were
    hell bent on tickling each other. Soon the tickling turned to
    grappling and wrestling as they wrestled and fell on the bed.
    Both the women were trying to get on top of each other, trying
    to pin the other person down. Their hands touched each other,
    their bodies pressing each other, their breasts and thighs
    being pressed by each other. Anjali got the better of Asha and
    was soon on top of her pinning her down. Both the women were
    breathing heavily now with all the exertion. Anjali saw
    something protruding out of Asha's pant pocket. She grabbed at it
    and saw that they were Asha's panties all torn up. She then
    unzipped Asha's pant, to find that Asha was not wearing any
    panties. "Aha, what have we here, a pair of wettish and torn
    panties", she exclaimed. "What have you been doing Asha", she
    went on. Asha saw her torn panties in Anjali's hand and blushed
    deeply. Anjali kept persisting for an explanation. Asha could
    not think of anything to say and began struggling to push
    Anjali off, from being on top of her. Anjali then put her hand
    on Asha's pant and began trying to remove them. Soon she had
    Asha's choot exposed and roughly put three of her fingers in her
    choot deeply. "OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", moaned Asha, "please stop
    oooohhhhhhhhhhhh Anjali you are hurting meeeeeeeeeee", wailed
    Asha in pain. Keeping her three fingers deep inside Asha's choot,
    Anjali said, "You calling me a horny bitch, now who is a horny
    bitch, tell me how these panties are wet and torn and stuffed
    inside your pocket". Saying this, Anjali forced another finger
    into Asha's fuddi. "Oohh plleaaseee nnnoo you are hurting mee
    pplleeasassee ssttoopp I''ll
    tteeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllll", wailed Asha hurting.
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    Anjali felt excited on seeing Asha helplessly wailing at her hands.
    She then removed her fingers from Asha's choot and in a one
    swift motion removed her pants completely. Asha used both her
    free hands to cover her fuddi from any further assault from
    Anjali. However, Anjali had other ideas. She caught hold of
    Asha's ankles together and gave them a sudden twist, forcing
    Asha to flip over on her stomach, so as to have her gaand
    now, exposed towards Anjali. Anjali seeing this big gaand of
    Asha could not resist giving them a hard slap one after the
    other, seeing them jiggle and quiver on each impact of her hard
    feeling renewed pain as her bums were still tender from the
    grazing of the rough jute cot. However, Anjali was delirious in
    excitement and the sense of power and control she had over her
    elder voluptuous cousin. Anjali went on spanking
    I WILL KEEP SPANKING YOU", said Anjali, now clearly enjoying
    herself and getting into a rhythm of spanking each bum
    frozen in surprise for a moment. A moment was all that Asha
    needed to push Anjali off her and get on top of the stunned girl.
    Asha then proceeded to remove Anjali's pants and panties as the
    young girl struggled in vain to push the heavier woman off
    her. As Asha pushed two fingers roughly inside Anjali's tight
    choot, she found that Anjali was wet. Clearly, Anjali had been
    excited, by the spanking, she had given to Asha. Asha too was
    in an excited state. She immediately brought her mouth over
    Anjali's wet choot and began nibbling her dana while fucking her
    choot with her two fingers. "ohhhhh ooohhhhhhhh
    aaassshhhhhaaaaaaaaa ooooohhhhhhhh iiiiiii llllluuuvvvv
    iiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttt", moaned Anjali softly, enjoying
    the pleasure she was receiving. Now, instead of trying to push
    Asha off her, Anjali used her hands to press Asha's head onto
    her choot. Asha continued pleasuring the young girl but stopped
    when she noticed her young gaand quivering. Noticing that
    Asha had stopped, just when she was about to come, Anjali
    However, Asha wanted her revenge and now it was her turn to flip
    the helpless and moaning girl over and start spanking her
    youthful and firm gaand. Asha began slapping them hard, at
    the same time kept one hand underneath to lightly brush against
    her dana after each hard spank. "OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    thhhhhhaaatttttttt oooooooouuchhhhhhhhh
    She was experiencing pain at being spanked and at the same
    time pleasure at her dana being brushed by Asha's hand. In
    this manner Asha kept on spanking and pleasuring the young
    girl. Anjali was by now moaning loudly. Tears were flowing from
    her eyes at the pain. Her gaand had become red with all the
    spanking. Her choot was dripping as she was approaching orgasm.
