A Little Heart On. (English Story)

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    A Little Heart On.

    Description: Trish and Tiffany switch roles in the love department. Maybe there's some hope for Tiff after all.

    Codes: mf teen

    Tiff was worried. I'd seen her worried before when her pants got a little tight or she couldn't get her hair to do what she wanted, or, heaven forbid, her period was late. But this was different.

    The Valentine's Day dance was less than a week away and she hadn't been asked. Oh, she'd been asked by most of the jocks in the senior class, all of whom anticipated spending a dance or two before suggesting that "We get out of here." That was the code phrase for "Let's go somewhere and fuck." But she hadn't been asked by the one person she wanted to go with.

    A couple of months ago, she would have taken her time and sorted through them, picking the one she thought would be the best lay. Now she told all of them she wasn't available and actually chewed out some of the more persistent ones.

    It didn't take long after the Christmas break for the news to make the rounds. It was pretty hard to miss. Tiff followed Doug all over the school, carrying his books from class to class as he negotiated the halls on his crutches. The last couple of weeks he'd been using a cane, and had pretty much taken over the book carrying himself, but she still followed him around like a lovesick puppy.

    I tried to tell her that she should tell him what was bothering her, but she was acting like a little kid, afraid to offend him and scare him off. And worrying herself sick about it, too.

    I could see both viewpoints. She wanted her guy to ask her out. They'd been "seeing each other" since Christmas, when my boyfriend Dougie, who happened to be her boyfriend Doug's stepbrother had told her how much Doug cared for her. I think "worshiped" is the word he actually used.

    Talk about your backwards relationships. Up till last Halloween, Doug had been "that sorta heavy guy" on the football team. Tiff was grounded and all the desirables were at their parties, so she settled for Doug. Their sexual antics that night were anything but loving.

    Tiff didn't know it at the time, but Doug had fallen for her the first time he saw her, last year when his father married Dougie's mom and they moved into the school district. She was always the one who was too good for him, the one he knew would never talk to him. When she invited him over as a last resort and started treating him like dirt, he just followed her lead. I found out later that Dougie heard him crying that night when he thought everyone was asleep. Strange to act that way when you just got through fucking the girl of your dreams. But what they did isn't what he'd been dreaming of.

    When Tiff and her cheerleader friends pulled their pantsless cheerleading prank and Doug did some major damage to his knee, Tiffany actually went to the hospital to visit him. At the time it was pretty much just a way to get out of her most recent grounding for an hour or so. Doug was ecstatic and couldn't stop talking to his brother about it until Dougie finally bypassed his brother and got the two of them together. Doug was doing his best to be respectful and had pretty much left her alone, as far as I knew. I know Tiff had come in a couple of times after seeing him, frustrated because he broke it off when things started getting hot and heavy.

    Being the school slut, nicknamed Hoover and known as one of the Three Mouthkateers didn't provide Tiffany the background to appreciate the respect Doug was according her. Tiff thought he didn't care. And her impression that he didn't want to be seen with her at the dance made it perfectly clear that he was like all the rest of the men in her life to her.

    I'd just spent close to an hour trying to settle her down before she did something stupid. I wasn't sure exactly what that would be, but she had never failed to make things worse when they were going well for her before.

    I, on the other hand, was doing very well in the romance department, thank you very much. One of Dougie's Christmas presents from me was a box of condoms. It was my invitation to take our lovemaking beyond the oral stage. When I gave them to him while we were alone in my room, he just put them in his pocket, thanked me and gave me a scorching kiss. I didn't expect to be thrown on the bed but I expected a little more than that.

    The next day we went for a walk and he brought up the subject.

    "Thanks for the present, E, but I don't think I want to use them."

    He still had my hand, and he looked OK, but my heart jumped into my throat. I was all set for the "Maybe we should see other people" speech.

    Instead, he said, "When we finally do it, I don't want a layer of latex between us."

    Well, I did the first thing that came into mind and pulled him into my chest and tried to inventory his fillings with my tongue. It quickly turned into a battle because he was trying to do the same thing with me.