    Asha continued to purposely prolong her orgasm.
    was rocked with a series of shattering orgasms. Seeing
    this young girl having her orgasm and her gaand and thighs
    quivering, Asha too felt excited and needed a release herself. She
    turned Anjali over and raising her one leg tried to rub their
    choots together to get some contact with her own wet and horny
    fuddi. Also on seeing the tears on Anjali's face, Asha
    immediately started kissing her to dry her tears. As Asha,
    began kissing Anjali with passion, Anjali, began fingering
    Asha's choot. In between the kissing Anjali said, "So you enjoyed
    seeing me and Ajit fucking ". "OOOHH yyess AKJJIITTTtt
    hhaas such oooohhh aa hairy
    bodddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy", Asha moaned as she
    began to feel her own orgasm approaching. Anjali was now
    thrusting three of her fingers together, in and out of Asha's
    choot in a rapid motion. She again was in control of this horny
    woman. "So you want him to fuck you too", said Anjali
    came with the thought of Ajit fucking her standing up, the way
    she had seen him fuck Anjali. As Asha came, she tightly clasped
    Anjali and both the women rocked on the bed, till Asha's
    intense orgasm subsided. After a while, having satiated their
    desires, both the women looked sheepishly at each other as
    they hugged each other and lay side by side, ass-naked on the
    bed. Unknown to them, the young maid had seen them, having
    heard their noises and climbing on the stool to watch them
    through the ventilation window. The young maid, too had been
    excited by all this and awaited the night to quench her desires
    with Mr. Sinha and Anjali. Now, feeling awkward at what had been
    done, the two women got up to get dressed and go out for dinner
    with Rajesh and Ajit

    The Debauchery Of A Young Housewife (Part 18).
    That evening, both Rajesh and his father were eager to get
    early. Strangely enough, both had Anjali on their minds. Both
    men were
    silent on the ride home, both thinking of Anjali.
    Rajesh just could not get her off his mind. She was so damn
    pretty and
    petite he thought, she reminded him of Aishwarya Rai. Yes, he
    thought, she
    looked just like her. In his mind, he pictured the scene when
    he had seen
    her naked in the bathroom. What pert and perky breasts and such
    a firm
    body he thought, feeling his lund grow within the confines of
    his pants.
    He had been bold towards her, while walking out of the cinema
    hall, but
    not bold enough , he reflected. Oh , he badly wanted to fuck
    The elder Mr. Sinha too was lost in thoughts about Anjali. Last
    night had
    been a gift directly from heaven for him. He was really feeling
    because of Anjali. Although, he had realised that she was not
    a virgin,
    still damn, she was tight, very tight. She was a young girl who
    had been
    cocked before, but just a few times only. Enough, for her to
    crave for
    some more lund. She was really hot and very horny. The way
    she had
    willingly received him this morning, wanting for him to lund
    her again.
    She had not withdrawn into a shell or some guilt trip after he
    had fucked
    her, but instead was wet and horny for some more lund in the
    Too bad, that he had just been able to finger her. But tonight,
    he would
    thoroughly fuck her, he would fuck her silly, he would lund her
    fuddi to
    her and his hearts desire. Thinking all these amorous thoughts,
    adjusted his growing lund in his pants and continued to
    dream away till
    they reached home.
    At home, both Asha and Anjali were getting dressed for the
    night out. Asha
    had worn the thin-strapped black dress, the one she had taken
    from Mini.
    In this dress Asha looked very sexy and she could see the
    envious glances
    of Anjali towards her. Asha had purposely worn no bra so that
    her nipples
    were visible through the thin dress and also her heavy breasts
    freely as she walked in high heels. Anjali feeling jealous of
    luscious and bigger breasts, could not control her bitchiness
    and said,
    "Are you sure that dress can hold them, I think they may just
    fall out".
    Asha smiled at Anjali's feeble attempt at bitchiness, she felt
    pleased by her jealousy. "Don't you worry Anjali dear, both
    Rajesh and
    Ajit can hold one each in case of such an eventuality", Asha
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    "Oh really, me thinks both Rajesh and Ajit have the hots for me
    only, they
    will not be looking at you, my dear old cousin", replied Anjali.
    "In fact, Asha dear, I forgot to tell you, your husband Rajesh
    was making
    a pass at me, while leaving the cinema hall that evening", she
    Seeing Asha's face looking crestfallen, Anjali pressed home
    her advantage
    by saying, "Asha dear, Rajesh was practically drooling all over
    me, like a
    puppy", she went on.
    Asha realised that what Anjali had said was true. Her husband
    infatuated, by this young sexy girl. She would have to keep a
    sharper eye
    on him.
    Just then Ajit entered their bedroom. He was back from meeting
    his friend.
    One look at Asha and Ajit let out a wolf whistle, while eyeing
    her up and
    down. Asha blushed in embarrassment, at his open admiration of
    her, that
    too in Anjali's presence. Anjali felt slighted by this and
    scolded Ajit,
    "Behave Ajit", she said in anger. Ajit looked a bit sheepish at
    reprimanded by his fiancée and smiled sheepishly . Asha just
    looked at
    Anjali and said, "Anjali dear, you were just mentioning
    before... what was it. I can't seem to remember... can you..",
    saying this
    Asha triumphantly walked out of the bedroom and into the living
    room, with
    both Ajit and Anjali following her.
    As all three of them entered the living room, so did Rajesh and
    Mr. Sinha eyed his daughter-in-law Asha. Oh God, she looked so
    sexy in
    that dress. This was the same dress that he had once seen her
    coming home,
    looking thoroughly fucked. Seeing Asha now, Mr. Sinha could not
    take his
    eyes of her. Poor Anjali was feeling left out and neglected as
    she noticed
    all three men looking lustily at Asha. Anjali wished that her
    breasts were
    as big as Asha's, so that she too could make men drool at her
    in such a
    dress. Asha on the other hand, was loving every second of the
    attention she was getting. She purposely came closer to her
    Rajesh, taking his arm into hers she purred like a cat, eyeing
    both Anjali
    and Ajit, "Darling, you are just in time, c'mon now, lets go
    out for
    dinner, Ajit is taking us out to a disco and then to
    dinner". "I'm just
    dying to dance", she went on revelling in the drooling faces of
    the men.
    Rajesh dutifully went to his bedroom to get dressed, leaving
    Asha, Anjali,
    Ajit and his father Mr. Sinha in the living room. Mr. Sinha
    kept on
    lustily staring at the sexy body of his daughter-in-law. Ajit
    too was
    engrossed in eyeing Asha. Both men could clearly see Asha's
    nipples through her tight dress and could also make out that
    she was not
    wearing any bra or even a panty. Asha was feeling hot and
    excited as she
    purposely and openly flaunted her body, teasing both the men.
    She would at
    times raise her arms in pretext of brushing her hair, thereby
    giving both
    men an eyeful of her luscious boobs and her sexy clean shaven
    Anjali noticed all the male attention on Asha. Although she
    felt jealous,
    she too admired Asha's voluptuous figure. She was clearly
    envious of Asha's
    larger and bigger breasts. Mr. Sinha noticed that his daughter-
    in-law Asha
    was smiling at him, even as he openly and unabashedly drunk in
    her sexy
    figure. Maybe, the Gods are smiling at me, he thought, maybe, I
    will soon
    be able to fulfil my desire of ravaging her. Ajit, who till now
    had eyes
    only for his fiancée, was now totally taken up by Asha's
    sexiness. He
    could felt his lund stirring, within the confines of his pants.
    He wanted
    to fuck Asha, he wanted to fuck her badly. Anjali was his, and
    also, he
    had had her, a fair number of times, boy wouldn't it be great
    to get an
    opportunity to lund her cousin Asha too. As they were all
    engrossed in
    their sexual thoughts, in walked Rajesh, unaware of the sexual
    existing in the room. His arrival, sort of woke them up from
    thoughts and the foursome soon left for the evening out.
    Asha had never been to a disco before. Her husband Rajesh had
    never taken
    her and even when she had expressed an interest in dancing, he
    had just
    brushed her off. Ajit took them all to a disco in a five-star
    hotel. Since
    it was Friday night, it was jam packed. Asha was amazed at
    seeing so many young girls and guys, dancing drinking and generally
    having a good time. Without asking Ajit bought them all a round of beer and
    the foursome sipped beer, while standing in the crowded place and taking in
    the atmosphere of the place. They could not talk much as the music
    was really loud. Asha noticed that Ajit had his hands around and Anjali and
    was caressing her body as they both drunk beer and swayed to the music. Ajit
    then whispered something to Anjali and soon they moved towards the
    dance floor, leaving their empty glasses on somebody else's table. Asha
    watched with envy as she saw both Ajit and Anjali freely dancing to the
    music on the crowded dance floor. She looked towards her husband Rajesh. He
    too was watching Ajit and Anjali. She then nudged him to come and
    dance. He however, being so timid as usual, declined and continued
    watching and sipping beer. Just then the table near them got empty and
    Rajesh quickly motioned Asha to sit and occupy the table. Ajit and Anjali then
    returned to the table and joined them. Ajit, immediately went towards
    the bar and returned with a fresh round of beer for everyone.