    We made some calls and found out that we could just walk into the Planned Parenthood downtown and they'd give me an exam and issue me the appropriate birth control that day.

    That was an experience to tell my grandkids about. Dougie was the only guy there, and the woman at reception and the two in the waiting room all looked at him as if they were afraid he was going to attack them. We found a couple of chairs away from everybody else.

    I went up to the receptionist and she asked me, "Are you here for an abortion?"

    When I told her I called about getting some birth control, she looked disappointed and handed me a clipboard with a patient information form on it. I noticed there was no space for my name or address, just questions about my health, past diseases, STDs I'd had and whether they were still active or not, when I'd had my last HIV test.

    I filled it out and gave it back to her, then waited about five minutes till I was called in to see the doctor.

    The doctor was another woman, and was the friendliest of the bunch. She had me change into a paper gown, then gave me an exam, acting surprised when she discovered that I still had my hymen. She told me to sit up, then sat on a stool and rolled it over next to me.

    We talked about all the options available to me. Since I was still virgo intacta, she narrowed down my choices to condoms, birth control pills and the birth control patch. She laughed and said, "The morning after pill and abortions are pretty popular around here, but I think prevention is a much saner solution."

    I told her that we didn't want to use condoms and that I'd really like to discuss it with my boyfriend before I made a final choice.

    "Well, why don't you go home and talk to him, then you can call and leave me a message and we'll have whatever you decide waiting for you when you come back."

    "Can't I just talk to him now?"

    "Oh, do you want to call him?"

    "No. He's in the waiting room."

    "You mean he came with you?"

    "Of course. He's as involved in this as I am."

    "Well, we better get him in here before that barracuda out front eats him alive."

    I changed back to my regular clothes and we walked out to the front and got Dougie's attention. When he got up and started to make his way over to me, the receptionist looked all set to tackle him until she saw the doctor standing with me.

    We went back to the exam room and she gave us a basic rundown on both the pill and the patch. The pill came in two dispensers. You either took 21 pills, then took a week off, or took 28, the last seven of which were duds. I was pretty good with a calendar, so either would work for me. I just didn't want to have to take a pill every day. And I didn't want a package of pills around, waiting to be discovered by Mom or Tiffany. Or my father. God!

    She wrote out a prescription for one patch and told me to redeem it at reception on the way out. Then I was to make an appointment to see her on one of the two days she worked in the last week in January. I would start the patch this coming Sunday and wear it for three weeks, then take it off for a week. That was when she wanted to see me, to check me out again and make sure everything was OK. Then she'd write me a six month prescription that I'd be responsible for taking care of at the local drug store. We went over the dos and don'ts, where I could put the patch, things to think about like not making it obvious if I wore the wrong kinds of clothes and all that.

    That Sunday Dougie and I played a game of "place the patch." I had to take off my clothes, then he held it up against different parts of my body, then made sure it didn't interfere with him being able to kiss me or show when I wore different outfits. Of course, since it was the middle of winter, I could have gotten away with putting it just about anywhere, but Dougie told me we had to approach it scientifically when I pointed that out to him. He made very sure that he could lick my nipples and between my legs each time he moved the patch. We tried lots of places.

    Once we decided that the best place was on my butt, he peeled off the backing and stuck it on me. It felt weird for a bit, but before long, I didn't even notice it.

    My doctor had told me that the literature specified keeping the patch in place for at least a week before engaging in sex. She told me that she'd feel better if we waited a couple of weeks. If we didn't want to wait that long, there was always the condom.

    Dougie told me we'd waited since Halloween and it wouldn't kill either of us to wait a bit longer until we could do it right. That got him another kiss, and that eventually led to some kissing in other places by both of us.

    A couple of Sundays later, I called Dougie up and he came over for breakfast. I made sure he got lots of protein. Mom and Dad had gone to some charity event, and it wasn't hard to convince Tiff to go over to Doug's house.

    We went up to my room and broke in my patch. He was very sweet, very thoughtful, very gentle. He made sure to get me completely warmed up and I worked on him so he wouldn't be too quick on the trigger.