    Anjali then leaned towards Asha and said, " Why aren't you two dancing".
    "Rajesh does not like to dance", replied Asha.
    Anjali smiled mischeviously at her and said, " You just see
    now". Having
    said that, Anjali stood up and took Rajesh's hands and motioned
    for him to
    come to the dance floor. Much to Asha's surprise, Rajesh
    readily got up
    and followed Anjali, who was holding him by his hand like a
    puppy dog.
    Asha felt most upset. However, she put up a brave face and
    continued to
    gulp her beer, while watching her husband dance with Anjali.
    This went on
    for 10 minutes or so, the music changed to a slow number and
    she watched
    as Rajesh now had Anjali in his arms, their bodies rubbing each
    other as
    they swayed to the slow number. Ajit bought another round of
    beer for
    himself and Asha and now sat next to her, while handing her a
    fresh glass.
    The music was too loud for him to attempt to make a
    conversation with
    Asha, so he sat next to her, watching her take large gulps of
    her beer. He
    then bought another round for her. He wanted to make a move on
    her, but
    was unsure of the reaction. So he just kept staring at her
    Asha was unaware of his lustfull gazes, she was seething with
    anger at
    both her husband and Anjali. "How dare that bitch try to be one
    up on me,
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    dancing with my husband so openly", Asha thought in anger. Asha
    to be lost in her thoughts and kept drinking beer, suddenly she
    felt a
    hand on her shoulders and saw Ajit's face so very close to her.
    He was
    asking her to dance. Seeing an opportunity to take her revenge
    on Anjali,
    she readily agreed. As she was getting up, Asha found that her
    head began
    to spin and she was unable to balance herself, due to the beer
    she had
    drunk. Ajit took this opportunity to put his arms around and her
    waist and
    hold her tightly against himself, while leading her to the
    dance floor.
    Slow numbers were still playing as Ajit now held her closely
    himself. Ajit was overjoyed at having this opportunity. He
    pressed her
    firmly to his body and generally swayed to the music. He did
    not hear or
    feel any objection from her as he held her body tightly against
    hi. This
    made him bolder. Soon his hands were roaming all over her back
    and her big
    gaand. Her breasts were pressed against his body. Seeing no
    on her part, Ajit began kneading her big gaand with his
    massaging, clenching and generally having a good feel. Asha
    was aware of
    his feeling her in this manner, but did not even try to stop
    him. She
    rested her head against his shoulder and allowed him to take
    with her. Ajit took in the smell of her hair and continued to
    hold her
    tightly, rubbing her bums to his hearts content. His lund was
    against Asha's stomach. Feeling the hardness on her stomach,
    Asha too was
    getting aroused. Ajit now had each of his hands on each bum
    and holding
    Asha in this manner, began to rub his hardness against her
    stomach. Again
    sensing no resistance, Ajit grew bolder and began to lick
    Asha's neck and
    ear, nibbling and licking. Asha let off a small moan in
    pleasure. Ajit
    became bolder and lifted her dress a little as his hands came
    in direct
    contact with the undersides of Asha's gaand. "uunnhhhhh
    Asha moaned, as Ajit was massaging and clenching her bums. Her
    choot juices
    were flowing and she kept thinking about his lund, as she felt
    hardness against her stomach. Ajit was now openly nuzzling her
    neck as he
    continued to knead her big bums. Asha was moaning with pleasure
    herself pressing her stomach against Ajit's hard lund. Ajit
    could not
    believe his luck, this bitch was in heat, indeed, he needed
    privacy to
    fuck her, but certainly not here, he thought. This was all he
    could do
    here on the dance floor, he definitely could not proceed any
    Sensing this, he lead her away from the dance floor, thinking
    that he
    would take her out of the hotel and into the car in the parking
    lot, where
    he would proceed to fuck her. His hands were holding her under
    her armpit,
    tightly clasping her breast, as he led her away from the dance
    floor. Just
    then he encountered Rajesh and Anjali. He quickly let go of
    Asha and held
    her by her hands only. Rajesh and Anjali did not see him,
    before he saw
    them and therefore had not seen the manner in which he was
    holding Asha's
    Ajit settled the bill and the foursome went out of the disco,
    to the
    coffee-shop to have their dinner. Asha was now being supported
    by her
    husband Rajesh, as she was too drunk to walk unsupported. At
    the dinner
    table, Asha felt queasy and requested Anjali to accompany her
    to the
    restroom. Hardly had they reached the restroom, when Asha bent
    over the
    wash basin and began vomiting. Asha felt better now having
    vomited and
    smiled at Anjali, the two women then went back to their table.