    There was some pain and the towel underneath me got a little blood on it, but, all in all, it was a very enjoyable experience. No, he didn't make me come six times and I didn't faint. I didn't come at all that first time, but I felt closer to him than ever before, and he filled me with his juices and he held me close. And after we talked and kissed and held each other for 45 minutes or so, we did it again. And that time I did come. As I did a few hours later when we tried again.

    We got firsthand experience about wet spots and discovered that what goes in, leaks out. When we decided we'd had enough for our first day and that Dougie was all petered out (his words, not mine), we took a nice long shower and made sure to clean each other thoroughly.

    Tiffany was in the living room watching a DVD when we got done, and she watched as Dougie kissed me goodbye. After he left, she paused the movie and sighed.

    "That's nice. You know, I heard you guys in the shower."


    "Uh huh. I've never done that with a guy. I've been in a hot tub and a Jacuzzi, but it was always just an excuse for sex. I never played and laughed like you two did."

    "What, were you listening at the door?"

    "Yeah. I mean I heard you when I was walking down the hallway. But I did listen for a bit. You're lucky."

    "I know."

    She looked like she needed a hug so I gave her one. The way she grabbed on to me, I'd say she really needed it.

    It's funny, but that day my sister and I became closer than we'd been for years. I know she had a pretty good idea what the two of us had been up to, but she never said anything about it. But we almost switched places that day. She was the one with the experience in sex. But, she realized, I was the one with the experience in love. And she had finally grown up enough that she was ready for that experience for herself.

    So now it was about three weeks later. Dougie and I had used every opportunity available to try out the patch. A couple of times I'd come close to the noise Tiffany used to make when she'd have her friends over. And some of the time we just felt really close to each and there weren't any fireworks. But it was still new and we were still trying.

    I'd been hearing Tiffany bitch and moan about how Doug was going to leave her because she wasn't good enough for him for over a week now and I finally got fed up with it. I picked up the phone and called Dougie's house.

    "Hey Dougie."

    "Nothing. I called to talk to Doug."

    "Of course I do. But my sister is driving me crazy. Pleeeaase. Let me talk to him."

    "Hey, Doug. I've got a question for you. Do you hate my sister?"

    Tiff had been trying to get the phone away from me as soon as she heard I wanted to talk to Doug. She doubled her efforts when she heard this, grabbed my arm and was able to pull the receiver away from my ear so I couldn't hear his answer. I held onto it with both hands, turned my back to her and bent over.

    "I'm sorry. I didn't hear that. What did you say?"

    "Well then, why haven't you asked her to the dance?"

    "She could care less if you can dance or not. As long as you walk in the door with her and hold her hand, she'll be fine. I'll bet if you take her out on the dance floor and hold on to her, even if you just kind of sway with the music, you'll get lucky."

    "Well, you better. Just because she stopped screwing every guy in school doesn't mean she wants to be a nun."

    I hadn't seen Tiff blush in like forever. She grabbed the phone out of my hand and started mumbling into the receiver. I pretended to stick my finger down my throat, then left her alone.

    That Friday, we double dated. Tiff was able to borrow my parents' car and Doug did what I told him. And he did get lucky that night. I know he did, because Dougie and I were on the other side of the wall from them in Dougie's room and we heard them.

    I'd had my second patch on for almost two weeks. Dougie had me lying on my stomach of his bed and he was leaning on me, doing something down there on my butt. I couldn't tell exactly what because the patch was in the way.

    He said "There," then got off me. I tried to twist around, but have you ever tried to look at your butt? Of course, Dougie doesn't have any mirrors in his room, so I had to throw on some clothes, then go into the bathroom, undress and stand on the toilet so I could see my ass in the mirror above the sink.

    He'd used a red marker to draw a heart with an arrow through it on my patch. Then he put our initials inside with a big plus sign in black.

    You better believe we made love after that. We weren't trying to listen in on Tiffany and Doug, but there wasn't any way of avoiding it. They were every bit as enthusiastic as they had been the first time, but this time they were both a lot more loving.

    Dougie offered to walk me home and we had use the downstairs bathroom to clean up. My sister and her boyfriend had the upstairs one tied up, giggling in the shower.

    The End
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