    All through
    dinner, Asha was aware of the lustfilled glances from Ajit.
    This made her
    feel very happy as Ajit was totally taken up by her. Asha
    purposely at
    times ran her tongue over her lips when she saw Ajit gazing at
    her. She
    also kept raising her arms to ty and untie her hair, thereby
    giving Ajit,
    (who was sitting directly opposite her) a good view of her
    breasts and her
    hardened nipples seen through the dress. Ajit on the other hand
    totally besotted by Asha. Looking at her run her tongue
    purposefully over
    her lips, he kept thinking about how those very lips would look
    and sucking his lund. She had such thick and luscious lips that
    desperately wanted his lund to be licked, caressed and sucked
    by them. He
    saw her slender fair arms and her clean shaven armpit and was
    about how he would bite them and suck at them, given half a
    chance. Seeing
    her stiff nipples, seen clearly through her dress, Ajit could
    see the
    dime-sized aureolas and imagined his mouth suckling at them.
    There was
    hardly any talk during dinner as both couples were busy in
    having amorous
    thoughts about each others women. Rajesh and Anjali too were
    busy eyeing
    each other and aroundusing each other by their lustfull glances.
    though having never danced before, had enjoyed the company of
    Anjali. Thus
    dinner progressed without much talk and soon it was time to
    leave. Ajit
    very reluctantly said bye to the three of them as he dropped
    them at
    Rajesh's house. He was feeling extremely horny and so were the
    other three
    No sooner had Rajesh entered his bedroom, he started to pounce
    on his wife
    Asha. Asha too was very surprised to see Rajesh hugging and
    kissing her so
    strongly and being very impatient in trying to remove Asha's
    tight dress.
    Asha had to hold him off, as she did not want her sexy dress
    all torn up
    and removed it herself with great difficulty. Seeing his wife
    naked, without any bra or panty, Rajesh went berserk and started
    and sucking her breasts. Asha too was hot with a desire of a
    good fuck and
    she grabbed at her husband's lund, as he too quickly shed his
    Leaving any thoughts aside, Asha hungrily took her husband's
    lund in her
    mouth as she knelt in front of him. Rajesh let off a long moan
    as he felt
    his lund engulfed in her warm mouth. Asha was expertly sucking
    husband for the very first time, she was enjoying it, thinking
    that she
    was sucking Ajit's lund. In no time whatsoever, her husband
    climaxed and ejaculated in her mouth. Asha greedily continued
    to suck him
    swallowing his cum. She noticed that he did not cum much, as
    compared to
    the other men she had sucked, and had no trouble in swallowing
    his entire
    cum. Rajesh groaned with pleasure and reached for the bed,
    falling on the
    mattress, fully satiated. Asha however, was feeling extremely
    horny and
    she followed Rajesh to the bed wanting him to fondle her,
    finger her, fuck
    her and suck her. Rajesh, however was sexually spent right now
    and made no
    move towards his desperate wife. Asha took control of the
    situation and
    caressed his thin limp short lund, wanting it to become erect
    again. Asha
    again took his limp lund in her mouth. It was so small and
    thin, that she
    took his entire lund in her mouth as she caressed his balls
    too, trying
    to bring his lund to the erect state. However, her efforts
    proved futile
    as even after 15 mins or so of sucking his lund remained small
    useless. Asha then started talking about how Ajit had
    practically forced
    her to dance, she continued by saying that he had pressed her
    body tightly
    against his, making her feel the hardness of his lund. Rajesh
    aroused by this talk and wanted to know more about what had
    happened. Asha
    seizing this opportunity, began caressing her husbands lund as
    continued her sexual narration.
    "That bastard Ajit, lifted my dress while dancing and was
    freely touching
    my gaand", she said, while caressing her husbands' lund,
    which was
    growing and throbbing with life.
    "You know Rajesh, he held me so very tightly that I could
    hardly move,
    while he enjoyed himself, massaging my bums".
    Hearing this Rajesh felt his lund now fully erect and
    throbbing with
    excitement and desire.
    "You know Rajesh, that Ajit is such a rogue, had you not been
    there, he
    would definitely have fucked me"
    Rajesh was now throbbing with desire. He quickly parted his
    wife's legs
    and sank his lund into her dripping choot and began stroking
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    "Aaaaahhh yes, Rajesh, uummhh he would uunnhhhhhhhhhhh
    hhavvee fffff uuuuuuuccccccccc kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    dddddddddddddddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmm
    lllllikee ttthi
    ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss", moaned
    Asha as she raised her gaand to meet her husbands thrusts.
    "Yyeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss TTTThhhhhhhhhhattttttt
    aaaaaaajjjjjjiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttt", Asha wailed
    his name as
    she came with so much desire.
    Rajesh however, kept stroking her hard. Asha was surprised by
    the staying
    power of her husband. Usually he came just after a few strokes
    of entering
    her, but today he appeared a new man and was really plugging
    her in and
    out with o lot of powerful thrusting.
    "youuu wwannt hhiimm to ffuckk yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu", he moaned,
    as he
    continued to ram his wife's fuddi mercilessly.
    "uunnhhhhhhhh RRAjjjjjeeeshhhhhhhhhhhhh
    uunnhh uunnhh uunnh uunnhhhhh
    wailed Asha, unable to bear or keep pace with the furious
    fucking she was
    receiving from her husband.
    unnnnnhhhhhh your hhhhurtiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg
    mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee slowwwwwwwwwwwww
    bbbbe uunhhhhhhhh geeentleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii", wailed Asha, begging
    Rajesh to
    slow down and be gentle with her.
    Hearing his wife, Rajesh slowed his pace and literally stopped
    thrusting, keeping his lund fully inside his wife's choot. He
    then after a
    time again began thrusting, but this time gently and slowly,
    engaging his mouth on Asha's sweaty breasts. He started
    chewing, nibbling
    and licking her taut nipples as he slowly fucked and fucked her.
    "aaahh aaahhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhh ooouuuuiiiiiiii
    aahhhhhhhhh oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Asha
    moaned as she
    derived pleasure this way and began raising her gaand to
    meet his
    "So you wanted Ajit to fuck you", continued Rajesh, in a hoarse
    clearly excited by the idea of his wife being fucked by another
    "uunnhh ooohhh hhee wwaass iuunnhhh
    mmeeeee unnhhhhhh soooo mmucjhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    wailed Asha , as she felt another series of orgasms rock her
    body yet
    "aaiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ooooooohhhhhhhhhh
    yyyyyyyyesssssssssssssssssssssss unhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    unnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkkkkkk" she wailed her husbands name as she
    Rajesh too exploded inside her and then fell flat on his wife,
    spent. The two sweaty bodies intertwined with each other as
    both of them
    lay there fully satiated and breathing heavily.
    As Asha lay underneath her gasping husband, Asha felt very
    loving and
    happy towards her husband. She continued caressing his back as
    reflected upon the terrific love-making session she had
    experienced with
    him. Since yesterday, he had really improved and she found
    satisfaction in this. Her sub-conscious had always felt guilty,
    fucked by other men due to her husband's inadequacy. But
    yesterday and
    today were telling a different story. Asha resolved to remain
    faithful to
    her husband from now on and also stop taking the pill, so that
    she could
    start a family with her husband and lead a normal life. With
    thoughts in mind, she blissfully drifted off to sleep, naked,
    and in her
    equally naked husband's arms.
    In that house, that night, Asha and Rajesh were not the only
    enjoying themselves.
    Anjali was also there. She had entered the bedroom of Asha's in-
    feeling equally horny and needing sex. However, she found the
    maid and
    Anjali's mother-in-law, fast asleep. Anjali quietly tip-toed to
    the living
    room, looking for Mr. Sinha. She found him fast asleep on the
    snoring loudly. Feeling very frustrated with the situation,
    Anjali changed
    her clothes and tried to sleep. However, sleep was not easy in
    coming as
    amorous thoughts filled her mind and she had a desperate urge
    masturbate herself to sleep.
    Mr. Sinha had waited and waited for them to return from dinner,
    falling asleep in the process. He had had a scented bath
    tonight in
    anticipation of fucking the young Anjali once again. The maid
    as usual had
    been ready and willing for him, however Mr. Sinha wanted the
    tight choot
    and body of Anjali, and therefore waved her away.
    In the middle of the night around and 2.30 am, Mr. Sinha awoke from
    slumber, needing to go to the toilet. He went into his wife's
    room to
    enter the bathroom and saw Anjali sleeping on the bed. Her
    nightie had
    risen up her thighs and her milky thighs and dark bush could be
    While urinating, this sexy picture of Anjali kept crossing his
    mind and he
    could feel his lund stiffen and throb. Returning to the room,
    Mr. Sinha
    could not help his actions. He gently sat on the bed and
    allowed his hand
    and fingers to caress Anjali's choot. He slipped one finger
    inside her choot
    and found it to be moist. He then inserted his thumb to make it
    then inserting two fingers in her choot, he used his wet thumb
    to rub her
    dana softly and slowly in circles. This action of his elicited
    a soft moan
    from the sleeping Anjali's lips. Mr. Sinha looked at her
    angelic face and
    felt a strong urge to kiss her, to fill her mouth with his
    lund, to make her drink in his semen. He wanted to spend the
    remaining hours of the morning fucking her. He now started to
    rub her
    erect dana even faster while furiously stroking her wet choot
    with his
    fingers. Anjali moaned and opened her eyes to see Mr. Sinha
    gazing at her. Seeing her looking at him, Mr. Sinha stopped all
    of his fingers and thumb. He smiled at her and was glad to
    notice that
    this young hot woman, began voluntarily moving her hips,
    wanting contact
    with his hand. He then caught her by her arms and pulled her up
    from bed
    and began leading her to the living room. He made her sit next
    to him on
    the sofa and placed her small hand on his throbbing erectness.
    "Dekho Anjali beti, mera lund tumhe choodne ko kitna tadap raha
    hai", he
    said, pleased by the firm grip this young hot woman had on his
    He then untied his pyjamas and removed her hand to free his
    "unnnhhhhhhh", Anjali gasped on seeing the big thick lund,
    standing proud
    and erect, throbbing in the air. She had never seen such a big
    one before
    and her choot juices began to flow as her hand held the lund
    and she felt
    its hardness and power.
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    Mr. Sinha was pleased to see Anjali mesmerised with his lund.
    Before the
    morning dawned he would make sure that she had the fuck of her
    life. While
    Anjali was staring and holding his lund, Mr. Sinha pushed her
    nightie up
    and began massaging her dripping choot, making the young woman
    moan in
    "Dekho Anjali beti, teri choot bhi utni hi tadap rahi hai, pani
    pani ho
    rahi hai, mere lund ke liye". Hearing this talk Anjali moaned
    in desire
    and buried her head on Mr. Sinha's chest in shame and desire.
    Mr. Sinha took this opportunity to once again free his lund
    from her firm
    grip and then remove her nightie, leaving her completely naked.
    He too
    removed his pyjamas and kurta and was also totally naked. He
    then sat next
    to Anjali who had lowered her head and was covering her breasts
    with her
    "Anjali beti, sharmaoo nahin, abhi tau bahut mazza mile ga
    tiumhe, aoo
    mere pass", saying this he caught her arms and lifeted her to
    sit on his
    lap facing him. His lund was standing erect and throbbing
    against her
    stomach. Anjali felt its hardness against her stomach and her
    legs were
    also pulled apart wide, on each side of his waist, thus
    bringing her fuddi
    in direct contact with his soft balls, while her erect dana bud
    pressed against the base of his lund. Mr. Sinha then
    concentrated on
    kissing her breasts. Though they were small now, with little
    experience of
    being sucked, they were firm with small erect nipples. Anjali
    "uunnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", as she felt her nipple being enclosed in
    his warm
    mouth and felt the stubble of his chin and cheeks graze her
    soft breasts.
    He was sucking her nipples alternatively and also giving light
    nibbles all
    over her breasts. She moaned in pleasure as her choot juices ran
    onto her thighs and onto his balls. She began to grind her choot
    his balls, and her dana against the base of his lund,
    desperately needing
    to cum. Mr. Sinha began tongue-kissing her and Anjali moaned
    into his
    mouth, so deliriously horny she was for his lund.
    "uunnh ooooooooohhhh unnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnn", she
    moaned as
    she received pleasure as her breasts were massaged and mauled
    at the same
    Mr. Sinha looked at her face which looked even more angelic
    contorted with
    passion. He began kissing her cheeks and lips, while Anjali was
    fiercely rubbing his lund.
    "Anjali beti, mazza aah raha hai", he asked.
    "uunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", she moaned in reply.
    Mr. Sinha then lifted her off him and made her sit on the sofa.
    holding her legs wide apart in the air, he moved in between and
    began hitting her dana with his hard lund.
    "oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hha hhha hhaa hhhhhaa
    hhhhaaaaaaaaaa", gasped Anjali in rhythmn, every time his lund
    came in
    contact with her dana. Her choot was engorged with blood and her
    choot lips
    were swollen, her juices dripping freely as she was on the
    verge of an
    Her eyes were glazed as she watched Mr. Sinha expertly position
    his lund
    and with a firm push drive the head into her choot.
    gggggggggggggggg rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", she
    moaned as
    she exploded into a series of orgasms with only his lund head
    her tight choot. She jerked her gaand as orgasm swept her
    body, thus
    allowing more of his lund to enter within her. Mr. Sinha also
    took this
    opportunity to push his entire lund in, touching his balls
    with her
    Anjali wailed in pain, she felt stuffed, she felt as if his
    lund had
    reached her throat. She was totally plugged by this monster of
    a lund. Her
    thighs were trembling as Mr. Sinha took firm grip of her legs
    and began
    thrusting his lund in and out of her choot, slowly at first.
    Feeling the
    total length of his hardness moving in and out of her, this
    young woman
    became delirious with pleasure. She began to wail loudly as he
    stroked her
    Mr. Sinha now let go of her legs and bent further down as her
    scissored his back and holding her by her waist he began
    fucking her
    "aah aaa hhh aaaaa hhhh aaaaaaa hhhhhhh aaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhh
    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", moaned
    Anjali in
    heat, receiving the pleasure of her life. With her hands she
    raked his
    back, urging him to go faster, till she reached another orgasm.
    She wailed
    in pleasure and then went limp as his hardness remained inside
    although totally still now. Seeing this sexy woman wail in
    pleasure, Mr.
    Sinha could not control himself and shot his load with his
    lund fully
    inside her. Anjali felt his orgasm and felt as if his semen
    would come out
    of her throat. Again, not thinking of any dangers of
    impregnating this
    unwed girl, Mr. Sinha had come inside her. Mr. Sinha after
    some time
    withdrew his lund, making a loud phooooooooooottttttt noise as
    his lund
    withdrew from the tight choot.
    "Anjali beti, teri choot tau bahut hi tight hai, kya tere who
    Ajit ne
    tujhe barabar nahin chooda kya", said Mr. Sinha, while
    caressing and
    wiping the sweat of Anjali's face.
    "Ouui maaaa , usne mujhe aise tau nahin chooda, aapka lund tau
    bahut mota
    aur bada hai, mujhe aapka lund bahut mazza de tha hai", replied
    lustfully looking directly in Mr. Sinha's eyes and smiling at
    Mr. Sinha felt elated by her reply. "Anjali beti, ab zara dekho
    tau, jhara
    haath mein lau, dekho mera lund kitna choota ho gaya hai", he
    cajoling her to take his soft lund in her hand. Anjali looked
    at his soft
    lund and began playing with it. Though it was much smaller in
    length now,
    still it was fatter and bigger than Ajit's lund. As she
    continued playing
    with it, she saw it grow and grow to its full size in amazement.
    "Ab mera lund ko choosau Anjali beti".
    Seeing her hesitate, Mr. Sinha continued, " Daround mat, kya kabhi
    lund nahin
    Anjali just nodded, to say no, totally mesmerised by the size
    and hardness
    of Mr. Sinha's lund.
    Mr. Sinha held the back of her neck and dragged it down towards
    throbbing lund. "Daround mat Anjali beti, yeh tumhe katega nahin,
    bahut mazza ayega mujhe aur baad main tum Ajit ko bhi mazza de
    sako gi".
    Anjali tentatively opened her mouth as Mr. Sinha pushed her
    towards his
    lund. He did not force her, but brought her close to his
    lund. He was
    delighted to see Anjali open her sweet mouth and dart her
    tongue out,
    tentatively to taste the cum of his bulbous head. After a few
    licks, the
    young hot woman took his lund head in her mouth and began
    sucking. Mr.
    Sinha moaned in pleasure as he saw Anjali's beautiful face ,
    her lips
    stretched as his lund was being sucked like a lollipop. He then
    her to lick the base of his shaft and then his balls too.
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